Cop Tells Pro-Walker Protester “You’re Going To Get Your Ass Kicked”


The Wisconsin Reporter has video of a pro-Scott Walker protester walking among the leftist activists and union members at the Tom Barrett rally. The guy, a former Marine and union member, was walking around with his sign, engaging the union members around him:

Then he was grabbed, literally, by the scruff of his neck and dragged out of the protest by a cop who told him he was going to get his “ass kicked.” When the guy protested his treatment at the hands of the cop, he was arrested.

So much for free speech.

I guess you could say the guy was being a bit provocative, both with his sign and his words, but since when was being provocative against the law? And isn’t stopping someone’s speech or protest because they might incite violence prior restraint?

And who should be held accountable for violence resulting from free speech, the speaker or those doing the violence?

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  • Econwarrior

    Until we institute thought crime, it’s behavior that defines crime.

    • flamemeister

      Actually, we already have.  They’re called “hate-crime laws.”

      • VocalYokel

         Isn’t the term “hate-crime” redundant?

        When was the last time anyone was beaten…murdered…raped…robbed as the result of a ‘love-crime’ ?

        If there is “hate-crime” is there also ‘ambivalent-crime’ ?

        • flamemeister

          I would claim that many kinds of crime can be committed with little or no emotion of any kind.  One might even say that there are “love crimes.”  Necrophilia in some cases might qualify.  Certain types of serial killers murder people they like & keep them around the house or apartment as reliable companions who will listen to their insane rants without objection.  When they have festered to the point that they are no longer pleasant to have around, they bury them somewhere & get a new love.  Pretty damn fickle, I’d say!

  • SigFan

    Did the cop mean that he was going to kick the guy’s ass, or was he worried that the lefties would go off on him?  Either way, the cop had no cause to treat the guy the way he did.  He could have simply told him that what he was doing was dangerous and that he should leave – and if the guy didn’t want to leave until or unless a problem actually occurred it should have been hands-off.

    • $8194357

      My hunch is he’s a union cop so it could have been taken either way IMO, sig.

    • two_amber_lamps

       My guess is the cop meant the crowd was going to kick his ass, but I think when the unnamed protestor wouldn’t roll over and do what he was told, El Offical hooked him up and arrested him. 

      Shameful to see someone’s 1st and 4th Amendment Rights abridged due to a cop’s overinflated ego. 

      • Roy_Bean

        If you watch the first few seconds of the video the cop says “I’m with you, you’re going to get your ass kicked”. 

        That police officer had two functions there, enforcing the law and keeping order.  Sometimes they have to choose.  That young ex-marine had a right to be there and should be admired for his guts walking into a hateful democrat rally like that.  The police officer knew that democrats are prone to violence and hatred is always simmering just under the surface and when it boils over innocent people get hurt.  Think of the democrat riots you have seen in the past, when they start to run wild they seem to lose what little good sense they have and they wreck everything and everyone.

  • WOOF

    He put  his finger in the cops face.

    Just because he’s stupid doesn’t make him a Marine.

    • $8194357

      OWS woof…ows..

    • Edward1960

      You really think that?   Wow…..
      Do the orderlies know that you are out of bed and playing with the computer at the nurse’s station?

      Unless that finger was loaded….  pointing at the cop is NOT (or wasn’t) a crime…  Scheeesh 

      • two_amber_lamps

        Unless that finger was loaded….  pointing at the cop is NOT (or wasn’t) a crime…

        Ain’t that the truth…  if pointing your finger in the face of cops (and I assure you much worse was done) was an arrestable offense EVERY shitbag protester at the recent NATO summit in Chicago would could have been sacked up.

  • Jay

    Way to protect and serve, guys!

  • realitybasedbob

    I guess he was out of  pepper spray.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Oh silly NAMBLA-Bob….  If you don’t understand the cases when a cop can and cannot use pepper spray, you should shut up and sit in the corner.  That way we have to guess how stupid you are instead of making the depths of your idiocy abundantly evident. 

  • sbark

    He should have asked the Cop what Oath he took when he got signed in………….an Oath to a Union or to a Constitution………..for sure not to a messianic figurehead……

    …….but an oath to a Liberal is as disposable as the truth, or giving their word…….

    Isnt that a basic problem with Liberalism……..their propensity to want to have a figurehead to rule them,  they really cant handle basic freedom,  they need a Messiah, a king figure,………and if not a figurehead……they bow to anyone of a dozen political religions at any one time…..golden calfs in more than one way.

    • $8194357


  • Willis Forster

    It is his job to protect and serve, his job was to arrest anybody who laid a hand on the walker supporter. The police made them selves scarce last summer when leftist were assaulting and threatening people all over the state. They were nowhere to be found when people were assaulted while peacefully standing at tables collecting signatures to recall flee baggers.

  • mikemc1970

    Union thugs will be union thugs even if said thug wears a badge.

    • $8194357

      It is “the way” of the left..
      Intimidation and fear…
      KKK to jihadists…
      The root systems runs deep

      • $7725169

         Treehuggers, gays and potsmokers, yeah right.

