Democrat: “Spending Cuts Don’t Necessarily Mean You’re Saving Money”


Just because you’re spending less doesn’t mean you’re spending less, according to Rep. Charlie Rangel.

My favorite part is when Rangel suggests that Medicare and Social Security recipients aren’t contributing to the nation’s debt problem. That is, demonstrably, not true. The largest areas of growth in the national budget are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and “other payments to individuals.”


It’s not that the “poor” are causing our debt problem. It’s that we’ve expanded entitlements for Americans who are well beyond what most of us would reasonably define as “poor.”

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  • Geoff Bosse

    How is it that Rangel still holds his position? He was censured….. I still don’t even know what that meant. He’s still in office, still voting, and still representing a district and still getting a paycheck. In al seriousness, can anyone here tell me what punishment he received?

    • Lianne

      He recieved a stern reprimand as issed by Pelosi, but they needed his body and his vote and money for upcoming elections. So much for Pelosi’s cleaning up the House.

      • Geoff Bosse

        Ooh. Sounds harsh

  • nimrod

    Rangel must have cheated in math class.

    • $8194357

      The “New Left” socialist/communist math…

  • Kevin Flanagan

    He has always toed the line of the Harlem slackers.

  • matthew_bosch

    Who said anything about long term sustainability?
    There are only so many people we can fit on the government lifeboat before we risk capsizing it.

    • $8194357

      The Titanic….
      What iceberg would that be that could sink ‘this’ ship?

  • Spartacus

    It’s not the poor, the middle class or even the rich that are causing the debt problem. It’s the useless rich people in government, like Rangel, that are causing the problem. Hell, there’s even video of Harry Reid trying to steal an ink pen out there, Chuck Schumer had to tell him to put it back. After Chuck chastised him Tokin’ told him to keep it. Your tax dollars at work!

  • mickey_moussaoui

    …and unemployment checks create jobs: Nancy Pelosi
    These Democrats are from bizaro world

  • headward

    I don’t blame the poor. It’s the career congressmen like Charlie who is to blame.

    • $8194357

      Marxist social justce redistributive justice ideologs to be excact..
      The POTUS is one of the board of directors….

  • mickey_moussaoui


  • awfulorv

    We’ve all witnessed that cutesy-putesy moment when the student body chooses a student, afflicted with Down’s Syndrome, as Homecoming King, or Queen. It saddens this observer to relate but, my country reminds me a great deal of that scene, of late. Of course the scope of the affair has expanded, exponentially, to fit the world screen, and extensive color has been added, but it’s the same scene, writ large. Even the attendants seem alike. They are representatives of the most prominent families of the school district, the Kennedy’s, the Clinton’s, the Buffets, and Gates, and must be accorded a role in the festivities. Of course, a collection is, invariably, taken to pay for the Tiaras, the King, or Queens, clothing, the ribbons, the confetti, popcorn, and band. There you have it, like it, or not, this is a microcosm of what our, once great, nation has become. Sadly, glancing at the scholastic aptitude of the incoming class, it appears this is our lot for the foreseeable future. Where once the school was esteemed, far and wide, as a producer of intelligent, productive, members of society, often worthy of worldwide respect for their accomplishments, it has become an inclusive, frivolous, feel good place, with a mac and cheese curriculum. An edifice whose principal mission seems to be providing employment for the staff, and insuring that no student, including budding gangsters, feel left out. These practices have reduced most high schools (states) to a bricks and mortar, dangerous, teenage hangout, with football, and basketball, teams. Sad, but true…

  • $8194357

    Marx said ‘religion’ was the opiate for the masses…
    Entitlment then is the opiate of the leftist voting block, huh.

  • silverstreak

    And…just because Charlie is writing and passing taxes,doesn’t mean he’s paying them!