Democrat Legislator Jessica Haak Calls Republican Majority Leader A “Nazi”

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Here was Rep. Jessica Haak’s (D-Jamestown) Twitter feed as of a few minutes ago:


Earlier today, during the debate over Rep. Mark Dosch’s school choice bill, Rep. Haak was claiming on Twitter that Republicans were “bashing public schools.” That was demonstrably untrue, as anyone who watched the debate knows (video here), and I referenced Haak’s accustations in my post about the bill and the vote.

I don’t know if that’s what prompted Rep. Carlson to speak with Haak about her posts, but clearly the “Nazi” reference was extremely inappropriate.

But here’s a question: Should legislators be allowed to Tweet and make other posts to social media from the floor of the House? I think it’s wrong for Carlson to tell legislators they can’t. Legislators can text and email from the floor (I actually spend a lot of time communicating with legislators that way during floor debates), and it’s not like anybody is ever stopped from napping during session or in committee hearings, so why not post Tweets and other social media updates?

If they post something immature and inappropriate, as Rep. Haak did, then hold them accountable for it. But don’t cut off this fast and easy form of communication for all legislators because one abused it.

Update: A Republican legislator tells me that Democrat leadership is “scrambling” and that if it were a GOP legislator the media would put the story on the front page.

Update: The Republican legislator referenced above is right. Get a load of Bismarck Tribune reporters Nick Smith and Jenny Michael commiserating with Rep. Haak on Twitter:


Update: Rep. Haak has now apologized:

Meanwhile, anyone else remember when the Democrats flipped out about Valley News Live anchor Chris Berg referenced Hitler’s “big lie” when talking about former House candidate Pam Gulleson? It got a ton of media coverage. Something tells me the media won’t react the same way this time around.

Because Haak votes the right way, so it’s different.

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  • edit

    you spelled legislator wrong

    • Rob

      So I did, fixed, thanks!

  • jimmypop

    can he just make up a rule? why not say you cant use the bathrooms? or you can’t breathe? is there no parliamentarian on the floor?

    • Rob

      I don’t think he can make up rule, nor should there be a rule against legislators using social media.

  • Cal Sullivan

    Typical. Instead of fixing the problem we just go right ahead and attack whoever we don’t like. The main problem with politics today. I think if they want to tweet…then let them.

  • headward

    What’s odd is that the Dems align better with the socialist party called the Nazis. Is Jessica calling Al a democrat?

    • PK

      Ha, nah democrats are far left of the Nazi’s. That’s why she cryptically called him a Nazi. National Socialism is the new RINO Party.

  • Flyby_Knight

    What a mature thing to say. Certainly demonstrates her respect for the office she holds.

    • Lianne

      sarcasm duly noted

  • Guest Observer

    Immature liberal.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Yes, when they mature then they have their minions shriek “nazi” instead of further sullying their own already besmirched name with such charges.

  • whowon

    Yep, the libs have a FB wall to unseat one of our Senators too, so many stupid people.

  • sanne

    Well, she was wrong when she wrote that speakers were bashing public schools. How do we know she is correct about what Carlson allegedly said?

  • PatienceHalliwell

    Probably wouldn’t have been as bad if she added soup.

    • two_amber_lamps

      You assume she has sense of humor… no time to have humor when you’re busy sabotaging the culture.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    “Jessica Haak
    Republicans say “now is the
    time” to invest in private schools. When will we fully invest in public
    education & early childhood? #ndleg
    6 hrs
    Rob Port
    @jesshaak K-12 spending up dramatically over the last decade, despite an enrollment decline through 2009. Please use facts.
    5 hrs
    Joe Tews
    @robport @jesshaak Why is the government investing in private schools at all? Thought you were all for limited government Mr. Port?
    5 hrs

    Jessica Haak
    @joetews Don’t get into a twitter debate with him. I had to block him.”

    • Rob

      It is too bad she blocked me, but she was lying.

      • Kevin Flanagan

        The free lunch bunch lack debate skills.

        • two_amber_lamps

          They brook no dissent. It spools up cognitive dissonance.

      • Lianne

        She blocked you? Oh, this just gets better and better. Maybe Carlson will have to take his freshman aside for respect and ethics training.

