Democracy on the Left: Dems Disenfranchise Dissatisfied Democrat Voters

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goofy

When you are opposed to democracy, in principle and in practice, why would you label yourself a “Democrat?” From the Weekly Standard:

After a poll released this week showed President Barack Obama only beating his Democratic primary opponent John Wolfe Jr. by seven points, 45 percent to 38 percent, in Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District, state Democrats moved to practically disenfranchise Arkansas voters. “[D]elegates Wolfe might claim won’t be recognized at the national convention,” national party officials are telling state Democrats. Wolfe is being accused of not following the party rules.

“They want a coronation,” Wolfe tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “They’re conflating [Obama] with the party. Are we supposed to call him ‘Dear Leader’? Is this some kind of North Korea thing?”

If he’s denied delegates he’s rightfully won, Wolfe says, Democrats would be effectively disenfranchising those who chose him over President Obama. And if that happens, he’ll take his own party to court.

“They took my money and put my name on the ballot,” he says. “They’re trying to make people think it’s hopeless to vote against Obama.”

Wolfe is also on the ballot for Texas’s primary on May 29

So, because the results of the primary election don’t match the Democrats’ dreams of a “coronation” the voters who disagreed should have their votes not counted? Isn’t that what elections are supposed to decide?

And this is the party that yammers and whines about voters being “disenfranchised” by Republicans and our efforts to require voters to have a valid ID? Talk about hypocrisy! Obviously, there is no one more disingenuous, and less democratic, than a Democrat.

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  • Neiman

    The Soviets and Red Chinese, the models for our Democrats, while making sure every election was a virtual landslide for the Communist Party (Same as Democrat Party) proclaimed righteously, proudly that they were democratic and the people voted them into power. We all know it to have been a lie, but that is what socialism must demand, absolute submission or death, as it cannot survive in a free society.

    • Roy_Bean

      Democrats do what democrats do.  Sometimes in the white hoods of the KKK and some times in the garb of the new black panthers.  They claim to hate one another but they really just hate freedom.  That goon with the pipe in 2008 was a brother in spirit with his KKK predecessors.  Different times, different faces, same message. 

    • $8194357

      When the lie becomes the truth…

      • Neiman

        Right now a terrible lie, a great delusion, is overtaking the world and that will result in the utter destruction for the world. We are living at the edge of the End Times and this is Satan’s hour, make no mistake, in the short term Christianity and Christian moral values will lose, wickedness will have absolute reign over the whole earth, That is because we, the world, prefer a lie to the Truth.

        • $8194357

          As the Spirit Witness to me thru the Scripture, Neiman..
          You are very accurate in your statement…

          We are much closer than “most” want to believe…

  • Proof

    Too many Wolfe voters have valid IDs to be real Democrats.

    • $8194357

      Bring Out Your Dead!
      Obama Regime Launches National Drive to Counter Voter-ID Laws
      Posted on May 20, 2012
      by Cowboy Byte

      President Obama’s reelection campaign launched a national drive Friday to counter new restrictive voter-access laws, which advisers said threaten his electoral chances in November.

      Organizers will fan out in key swing states this weekend to teach volunteers and voters how to navigate a series of laws passed by Republican-controlled state legislatures imposing stricter identification requirements, limiting early voting and making it harder to organize voter-registration drives.

      It is the beginning of a months-long effort, campaign officials said, to combat what they described as a Republican effort to stifle voting among young people and minorities, two groups that traditionally tend to vote Democratic. . . .

      The Obama campaign’s “weekend of action” is part of a field effort that in 2008 helped identify, register and turn out millions of new voters. Those new voters gave Obama wins in unlikely places, including North Carolina and Virginia, where young and minority voters helped make the difference.

      Turning out those voters again this year is key to the president’s reelection strategy, but it is also more challenging this year in part because of the new voting laws.

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      Say Poofy, did you know many conservatives are actually facing jail time for their voter fraud?  I bet you didn’t know that while you make up lies about Democrats just to paint them the same color of shame that stains your party, eh Poofy?

      But, it’s not like you want to talk about facts and truth, you are just here to massage the backs of right-wing extremist men, right Poof?

      • Proof

        Midget Dwarf: Come back when you have more than smarmy, empty allegations, or a point, or a working knowledge of English. Preferrably all three. 

        And if you want to have any shred of credibility, try to link us to something other than Nutterbob’s Echo Chamber of Irrelevance for a change. That’s a good boy!

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          Speaking of empty allegations, pin head, where was your evidence to support your empty allegation?  Here’s real hard evidence of real conservative voter fraud:

          Though President Ronald Reagan called the right to vote the “crown jewel of American liberties,” many Republicans around the country have begun demanding increased voting restrictions in the name of fighting “voter fraud.” Though actual cases of voting fraud are so rare that a voter is much more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit fraud at the polls, one Republican official in Indiana has proved that lightning can strike himself.

