Democrat: Cut, Cap And Balance Is “Cruel, Stupid And Dangerous”

“I’d be tempted to just blow it off if it were not so cruel, stupid and dangerous,” said Senator Barbara Mikulski of the “cut, cap and balance” plan passed by the House yesterday and sent to the Senate. “It’s cruel because it invents new rules of how we’re going to calculate social security, what we’re going to do to Medicare. It’s stupid because it doesn’t solve our problems and it’s dangerous because it could bring our economy down.”

Of course, we could apply the same adjectives to the Democrat plan (or what we can only assume is their plan since they’re not exactly putting anything on the table). What’s cruel about what Democrats wants to do is that tax hikes will keep the economy from growing, and keep Americans out of work. It’s stupid because they want to keep government spending at levels that are well above historic levels as a percentage of GDP. And it’s dangerous because it keeps us on a spend and borrow path toward insolvency.

As the government runs up more debt, and prints more money to finance spending, the dollars we use to live our lives are worth less.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • NDSuperman

    “Cruel, Stupid, And Dangerous” is to do nothing.  Medicare is insolvent in 12 years and another 11 for Social Security.  It must be nice to have blinders on if there’s always oats and hay in front of you.

  • A Citizen

    Such criticism and protest from the dem senator, it must be a pretty good plan.

  • mikemc1970

    You always get the most flak when you’re directly over the target.

  • Jamermorrow

    What is cruel is stealing everybody’s money through taxation and inflation. I predict shortages in medical care for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. I predict inflation will wipe out social security checks. My predictions will come true if we keep spending and inflating.

    • robert108

      Your “prediction” is already a reality, and has been since obamacare was forced on us.  Besides, it was already happening under Medicare.

  • SigFan

    Cruel, stupid and dangerous – the new motto for the Democrat party?

    Okay, so now the left has disparaged every plan that has been put out there, including The One’s own budget.  When are they going to tell us what their plan is?  Oh, that’s right, they don’t have one other than “tax the rich, and spend everything in sight”.

    • Neiman

      You people just do not get it – it is not about facts or the truth – it is about who wins the public relations war; and, since they are out there united with a single message reinforcing over and over and over again the long held image that Republicans are actually lacking in compassion and would throw people into the streets and they win.

      Where are the Republicans, united, standing before the cameras using extreme language to paint the Democrats into the corner and fighting toe-to-toe for the hearts and minds of Americans? They should be preemptive – out there FIRST, they should be LOUDER, they should react to every accusation, they should fight like tigers in this grudge match and they should show the American people three things: What they are fighting for is better for the people, it is more compassionate and it will work better long term and then show how the Democrats are hurting the country. But, no they won’t fight, they’ll react like the milquetoast bunch they are and keep losing. STUPID – REALLY STUPID!

    • VocalYokel

      “Cruel, Stupid, and Dangerous” sounds more like a Leftard law firm to me.

      • SigFan

        Closely aligned with the trial lawyer firm Dewey, Scruem and Howe.

  • SigFan

    I disagree Neiman.  I think there has been more than enough effort put into letting the people know what the Republicans are proposing and why it is the answer the country needs.  The reality is that as long as Obama is in the WH and the Democrats hold the Senate, there isn’t a damn thing they can do that will make the left back down.  Look at what happened with Obamacare, the public at large let the idiots in DC know in no uncertain terms that they did not want it, did the Dems listen?  Obama and his merry band of Marxists are intent on doing what they have wanted to do for the last hundred years.  The only way we will stop them is to take back the Senate and WH in 2012.  This battle right now is just the warm-up, a skirmish.  The main battle begins when the serious campaigning for 2012 does.  Until then all we can continue to do is try to throw as many road blocks out there as possible and keep getting the message out.  More people like Ryan, Rand Paul, Bachmann, Perry, Rubio, Allen West and others of similar mind/nature are what we need.  And if the Democrats shove something else down the throat of the public at this juncture, or fail to do anything hoping to blame it on the Republicans, the voters are smart enough to see through their BS and they will take their revenge. 

    • Neiman

      How can we take it back if we are not united and people like Coburn prove we are not. How can we without a clear, unifying message, a competent messenger and a plan for victory? Right now, even here at SAB conservatives are divided, hateful of any and all opposition, attack their friends and generally cannot get their act together?

      • SigFan

        I think we are far more united than you give credit for my friend. We have many competent messengers, but at this time they are “preaching to the choir”. Every conservative knows that the road the Democrats are going down leads to perdition, and everyone is trying to get those on the other side to see that. To a limited degree, we have succeeded in that with the voting public as 2010 attests, and I hope 2012 will as well. The other half of the current reality though is that we have a prideful, rigid ideologue and narcissist in the WH, and his followers are just as bad. Unfortunately, right now they hold the reins. What we need to work toward is changing that situation. I do not think that any deal that comes out of the current negotiations (lacking a better word) is going to be the best for the country. What we need is to fight at this point to minimize the carnage and pray we hold on as a country until 2012.

        • robert108

          Agreed.  Letting a few media driven polls cause panic is not the right way to go.  In times like this, we need to stay focused on the truth, and not get swept up in the propaganda war.
          Every plan that doesn’t make a significant reduction in our debt and that doesn’t support economic growth in the private sector is only useful as a bare beginning.  It’s better than nothing, but should only be regarded as a first step.  We started on this path in 1932, so it might take awhile to get back to integrity.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    “Cruel, Stupid, And Dangerous”, like Obamacare?