Democrats Love Governor Dalrymple’s Policy Agenda

It would seem as though North Dakota Democrats are positively enamored with Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple’s policy agenda has laid out in his budget address last year and his State of the State address yesterday. In fact, they’re so enamored with it they claim he’ll need their help in passing it as it may meet opposition from conservative Republicans

House Minority Leader Jerome Kelsh said “Our biggest job is to see that he follows through with those proposals.”

House Assistant Minority Leader Lee Kaldor echoed those comments “Our job is to ensure that he stands behind, not only his budget but his vision as well.”

Kaldor says that he trusts that the Governor will hold to the proclamations that he has made in the Budget and State of the State Addresses but that Dalrymple will need the help of Democrats because a number of the things mentioned by the Governor are NPL principles “He will probably need our help in large detail because many of the things he expressed today are embodied in the tenants of the Democratic NPL for a long long time.”

You know there’s a problem when the liberal response to a Republican’s state policy agenda is to say that they need to make sure the Republican gets it done.

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  • Kevin Flanagan

    That’s because Dalrymple, like Hoeven before him, merely masquerades as a Republican. My ND taxes are proof of that!

    • borborygmi

      Nd Income tax is ridiculously low. . Of course you take it up the wazoo in property taxes.

      • Kevin Flanagan

        Why tax income, then? SD has no income tax and their economy does just fine. Of course, that would involve giving pink slips to a lot of slackers on the government payroll and ND can’t have that!

        • borborygmi

          so we fire the bureaucrats and private companies take over . You still have to pay the private companies. Since they want to keep the contract they will have to hire qualified people to do the jobs. Money savings come where unless you are willing to cut services. If cutting services which ones would you like to cut?

  • sbark

    ……and within 4 years, nstead of 600k the budget for that state beuracracy will be 1.2 mill with Epa’Esque oversight.

    If Politicians have money……they will spend it. Its just a matter of how fast and how much between the 2 main political parties…….

    Will the new Govt resond to pressure…..

    Its time the State congress regained the powers they gave up to Hoven and get the voice back down toward local districts…….

  • Camsaure

    Wonder if Stenjem will allow us to recall dullrymple.

  • borborygmi

    Conservatives are such a whiney bunch. Or perhaps it is the Libertarians.

    • sbark

      Its just folks with some common sense….

      Things that just cannot go on forever…….ie Liberal Rino spending……………..Wont

  • Mountainmouth

    Could be real trouble with an endorsement like that

  • Kevin Flanagan

    You can start with all the slackers the city of Fargo sends around to violate the fourth amendment rights of homeowners under the guise of “sump pump inspection.” That’s the tip of the iceberg.

  • 308T

    I knew we were screwed when I heard Mcfeely gushing about him today :-(