          Yesterday, a jury found Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R) guilty on six felony counts of voter fraud, theft, and perjury. The conviction cost White his job, though he plans to ask the judge to reduce the charges to misdemeanors and hopes to perhaps regain the position.

          In a statement, Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) announced White’s deputy will take over on an interim basis:

          You have neither credibility, intelligence or brawn.

          You’re just a weakling, in every regard.

          • Proof

             Very good, Tiny Fruitcake! You came up with ONE! (With Think Progress’ help!) Give yourself a cookie!

            Your projection is, as always, duly noted.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Yes, Poofy, I provide facts to your make believe. 

            But hey, I’m sure you got what you wanted from all the lies you tell on this site.  That’s your life!

          • Proof

            My life midget dwarf? Well, at least I don’t identify myself by my relationship to  anyone else, especially imaginary relationships, like some infantile, surfer wannabee in damp, yellow stained boardies I could name.  I don’t try to impersonate you on other forums as you have with me. Your insane Proof envy is so thick you could cut it with a knife. (If only you weren’t too tiny to pick one up. And if they trusted you with sharp objects!)  And we all pick on you, li’l fella, because you’re a sawed off, midget, dwarf runt and it bugs the hell out of you to be you. You post a picture of being hugged by Robert Fibbs, who is 5’10” tops, and he has to lean way over to get in the frame with the ugly garden gnome in the JC Penney, Wilford Brimley collection shirt, while I posted a copy of the federal permit I tested for, in my 20’s that listed my height as 6’4″. And that really galls the hell out of you, because if we ever got into a fight, you might be able to climb a ladder, reach way up and hit me in the kneecap!

            So, please. Try not to fixate on my “brawn” and try to keep your homoerotic fantasies to yourself.

            Your projection, in one day hoping to win the affirmation of strangers, on a North Dakota blog, by actually winning an argument here one day (stop laughing!) is duly noted.

  • $8194357

    If you can control the language, you can control ideas.
    By controlling ideas, you can control the way people think and act.

    Before Frank Schaeffer went over to the Dark Side, he had some good things to say about how liberals think and act. His analysis of language is still applicable:

    “Think of the use of labels to categorize political activity. Some labels are used to neutralize the actions of certain groups; others denote being ‘one of us,’ acceptable.

    The words ‘right wing,’ ‘fundamentalist,’ ‘pro-life,’ ‘absolutist,’ and ‘deeply religious,’ are put-downs more than categories.

    Conversely, think of the unspoken pat on the back and blessing that the following words convey: ‘moderate,’ ‘pluralistic,’ ‘liberal,’ ‘civil libertarian,’ ‘pragmatic,’ and ‘enlightened.”

    Consider the following list:

    Arsenal of Weapons =========== Gun Collection
    Delicate Wetlands ============== Swamp
    Undocumented Worker ======== Illegal Alien
    Cruelty-Free Materials ======== Synthetic Fiber
    Assault and Battery ========== Attitude Adjustment
    Heavily Armed ==============Well-protected
    Narrow-minded ============= Righteous
    Taxes or Your Fair Share ===== Coerced Theft
    Commonsense Gun Control ===Gun Confiscation Plot
    Illegal Hazardous Explosives === Fireworks or Stump Removal
    Non-viable Tissue Mass ======== Unborn Baby
    Equal Access to Opportunity ====== Socialism
    Multicultural Community ======= High Crime Area
    Fairness or Social Progress ======= Marxism
    Upper Class or “The Rich” ======= Self-Employed
    Progressive,Change ======= Big Government Scheme
    Homeless or Disadvantaged === Bums on Welfare & Leeches
    Sniper Rifle =============== Deer Rifle with scope
    Investment For the Future ======= Higher Taxes
    Healthcare Reform ========= Socialized Medicine
    Extremist, Judgmental, or Hater === Conservative
    Truants ================ Homeschoolers
    Victim or Oppressed ===== Criminal or Lazy Good-For-Nothing
    High Capacity Magazine ==== Standard Capacity Magazine
    Religious Zealot =========== Attends Church
    Fair Trade Coffee ======== Overpriced Yuppie Coffee
    Exploiters or “The Rich” ===== Employed or Land Owner
    The Gun Lobby ========== NRA Members
    Assault Weapon ======== Semi-Automatic Handgun
    Fiscal Stimulus ========= New Taxes and Higher Taxes
    Same Sex Marriage ======== Legalized Perversion
    Mandated Eco-Friendly Lighting === Chinese Mercury-Laden Light Bulbs
    Accepted Fact ======= Horse Shit

    Read more:

    End quote

    Left brain right brain won’t even begin to explain the “divide”
    when “wordsmiths “create” confusion with Politicaly Correct lanquage skills.