        • $8194357

          You are referring to the
          “cloward/piven cannon fodder for the cause”..

          I’m reffering more to the arm breakers and life takers when they go from nanny to fascist…

          Nanny marxists always turn fascist Leninist/Stalinist and
          “force the agendas”..

          IE Hitler and union thugs in the 30’s

          • $7725169

            It’s not 1930 and this is not Europe or the USSR.

          • Edward1960

             Your point?   An official representative of the state use his position to silence protest…..   All he needs are some jack boots and a few lessons in goose stepping….. 

            But by all means be OK with it. 

          • $7725169

             Lame comparison = lack of critical thinking.

          • $8194357

            since you brought up
            “critical thinking”.

            Read and learn appoligist…

            Indeed, all ideologies are totalitarian because thats
            the essence of an ideology.

            (I would note that conservatism correctly understood is not an ideology)

            Don’t forget to watch the movie…


            Good and thourough Documentary on the origin of political correctness.

            As it turns out it is a revision of the marxist concept of false consciousness and has very real similarities with policies made by the communists in the eastern bloc “in order to silence dissent.”

            The western variant originated in the “critical theory” of the Frankfurt School.

            Refusing to take any responsibility for their own beliefsystem and present their agenda in a direct and comprehensible manner,they found themselves content with “igniting the conflicts within capitalist societies”
            “in order to weaken them.”

            Promoting hedonism and making enemies of every thinkable grouping within the free world, they kept authorities comfortably busy on the homefront.

            Blacks and whites,
            husbands and wives,
            young and old,
            gay and straight etc.

            If gay-marriages were to become a majority preference one day, they would surely fight for the rights of the minority-group of individuals who want to marry their pets and criticise homosexuals for discriminating against people with a more polymorpheus sexuality than themselves.

            In essence many of the moronic professors now presiding over all the big social “studies” departments at american and european universities

            “are the wounded victims of this aspect of the cold war.”

            Getting a helping hand by the active measures of the soviet union because they had a
            “weakened sense of truth”,

            unable to resist the careful attack on academia,
            “led by the cultural marxists”,
            disappointed by the revolutionary potential of the western working class

          • two_amber_lamps


            10x….  boom headshot!

          • $8194357

            I found that documentary back in 2006..It lays bare the “ideolgical root system of communist fascism” and the Democratic Partys platform/agenda huh?

            Whats based on a lie can only bear its fruit from the family tree.

            From Marx to Alinsky and every where in between they embrace the ties to the first
            “free thinker” or
            “first born radicle”…

            International progressive bankers from Warburgs to Rothchilds have openly endorsed both the Russian revolution and one world banking ties to its proper source…Lucifer..

          • $8194357

            Check this out as well.
            The modern global banking agendas root system exposed…


            The love of money is the root of all evil…

            Not money itself…
            The “love of it”..

            For it leads to the “lust” for power over others and control of God’s Creation…

            “Sustainable enviromentalism
            third world economic justice”..

            control over energy, natural resources and
            the money flow on a global scale huh.

            AGENDA 21
            and the
            “One world” governance agendas..

          • Edward1960

             Your strawman is going up in flames. 

          • $8194357

            Your right…
            This time around its going to be worse
            as the left is “blind, deaf and dumb”
            useful idiot apolligists who don’t know
            history’s lessons..

          • $7725169

            The last time we a gap this wide in wealth distribution, we went into a depression too. History….

          • $8194357

            True that…
            FDR and his marxist Federal Reserve Bankers run us in the ground huh?
            Following the same failed Keynisian
            finacial “government spending” the left is doing today as I recollect…

            Priming the pump to our destruction…

            It is the “desired outcome” of anti American soveriegnty agendas, ya know….International Progressive one world agendas…Same now as then…

            without the UNESCO spin applied…

          • $7725169

            Last I checked the “starve the beast” theory got us a new entitlement medicare part D, another government agency called homeland security and a federalized education program. Let’s compare the evils….

          • $8194357

            A Constitutionally limited power Federal Government..

            What part of large central planning federal government don’t you understand?

            Progressives come in all shapes, sizes, flavors and don’t care about a D or an R behind their name, huh.

            They call themselves communists. liberals,
            RINOS and

            From Sharia to Nazis to the DC

            Tyrany is of the devil.

          • $8194357

            ( Let’s compare the evils….)

            If ya lose the debate, ya just go Zzzz..

            Play dead until ya can jump up and kill a conservitive..

          • $8194357

            More “history”.
            Non revisoinist.

            CHANTILLY, Va. –
            A Madrid-based investigative journalist
            “who has spent years researching” the Bilderberg group – that shadowy organization of

            “high-level leaders in finance and government” –

            is warning that there’s no “conspiracy theory”
            behind the group:

            (“It’s a conspiracy reality.”)

            Daniel Estulin,
            author of
            “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,”
            contends people should care because the idea behind each and every Bilderberg meeting

            “is to create what they themselves call the aristocracy of purpose between European and North American elites on the best way “to manage the planet”.

