Democrat House Candidate: “I’ve Ridden An Ostrich”


South Dakota Republican Kristi Noem has drawn a very creative challenger for her House race in Jeff Barth, who is a Demcorat commissioner in Minnehaha County. Mr. Barth is running the web video below as way of introducing himself as Noem’s challenger, and he ticks off a number of important highlights from his life.

“I’ve ridden an ostrich,” he says. “I’ve done a lot of stuff.” He also mentions that he’s the 1993 state chess champion.

The greatest thing about the internet is that, previous to mediums like YouTube, we never would have gotten the pleasure of being introduced in such an intimate way to candidates like Mr. Barth.

Nobody, though, will ever top Dale Peterson’s ad for his campaign for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner:

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  • Mike

    Did Dale Peterson win?

  • Jay

    Barth and Matt Varilek–his opponent in the primary–are a pair of lightweights. Varilek was pressured into the race as the only Dem in the state with a mircoscopic hint of a chance against Kristi after Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin bowed out because Dems know Tim Johnson would have a tough race against her in a couple of years. It doesn’t matter. Kristi will stomp the winner of the primary comfortably.

  • cylde

    Is he really the best democrats have to offer? I have met lots of people in S. Dak. that are much better qualified, i guess they must have been republicans.

  • Mariner’s Revenge

    I’m somewhat surprised you missed out on the gay marriage issue debacle. Barth, who is obviously odd, might pull an upset in the primary because he declared support for gay marriage. Varilek, the one with the endorsements from the party elders, declared support for civil unions and opposition to gay marriage. This was enough to rile up many of the young progressive types that lined up behind Varilek without question. You can still see some of the fallout here: I wouldn’t be too horribly surprised if this guy pulls an upset and ends up being the Dem’s candidate here in SD.

    Either way, neither is going to beat Noem. If one does, I’ll weave a hat out of licorish and then eat it.

    • Mariner’s Revenge

      Although you don’t live in this state. I’m stuck here. Much prefer ND over SD, although SD doesn’t have personal income tax at all, which is nice.

      • awfulorv

        Did you know that the last thing General Custer was heard to utter, before his demise at Little Big Horn was,  “Well at least we don’t have to go back through South Dakota” ?

  • Adam

    Can we acknowledge that this add is a blatant rip off of this fabulous Johnnie Walker commercial.  

    • awfulorv

      How in Hell does that little island constantly supply the world with excellence, as they do in producing actresses, actors, and ad writers, of such quality?

      • Adam

         Dunno, but I’m real happy they do. Love me some Robert Carlyle. Maybe a little too much.

  • headward

    “I’ve ridden an ostrich,” he says.

    …and more qualified for President than Obama.

  • $8194357

    Anyone, can get elected to any office, “these days”…


    But Klein pressed Arpaio, asking the sheriff if he thought the Hawaiian letter was somehow fabricated, too.

    “I just said from day one,” Arpaio replied, “I wanted to clear the president.
    I’m not accusing him of any crime; I just want to see the microfilm.

    We have two twins on the microfilm around the time the president was born.
    So let’s see the microfilm, let’s see the original copy of the birth certificate,
    then we’ll put this to rest.”

    “I don’t know why it’s a big secret,” Arpaio continued.
    “Why is just a letter coming out and saying,
    ‘Yes, we say that he was born there’?
    Show us the proof.”

    End quote

    Lets just see the micro film and then we can put this to rest….
    The POTUS is a made for TV fraud…..
    Biggest manufactured crisis the left has ever pulled off….