    • two_amber_lamps

       I’d say the above was hilarious, but it’s also truth.

      • $8194357

        Here is some more “truth” that don’t line up with the “lefts accepted facts”..

        Thats right…
        Heres the real deal, not the horse shit…


        Friday, October 24, 2008

        UPDATE: (from 2008)

        (SEE BELOW)

        Apparently the Governor of Hawaii has sealed Obama’s birth certificate records.
        Why seal the records?
        What is Obama afraid of?

        Atlas reader Rudy emailed both the University of Washington and the University of Hawaii, and they sent him back dates of enrollment.

        It didn’t match the dates Wikipedia had for Stanley Ann Dunham.

        (Bob tried to update Wikipedia and his updates got deleted within minutes.)

        The big question is how was Ann having Barack in Honolulu in Aug 1961 AND enrolled at the U of Washington the same month?

        When public record information from the University of Washington was added to Wikipedia’s biography of Stanley Ann Dunham
        (Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s mother),

        “it was removed in 35 minutes the first time and 34 minutes the second time.”

        Read what Obama’s team of internet thugs doesn’t want you to know.

        See official emails from U of Hawaii and U
        (see below)

        I’m concerned with the unlikely dates:
        Sept 26 1960
        First day at U of Hawaii for Ann (Why did she start 6 weeks late?)

        One month later – conception
        Two months later – drops out of University of Hawaii
        Three months later – married
        10 months later – back in Washington attending classes at University of Washington

        These are implausible dates, and may imply that Ann got pregnant in Seattle and THAT is why her family moved to Hawaii.

        University of Washington records place Stanley Ann Dunham in Washington State in Aug 1961 so how could she be in Honolulu 2680 miles away birthing Barack the same month.

        When public record information from the University of Washington was added to Wikipedia’s biography of Stanley Ann Dunham
        (Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s mother),

        it was removed in 35 minutes the first time and 34 minutes the second time.


        “The University of Hawaii at Manoa is only able to provide the following information for Stanley Ann Dunham:

        Dates of attendance:
        Fall 1960
        (First day of instruction 9/26/1960)

        Spring 1963 – Summer 1966

        Fall 1972 – Fall 1974

        Summer 1976

        Spring 1978

        Fall 1984 – Summer 1992

        Degrees awarded:
        BA – Mathematics, Summer 1967 (August 6, 1967)
        MA – Anthropology, Fall 1983 (December 18, 1983)
        PhD – Anthropology, Summer 1992 (August 9, 1992)

        Stuart Lau”

        Stuart Lau
        University Registrar
        Office of Admissions and Records
        University of Hawaii at Manoa
        Ph: (808) 956-8010

        End quote

        Sure is “ALOT” of stuff in Barry’s back ground don’t line
        up or jive with non revisionist facts, huh?

        • mickey_moussaoui

          Bbecause he is satans spawn. Dunham volunteered to play the role

          • $8194357

            could be

  • Camsaure

    Looks like Sam Stein could find future employment in the Dem party.

  • Bat One

    Twelve years ago in Florida the Democrats, who were later revealed to be disenfranchising overseas military members, were publicly screaming “Count every vote!”  What they meant, of course, was count every Democrat vote. 

    And in Chicago, there are registered Democrats who’ve been voting longer than they were alive.

    • $8194357

      Now as it turns out….”Barry wrote his own BIO” claiming a Kenyan birth
      and used it from
      “1991 right up until 2007″
       just “after” he declared for Presidency…

      Sure a “good thing for him”
       those “citizenship laws” in America and Indonisia
      were “updated to his advantage” in 1994 and 2007, huh?
      Coincidence of course.

       Even tho he was telling folks his whole life he was going to be POTUS from the time he was in Muslim school in Indonisia right up to when he told Bill Ayers dads postman when he was livin large with the elder Ayers in Chicago back in the late 90’s early 2000’s..

      What vetting job, huh?


      Arizona elections chief asks Hawaii for proof of Obama’s citizenship
      UPDATE: Obama penned “Born in Kenya” bio, revised in 2007, 2 months after he declared for Presidential race

      This is going to get interesting.

      As far back as June 2008, there were inconsistencies and alterations to the COLB copy (certification of live birth) that Obama posted on his laughably entitled “fight the smears” website. There were legitimate questions. Atlas coverage going back to the summer of 2008 here. But almost immediately, anyone who raised the issue was gobsmacked, derided, and discredited as a conspiracist, a birther. “Birther” being a knock off of the lunatic “truther” — those anti-America nuts who claim that 911 was an inside job.

      But there were many questions about Obama’s background and the circumstances surrounding his birth, his background, his polygamous father (more on BHO Senior’s immigration file here) and his mother’s peculiar circumstances.

      His altered COLB raised serious questions. Digital forensic evidence was produced, peer review welcomed
      (of which there was none).

