Democrat Senate Candidate Heidi Heitkamp Claims That Obamacare Reduces The Budget Deficit


At a recent town hall, on April 12th, 2012, Democrat Senate told a questioner in the audience that Obamacare reduces the budget deficit. “If you look at the entire bill, and we can pull out CBO numbers, it actually is a budget saver,” she claimed. “It actually reduces the deficit. Yeah, and so we’ll get you those numbers.”

To date, the Heitkamp campaign hasn’t produced any numbers to indicate that Obamacare reduces the deficit, but it’s worth noting that this is the same loaf of baloney Senator Kent Conrad (the Democrat Heitkamp hopes to replace in the Senate) has been selling for years too.

Can Heitkamp produce some tortured fiscal analysis which concludes that Obamacare will reduce the deficit? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be the truth.

Obamacare adds to the deficit, but you don’t have to take my word for it. President Obama’s own deficit commission, convened in 2010, said Obamacare’s cost savings “count on large phantom savings” and calls the law’s new long-term care program “unsustainable.”

So who do we believe? Heidi Heitkamp and her vague allusions on the campaign trail, or the deficit commission summoned into existence by President Obama himself?

I think Heitkamp was better off when she was ignoring Obamacare, as opposed to defending it with half-truths and phony (non-existent?) numbers.

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  • Guest

    One of, it not the biggest liar in North Dakota politics in years.  That’s saying something to…

    Great piece on another political campaign in the state:

  • DaveH63

    In some other galaxy

  • Gunny Sarge

    What alternate reality are you in Hedi? Go back to work on the Road Crew in Richand County!!!!

  • ndoldman

    did she also claim that if your a democrat lies  become truth? as the cbo has already stated tht it will explode the debt.

  • headward

    Revenue enhancements?  Is she talking about the double counting or just a new term for stealing your money, erm, taxes?

  • tomorrowclear

    I’m surmising that Heidi has the GOP worried, at this point. It helps when the opposing candidate has the personality of a turnip and religiously avoids even the slightest examination or scrutiny. And, frankly, I’m not even enthused about Heitkamp. I’d say Gulleson is the better bet, but in a race that should be an easy win, you guys are clearly concerned.

    • Gunny Sarge

      No we are laughing at the NPL …

      • headward

        It’s ND’s Biden!

  • zdavid53

    Heidi probably religiously believes what she is saying and does not ever put on her thing cap to dispute or analytically assess NPL claims.  Any arguement shifts not to facts but rather talking points to back up the agenda.

  • zdavid53

    Thinking cap that is.

  • zdavid53

    Joel tries really hard to come off as someone with an open mind who is willing to listen to other peoples thoughts and ideas, but as the conservation progresses, he comes back to a very narrow view that fits into the NPL talking points.  Any facts are manulipated to agree with the talking points.

  • two_amber_lamps

    Heitcramp is apparently a dork from another dimension?  Still clinging to the party line that much of the rest of the leftards are abandoning like rats from a sinking ship?

    I’ll give her credit…  apparently she’s loyal.  Loyal to socialist ideology, even in the face of CBO projections.

    A century of failure proves NOTHING!

  • Game

    Facts have never mattered to republicans when talking about health care reform, however, here is a link to the CBO report….

    “Repealing health care reform will add $230 billion to the deficit over the next decade, leave 32 million fewer people with insurance and lead to higher costs for those who are covered…”

    On the facts don’t matter line, the CBO recently put out a report that lowered the cost of “Obamacare” over March 2010 projections. Republicans who claim that the CBO put out info saying it when up are not using comparable data. You can read more here…

  • sbark

    There may well be a smidgen of truth in her statement………a smidgeon……

    but to get to that point………… will take Death Panels, that would be the only way possible

    80% of our health care costs are from 20% of the population…….and that is Senior Citizens…

    thus the “death panels”………..

    She is on record, as a guest host on her brothers radio show of blurting out that a major surgery on a 80 plus year old wouldnt “be worth it”……bout 3 yrs ago now, at the beginning of the ObamaCare debate.

    In a nutshell HeidiHo is just advocating Sarah Palins Death Panels.