Democrat-Touted Pharos Poll Now Shows 2 Point Berg Lead


Desperate for positive polling numbers in North Dakota’s Senate race, Democrats have been touting some very sketchy polling conducted by North Dakota-based Pharos Research. There are a lot of very good reasons not to take the polling seriously, as I’ve written before.

But Democrats have cited it as it showed a lead for Heitkamp.

For what it’s worth, Steve Leuchtman (who is one of the partners behind Pharos) told me in an email today that their polling now shows Berg with a 2-point lead.

Here’s what he sent me:

FWIW, unreliable though we may be (and as I conceded to you, we spent several weeks finding our range), final poll, concluded yesterday, Berg 49-47.

The last polling posted on the Pharos website, which concluded October 28th, showed Heitkamp with a 2-point lead. Meaning this poll shows a 4-point swing to Berg in the closing days of the campaign.

To the extent that Pharos is reliable polling that is, and I don’t think it’s very reliable at all. But Democrats cited Pharos as reliable so, for what it’s worth, those are the latest numbers.

Update: Here’s the report:

ND Pharos Poll

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  • The Whistler

    Berg wins by 8.

    • Rob

      I think his victory won’t be any less than 5. More than 10 would surprise me.

      • dakotacyr

        REally, is that your final answer?

        • tomorrowclear

          Rob has been a remarkably reliable prognosticator this season in that you could observe his predictions, bet on the opposite, and make some good money. After I give he and the idiot brigade a couple days to grieve, I’m going to ask him about a few of the football games this weekend.

          BTW, do you think Rob will apologize for siding with the wrong polls while attacking the ones that turned out to be accurate?

          • borborygmi

            Shocker: Vote shows Polls can be wrong. Rob responds “OOps my bad”

  • Jay

    Two words, Rob: pollster credibility.

    • Rob

      I know, I’m not touting this. I’m just pointing out the latest result since Democrats decided to use the results.

      I’m sticking with Berg by at least five

      • leuchtman

        Still, Rob, the polling is looking pretty good across the board now, isn’t it? At least from a results point of view.

    • leuchtman

      What do you think about the credibility this morning Jay?

      Let’s take a look at the 10/26-10/28 poll against results:

      President: Romney +17 Result R+20

      Senate: Heitkamp +2 Result D+1

      House: Cramer +14 Result R+13

      Governor Dalrymple +29 Result R+29

      MOE +/- 3.5%

      I’d say that’s pretty damned credible. Can I get you to concede that I know what I’m doing on the polling side, even if the website looks like it was thrown together and we were late to the game?

      • Jay

        I think you did a great job. Congratulations, and godspeed in future endeavors.

        • leuchtman

          Thank you. By the way, I want to make a small point.

          While Rob was skeptical about the polling, and made some valid points, our offline conversations were very cordial, and he never made it personal. All a person can ask for is a fair hearing, and I feel like we got one at his blog.

  • Jay

    For the record, I stand by my statement yesterday that Berg wins 54-46.

    • borborygmi

      Please remind me not to let you handicap any horse races or figure the odd on a ball game

  • dfm

    I realize this is a North Dakota focus, but one thing that HH did was help elect as least 1 Democratic senator, and maybe herself to boot. Why?

    Simple, by being competitive, she forced the GOP and groups like GPS to spend millions in a seat that by all accounts should have been red. By expanding the map, she helped remove New Mexico as a potential R pick-up (the Rs had a good candidate), since not enough resources for both states. And the Ds did not have to protect their.

    New Mexico is a done deal, North Dakota is not.

    • Rob

      Maybe, but ND is a very cheap media market. How much money did she really pull away from other races? DSCC did less than 3 million in outside spending. That’s a lot in ND. Not so much in other states.

  • dfm

    I’m going to go with Berg, about 52.3 to 47.7% … although I do think HH could surprise.

  • badlands4

    Am I missing something the rest of you are seeing? I have been following the race on the ND Voices site and with 71.13 of the votes in, Heidi Heitkamp at 51.66 and Berg at 47.86.

    I was trying to find out if there is a way to see which counties have already voted. I want to see if Cass county has voted yet.

    • badlands4

      Andwith the race this close could there be a recount? There are only two counties that haven’t been counted yet(based on the map I just looked at), which means one could pull away, but it could also tighten up. Is it half or one percent that triggers an automatic recount? What a mess if that happens.

  • dakotacyr

    It’s so very quiet here tonight. Did something happen?

    • tomorrowclear

      In fits of frustration, the resident idiot brigade went out to shoot a mockingbird.

      When they get back, they’ve vowed to hold their breaths until they pass out or Obama is impeached.