      Instead, the issue became a tool in which to bash the right.
      And the right played right into it.

      I made more enemies on the right for raising this issue than I can recount, an animus that continues to this very day.

      Of course, after Obama was elected, it was fruitless.

      No judge would touch it.

      No one would want to be responsible for what could possibly lead this country into a civil war.

      Still, the issue raged.

      As further evidence of Obama’s dishonest narrative bubbles to the surface,
      everyone prefaces his remarks with

      “I am not a birther!”
      (evoking Nixon’s “I am not a crook!”),

      so fearful are they of the taint.

      And this is the inherent problem.
      Why does the right allow the left to control and command the discourse?
      Why does the right give the left the power to dictate to us what we can and cannot talk about?

      We can ask questions and we must without fear of the
      monstorus leftist smear machine.

      Stop giving the left the power.

      When Breitbart released the bombshell that Obama’s literary agent promoted Obama’s book as “Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii,”
      the editors over at Breitbart were careful to preface the blockbuster story with,

      “We are not birthers! Andrew was not a birther!”

      Why the fear?
      It’s a legit story.
      Get off the defense.

      And today we hear that Obama’s literary agent was using the
      Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007,

      just two months after then-Senator Obama declared
      his campaign for the presidency.

      Mind you,

      “Obama wrote the bio of being born in Kenya.”

  • The Fighting Czech

    good thing nothing like this could happen to the republicans of ND…..

    • Camsaure

      Oops, too late.

  • Jay

    Please tell me you’re not shocked Dems want to disenfranchize people, Rob. Were you not paying attention in 2000 when they tried to disenfranchize soldiers to try to steal the election after Nader prevented Gore from rightly winning the election?

    • Bat One

      The reason AlGore lost the 2000 presidential election is because he couldn’t manage to carry either his own home state or Clinton’s.  Had either Tennessee or Arkansas gone for Gore instead of George W. Bush, losing Florida to Mr. Bush would have been immaterial, and Gore would have been president.

      As for Nader, he only did to Gore what Ross Perot did to George H. W. Bush in 1996, putting Bill Clinton in the White House.

      • Jay

        There’s absolutely no proof GHWB would have won in 1992 without Perot. Even Michael Barone has said the most likely outcome sans Perot would have been a somewhat narrower Clinton victory. GHWB got 37% of the vote. That’s not exactly indicative of the ability to put together a winning coalition even minus a high-profile third-party entry such as Perot.

        • Econwarrior

          You can’t prove a hypothetical, so your assertion is meaningless.  The fact is that Perot posed as a conservative, and he got about 18% of the votes, so it makes sense to conclude that he prevented President Bush from winning a re-election.

          • Jay

            You can’t prove a hypoethetical, so your assertion is meaningless. Here’s what we know objectively about the 1992 election:

            1) GHWB got 37% of the vote.

            2) Clinton got 43% of the vote.

            3) Perot got 19% of the vote.

            4) Clinton beat Bush by 6 points in the popular vote.

            You can conclude whatever the hell you want hypothetically, but the objective reality is that Clinton had a lot higher percent of the vote than GWHB. The Perot vote would have had to break at least 2-1 for Bush to get him ahead of Clinton. There’s not a shred of evidence from any exit polling or any objective political analysis to back up your hypothetical argument.

          • Econwarrior

            Again, you can’t prove your hypothetical, but as, I repeat, Perot masqueraded as a conservative, it is fair to conclude that a vast majority of his votes would have gone to President Bush, likely greater than 2-1, so it is likely to conclude, as have most intelligent, non BDS sufferers, that Perot got the criminal Clinton elected.
            Perot hated President Bush, and ran directly against him, intending to cost him re-election.  He ignored the Clinton/Gore lie about “the worst economy in 50 years”(really the Carter economy), and smeared President Bush.

          • Jay

            A guy whose entire post is based on hypotheticals has the gall to accuse me of being unable to prove a hypoethetical. Explain to me ONE hypothetical in my post, Econ. You can’t do it because there isn’t one. A pathological liar like you should really crack a dictionary and history book every now and then and brush up on facts before making your famously idiotic posts.

          • Econwarrior

            Your entire comment was based on your hypothetical claim that Perot didn’t cost President Bush re-election.
            Your pathological need to vomit up lying smear personal attack instead of facts marks you as a coward and a liar.

        • Bat One

          I’m familiar with Michael Barone’s judgement, but I can’t agree that the term “absolutely no proof” belongs in the same sentence with the subjunctive hypothetical “would have won.”

  • mikemc1970

    Gross! Does she ever wash her hair? I bet there are fleas and lice crawling all through that greasy crusty mess.

    • Camsaure

      She has been in bed with the OWS crowd too long I’d bet.

    • yy4u2

      Did I miss something?  All I saw was a headshot. /sarc