Democrat Solution For The National Debt: Tax More And Spend More


The folks at Reason had one of their correspondents ask delegates and attendees at the Democrat national convention about the national debt. They all agreed that the national debt is an important issue, but they had a hard time explaining how the tax more/spend more policies of their party and President Obama would address the issue:

My favorite part is the delegate who accused Republicans of “cock blocking” President Obama’s policies.

I’m pretty sure the stimulus spending spree Obama pushed through Congress on the premise that it would reduce unemployment to below 8% by now was passed by a Democrat super-majority in Washington DC. It wasn’t obstructionism, or “cock blocking” if you will, that made it fail. It was the fact that it was bad policy.

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  • mikemc1970

    Not even the Dems, above the useful idiot level anyway, believe it will help the national debt. This is about consolidating power for their party, period. Then once they can openly steal every election, like they do in Illinois, they can address the debt, just like they did in Illinois.

  • Bat One

    Actually, according to the Team Obama White Paper issued by economists Jared Bernstein and Christine Romer when the so-called “stimulus” legislation was introduced, unemployment now (Q4 2012) was forecast to be under 6%, GDP growth was projected to be between 4% and 4.5% and the US economy should be creating some 950,000 net private sector jobs for each 1% of GDP growth.

    The word “FAILURE” doesn’t begin to describe Obama’s record on the US economy.

    • $8194357

      Crony communist green stimulus slush funds come to my mind.

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      You are right, the word “FAILURE” doesn’t describe Obama’s record on saving Bush’s disastrous economy at all. The words STABILIZED, RESCUED and PUT A FLOOR ON THE BOTTOM OF A DROPPING ECONOMY do, however.

      • ndoldman

        Can anyone get those drugs your on, because you must be Hallucinating and I don’t think Cheech or Chong have ever been on a high that big “BOB Bitchon”

  • Bat One

    Deficits and the national debt are only issues for Democrats when they are trying to berate Republicans and avoid talking about their own, failed record.

    • $8194357

      Central to their attack on Bush driving that bus in the ditch huh.
      A hard “left turn” got us way down into the muddy water, no…

  • jamermorrow

    Neither side will acknowledge we have major structural problems with our economy due to low interest rates and government spending. We need much more savings and less spending. We need much higher interest rates which the market needs to decide. We need much less regulation and taxation. Government spending created many bubbles that need to be popped.

  • Albert Lickenspittle

    We need to cut taxes on the rich. With the lowest taxes in 80 years the rich are still being mistreated. Many of the rich now only have three homes. Look at Mitt he only has one car elevator in his beach house. What if he had two cars?

    • jl

      Taxes at the high rate were lower under Reagan, when it was 28%.

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      Yeah, but Romney is too “successful” to pay taxes like the rest of us pay.

      • kevindf

        Half the country pays zero income taxes.

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          That’s a shame, everyone should be employed. But why does that excuse Romney from hiding American money in Swiss accounts?

          That’s damn near traitorous.

          • kevindf

            Many, if not most, are employed, but still pay nothing in income taxes.
            If Romney is “hiding” money, why do you know about it?

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Oh yeah, I remember my Conservative business partner who ran an electrical engineering company used to pay his employees under that table for overtime, and some of them he paid cash. Those people didn’t pay income tax……moochers, right?

            Hiding money from the American government and the American people is different from keeping it secret, although he did that too.

            Also, just because you aren’t familiar with Romney’s moral flaws, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen:

            In 1997, Romney set up a Bermuda-based entity called
            Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors Ltd., that has been described in
            securities filings as “a Bermuda corporation wholly owned by W. Mitt Romney.”
            The entity was transferred to his wife’s blind trust on Jan. 1, 2003,
            the day before Romney was inaugurated as governor of Massachusetts. The director and president of the entity is the Romneys personal lawyer R.
            Bradford Malt, who also oversees the blind trust. Romney did not list
            it on financial disclosures until his 2010 tax return, but Shaxson
            writes that, “even after examining the return, we
            have no idea what is in this company, but it could be valuable, meaning
            that it is possible Romney’s wealth is even greater than previous
            estimates.”Romney has personal interests in at least 12 Bain funds in the Cayman Islands, worth as much as $30 million. Shaxson reports that “the Romney campaign insists he saves no tax by using them, but there is no way to check this.” A $3 million Swiss bank account appeared on Romney’s 2010 returns, but disappears on the 2011 returns, after the Romneys trustee closed it. USC tax law professor Ed Kleinbard told Shaxson that the Swiss account “has political but not tax-policy resonance” because it was essentially a bet against the U.S. dollar. The Romneys’ I.R.A.’s have been receiving profit interest from Cayman Island–based Bain Capital funds that were set up long after Romney left the firm in 1999.
            Shaxson writes that although firms are technically only supposed to do
            this if the compensation is for past services, tax law experts say that
            Romney “can get away with it because of excessive ‘administrative
            indulgences’ that have allowed a ‘perversion of the law in favor of a
            small class of overcompensated investment managers.'”Romney’s I.R.A. appears to have invested in “blocker
            corporations” located in tax havens like the Cayman Islands, which are
            designed to make it easier to avoid U.S. business taxes. Shaxson also suggests that, under Romney, Bain Capital may have
            helped wealthy foreign investors take advantage of special U.S. tax
            exemptions. He writes that investors in Romney’s first Bain
            Capital Fund, in 1984, included “newspaper tycoon, tax evader, and
            fraudster Robert Maxwell, who fell from his yacht, and drowned, off of
            the Canary Islands in 1991 in strange circumstances, after looting his
            company’s pension fund,” “Eduardo Poma, a member of one of the ’14
            families’ oligarchy that has controlled most of El Salvador’s wealth for
            decades,” “a Geneva-based trustee overseeing a trust that invested $2.5
            million, a Bahamas corporation that put in $3 million, and three
            corporations in the tax haven of Panama.”

            Read more:

          • Len

            “Hiding money from the American government and the American people”

            Says the tax cheat who tried to hide money from the government and the American people. You hypocrite.

    • kevindf

      Those homes require the employment of many people. Aren’t jobs important?

  • $8194357

    Tax and spend sure fattens the crony capitalist pocket book and funds the internationalist, huh..

    • robert108

      Tax and spend primarily funds the Democrat war chest to buy more votes and local politicians, to keep themselves in power to keep taxing and spending.

      • $8194357

        Soros and crew make th big bucks off our political
        actions/legislations as well.

  • Harold

    The democrats make me wonder where will it all end, and how violent an ending we’ll have when things finally collapse and countries and banks will no longer buy our debt?