        • whowon

          me too, too funny. Did see this on her campaign site, Jessica serves as a Deacon at the United Church of Christ in Jamestown where she has been a lifelong member. She also teaches Sunday school. Wow.

          • Lianne

            I would really like to hear the thoughts of those from her district. It is my hope that she got an earful and will do so again on Sunday. Blocked you, huh? Amazing. Between Strinden and kaap, I think Carlson had his hands full this week with a couple of very immature representatives.

      • April Kontz Johnson

        She blocked you-guess the girl can’t hold her own. Immature and gutless.

  • WOOF

    The shoe fits.
    Al Carlson “instructed” an elected representative to not tweet
    what was happening in open session.
    Al has a problem with the first amendment.

    • Lianne

      We don’t have his word, only her’s. He maybe told her to stop tweeting and pay attention to what is going on during the session. That way she would have a better handle of what she reports.

  • Lianne

    Her lies and name calling proclaim her mental age of about 12. He maybe told her to pay attention while in session so she know of what she speaks. I heard NO one bad mouth public schools.

  • Conservativeagenda

    That’s what you get when you elect an idiot child to public office.

  • Simon

    She fits in with the three fools from Grand Forks (Glassheim, Mock, & the girl whose name escapes me at the moment) and the queen from Fargo. They have no logic, no debate skills, and no sense of civility. No class whatsoever. They just resort to name calling and drama when they don’t get their way.

    • Conservative_Egghead

      I’ll agree with you on Mock, Overson, and I’m assuming that you’re talking about Boschee as the last person. All three of them need to gain some maturity before they become the laughing-stock of the Legislature. Eliot Glassheim is one of the most left-wing people you’ll ever meet, but he is personable, and he is able to engage serious people in conversation and debate, even those he disagrees with. Eliot’s not unpleasant; he’s just naive.

      • Lianne

        I wonder if Simon added Glassheim to the list after his ‘off-putting- comments about not every saying the pledge again when discussing Streyle’s bill?

    • camsaure

      Sadly that is the new democrap way. It has already accelerated in ND an I am sure that it will a lot more in the future.

  • Guest Observer

    She tweeted this around 5:30 pm……….

    Jessica Haak ‏@jesshaak

    The term I used in a previous post is often thrown around carelessly. I regret my error and apologize to Majority Leader Al Carlson


    • Simon

      Very weak apology. Maybe liberals carelessly throw around the term “Nazi” because they lack maturity and social skills, and can get away with anything. But civilized people are not so careless or stupid.

      • two_amber_lamps

        If only leftists realized how closely their own agenda parallels that of Totalitarian agendas….

        The useful idiots don’t know “nazism” as anything more than someone who goose-steps and murdered Jews.

        • sbark

          Either history in school was not her strong suit………..or her public educator was glad to feed her a pile of twisted history, she probably still thinks the KKK wasnt a Dem’cat strong arm, voter suppression “agency”

          I’d like to see her score on a basic civics test……….

          • two_amber_lamps

            Depending on her age, history was being replaced with “social studies”…. a bastardized humanistic shell of a subject who’s content is even more subject to the whim of sociologists and PC police than history. Not that it’s any excuse… Ignorance never is.

            Civics is a taboo subject for leftists, would mean they support a system they believe rife with racism/misogyny/homophobia.

  • Guest

    So Chris Berg can no longer announce NDSU football because he compared a democrat’s strategy for disseminating information to that of the Nazi regime – without ever using the word or making a direct statement about the person – but this chick can sit there and do this and the media laughs along with her? #liberallosers

  • FrackinNoDak

    I wonder how the ND Farmers Union feels about one of its employees behaving this way??

    • Conservative_Egghead

      It seems to come naturally to them. Remember April Fairfield (another former Farmers Union hack who represented the neighboring district)? Her race against Terry Wanzek in 2002 was one of the ugliest campaigns that this state ever saw.

  • April Kontz Johnson

    Just curious-how old is she?

    • jl


    • Hal801

      Exactly. Watching the legislative debates make me cringe that these people are enacting laws that people have to live and work by. Their lack of knowledge of current law makes you wonder how they are qualified to vote on any of this stuff. Mock is particularly clueless but he always has something dumb to say.

