Democrat Senator: Discretionary Budget Is Not Out Of Control “Despite What You Hear On Fox News”


Senator Mary Landrieu (D – LA) wants you to know that she has had enough of budget cuts to the discretionary budget. “I am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way is not out of control, despite what you hear on Fox News,” said Senator Landrieu during a floor speech.

Senator Landrieu actually sort of has a point. In 2011, mandatory spending (Social Security, Medicare, interest on the national debt, etc.) made up about 62% of all federal spending, or about $2.25 trillion. That same year, total federal tax receipts totaled $2.3 trillion, meaning mandatory spending ate up just about every single dollar of all federal tax revenues. By the time we get to discretionary spending, we’re pretty much already into deficit territory.

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t areas in discretionary spending which can be cut, but the problem as Senator Landrieu notes is mandatory spending. Though, in typically muddled Washington DC fashion, right after correctly pointing out that mandatory spending is our problem Senator Landrieu railed against any cuts to the entitlement programs which make up the bulk of that mandatory spending.

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  • mickey_moussaoui

    Isn’t it amusing that the Gimmecrats have gone from claiming that FOX News is an insignificant cable news outlet to an opinion leader that threatens the Gimmecrat view of reality.
    Must have hit a nerve because Gimmecrats are not into compromise or commonground. Saul “Barack” Alinsky must want them to isolate FOX as the enemy because this rhetoric has become part of the Gimmecrat lexicon lately.

    • SigFan

      Krauthammer said that the FOX people should wear the fact that they get under Obama’s skin as a badge of honor. He’s right. And Obama is going into open warfare mode with FOX, Limbaugh, Hannity and anyone else that has the temerity to question his veracity and motives. It’s going to get very interesting to watch a sitting president wage an assault on the 1st amendment – and lose.

      • Red47

        Respectfully, he has been in open warfare since his 2008 campaign. It will be interesting to see how much further he can push his manipulation of the press and the First amendment. I think the press caved really quickly. If they had all refused to carry his snotty tissues, he would have had no way to get his “message” out to the low info voter. Twitter and YouTube are not enough.

        • slackwarerobert

          Maybe if he moves brit to the back row at the carney carnival. oops, already tried that and the press didn’t like it did they?

  • Roy_Bean

    Is she saying that it all would have been within the budget, if they had a budget?

  • slackwarerobert

    Which is why you should ZERO out discretionary spending. Fire ALL government employees. Then they will have no choice but to admit it is entitlement waste that is the problem because there would be nothing let to blame. Then when they fix the mandatory entitlements, and we have no federal employees feeding at the troth, we will be in the black.

  • sr

    She is saying it is “not out of control” because the demoncrat and repubican ruling elite have it under control, just the way they want it. Always hanging on the edge of a another crisis so they can always use it for political gain. Traitors all!

  • sbark

    Well, I’m sure that statement appeled to the low information voters……….and the 10 second attention span moderates of course

  • Goon

    The good people of Louisiana should be proud to have such a fiscal illiterate representing them.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    She looks like she must buy Hillary’s old clothing at a rummage sale. It must be a Gimmecrat thing to wear clothing made from recycled office furniture.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Landrieu is the queen of denial; call her “Cleopatra.”

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    While discretionary spending needs to be cut, the reality is that this will hardly make a dent in the federal deficit. We need to make serious cut to painful areas: the military, Social Security, and Medicare. If we make enough necessary cuts, we’ll know they’re being done right if both major political parties are fighting the cuts.

  • Thresherman

    Yet we have to keep raising the debt limit due to discretionary spending. Question, is it really a debt limit when you have raise it every time it is reached?

  • slackwarerobert

    100% true if those scum in the house would refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

    • realitybasedbob

      Scum in da house

      “Unfortunately, Congress consistently brings the government to the edge
      of default before facing its responsibility. This brinkmanship
      threatens the holders of government bonds and those who rely on Social
      Security and veterans benefits. Interest rates would skyrocket,
      instability would occur in financial markets, and the federal deficit
      would soar. The United States has a special responsibility to itself and
      the world to meet its obligations. It means we have a well-earned
      reputation for reliability and credibility — two things that set us
      apart from much of the world.”

      • slackwarerobert

        Then why hasn’t it happened when clinton bounced checks? Why didn’t it happen when we reneged on silver and gold certificates? If we don’t borrow money then interest rates are irrelevant, federal deficit would be ZERO. Interest rate in the private sector wouldn’t skyrocket, because that would be the only place you could invest your money. If you have a bill to pay, you hold onto the money to pay it, you don’t go off on a vacation with the money. Since all the dems are positive we don’t have a spending problem, we need to cut off the deficit and make them wake up to reality.