  • April Kontz Johnson

    It’s on KXMB now. Good one Jessica!

  • April Kontz Johnson

    Jessica Haak-did you apologize in person or just on Twitter to try and cover your ass?

    • two_amber_lamps

      The beauty of being a leftist libtard is never having to say you’re sorry. Slurs are all in furtherance of the greater good of the socialist agenda.

  • zipity

    Figures. If it weren’t for double-standards, North Dakota Democrats and LameStream Media wouldn’t have any standards at all…

  • Simon

    Democrats must have provided rides to the polls during the last election for all of the state hospital residents.

  • Janne Myrdal

    Where is media on this nazi hash tag? We go nuts on HS kids being stupid wearing KKK hoods but an elected official calling someone a nazi is overlooked? As someone whose family felt first hand the nazi regime,……I guess I think Rep Haak’s apology was none to soon!,

    • Lianne

      She read an ‘apology’ of sorts this morning. For that I give her credit, but I doubt that was of her own volition. Carlson did continue with a slight reprimand.

  • Captjohn

    I can’t comment on what Rep. Carlson said to her. I won’t believe anything said until I hear Carlson’s version.
    I can’t believe what I am seeing and hearing. The tempest during the debate on schools and now this. In one of my columns this week I touch on this very subject.
    I believe it is up to the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader to enforce the unwritten rules about decorum and civil debate. When legislators descend into name calling and other unpleasant dialog they aren’t serving anyone’s interest.
    Legislators should be proud of where they serve and earn the respect ot North Dakota’s citizens. I never hesitated to censure members of the Republican caucus when they were out of line. If either of the present leaders fail to expect conduct befitting the chamber they and their members deserve to lose the respect we tried to build over many sessions.

    • Simon

      Unfortunately they are losing the respect of the people, precisely because of nonsense like this.

    • Conservative_Egghead

      I had the pleasure of working in the House right after you left: both Wes Belter and Merle Boucher generally conducted themselves like gentlemen, although both had some members of their caucuses who insisted on behaving like spoiled children from time to time. The good news is that eventually the voters figure this out, and elect someone else to those seats. One can only hope that the same will be true two or four years from now.

  • RCND

    Her “twitterpology” doesn’t mean a thing. She should rise on a point of personal privilege at 8:30 am sharp tomorrow morning when the floor session begins, and apologize to Carlson in front of the whole chamber.

    • FrackinNoDak

      Or better yet, resign.

      • RCND

        Nah, I’ll cut her a break for being young and immature

        • camsaure

          Problem is; libs never seem to mature.

    • camsaure

      She ought to be at least publicly censured.

  • WOOF

    More accurately, the Republican majority is probably not a Nazi.
    When Carlson attempts to shut down free speech he’s acting like one.
    Fascist, Tyrant, Dictator, take your pick of authoritarians.

  • realitybasedbob

    No one’s a Nazi until our Tea Party Patriots say you’re a Nazi.

  • jimmypop

    so, she used a yucky word about a guy thats acting like this and THATS the TOTAL focus of the story? really? shouldnt the story be WHY she used such an “icky” word? at least a LITTLE bit? a TINY little bit?

    we have a fella thats just making up rules because ‘he said’ and we care she called him a name? or worse, weve got a guy thats running the house (seemingly without any push back) that doesnt know the most basic of rules. THATS not an issue? really?

    what the hell is going on?

  • Game

    We all need to stop the use of Nazi against those we disagree with. It is unacceptable.

    That being said Al Carlson rules the house with an iron fist, and he has no right to tell her nor to use social media.

  • The fighting Czech

    Perhaps she should concentrate a little more on the issues in front of her, and a little less on trying to tap out amusing, adolescent quips on her phone, in hopes of impressing her fellow political Chimps…

  • whowon

    She blocked me too, what a wonderful elected official.

  • April Kontz Johnson

    Is there video of the apology from this morning?

  • Eric Wittliff

    So is it a rule or not? If not Carlson need to come out and apologize for his over reach of power. I am sure he had good intentions but If he did tell the minority that they can not talk to their people but the majority could, then at the time he was acting unjustly.

  • camsaure

    Is her name misspelled? Is there really two a’s or is the second a supposed to be a c?