            “In other words,”

            Estulin told WND in an email exchange in which he answered questions,

            “the creation of a global network of giant cartels, “more powerful than any nation on Earth”, destined to “control the necessities of life” of the rest of humanity.”

            End quote

            Who’s behind
            UN AGENDA 21?

        • $8194357

          Where does the “root system” of modern global banking and finance come from?
          Ya might be surpised,
          ya might not….

          Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, all Jewish Freemasons,
          were essentially dysfunctional losers who were employed
          by the “Illuminist bankers” to hoodwink the masses.

          Lenin for example had been an unsuccessful lawyer
          who had only six cases in which he defended shoplifters.
          He lost them all.
          A week later he gave up the law
          “to become a “highly paid” revolutionary”.

          Lenin declared:
          “Peace means quite simply the domination of Communism
          over the entire world.”
          (Funny thing..So does sharia, huh?)

          His reign of terror caused nine million deaths but you
          never see him compared to Hitler.

          The secret police, the Cheka, dominated by Jews,
          (non religuos/non practicing like Marx and Soros 7.62)
          published the names of 1.7 million people they murdered
          in 1918-1919, including 300,000 priests.

          “A river of blood flowed through Russia,” Lina writes.
          “According to official Soviet Reports, 1,695,904 people
          were executed from January 1921 to April 1922.

          Among these victims were bishops, professors, doctors,
          officers, policemen, lawyers, civil servants, writers…

          Their crime was ‘anti social thinking’ ”

          Did Rothschild Write The Protocols of Zion ?
          By Henry Makow Ph.D (September 21, 2003)

          “The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority,
          revolt in which we see the fecund germ of all human emancipations, the revolution”.

          “Socialists recognize each other by the words,”
          ‘In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been
          done.’ Satan [is] the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds.” —
          Mikhail Bakunin,
          Russian anarchist,
          friend of Karl Marx

          (When Marx met Wall Street in the early 1900’s, some
          funky stuff was goin down..Fiat ponzi bankers were
          financing it all 7.62)

          The holy book of the socialists, “Das Kapital”, published on September 2, 1867, is especially revealing since this work
          shows not only that the author was a careless and
          incompetent theorist, but also that he was a
          downright liar
          Paul Johnson demonstrates this in his book
          “The Intellectuals”.
          Under the sign of the Scorpion-
          the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire
          by Juri Lina

          Marx tolerated
          “no ideas but the Illuminist ones”
          which were later known as Marxist.
          ” Marxism merely gave the dark Illuminist powers a
          hypocritical method and a “verbose phraseology”,
          which they could use to justify “any kind”
          of enormity they committed.”

          Since this doctrine was unscientific, they would never
          in all their attempts be able to put the Marxist theories
          into practice.
          Under the sign of the Scorpion-
          the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire
          by Juri Lina

          ‘Marx’s chief aim was the destruction of religion”.

          The good of the workers was only a pretense….
          (in the name of false moral highground..7.62)

          Communism is collective demon- possession”.—
          Richard Wurmbrand

          Max Warburg
          (international progressive federal Reseerve Banker..7.62)
          funded Lenin and his revolutionaries.
          Jacob Schiff gave a known $20 million to Lenin.
          J.P. Morgan & Co. helped finance the Bolshevik revolution.
          Alfred de Rothschild also helped finance the Bolsheviks.

          Bloodlines of the Illuminati 11. Rothschild

          End quote

          Alinsky was not the “first” to give the lefts credit where it
          was due, huh?The “STRUCTURES” used are Satans
          “false copy of Biblical Trinity” and the
          “flow upward to a Holy and Just God” his due…

          Debt ponzi ass fraud from hell…Huh?

          This “IS” the true root system” of “marxist soviet
          debt banking…
          As well as the “Ideoligical root systems” of the
          Democratic Parties Platform.

          A FALSE morality to “hood wink” a moral people….

          Jihad and the koran?
          Big C Communism with a little g god…
          Same ass structure of top down fascist control of elites…

          • $7725169


          • $8194357

            Like all leftist lemming apoligists…
            Can’t even stay awake for the truth..
            Just keep the lies alive..
            Goodnight Gracie..
            We had a great country, once..

          • $7725169

            Why don’t you come up with you own material? Nice patriotism you got there.

          • $8194357

            Can’t refute the truth?
            I never could either..
            The difference between
            you and me?

            I accepted it and changed
            my life style and sought out more
            of it instead of run from it or act like it didn’t matter.

            Blessed are those who hunger
            and thirst after His Rightousness.

            Goat pen waiting for the
            leftist lemmings?
            Perhaps..Not mine to say..

            But your colors are showing when
            ya attack the messenger because
            the message leaves you guilty,

            No excuses lefty..
            You and yours
            OWN IT..

          • $7725169

            Sounds like a the bottle talking. Run huh? I’ll tell you that I’ve given more money to real conservative candidates than you ever have and you need to own your party’s failings, because they are alienating us. Vote Ron Paul.

          • $8194357

            Touchy, huh?

            Quit drinking 26 years ago so no your assesment is as wrong as me thinking you were just hating on me
            because lefties aren’t for being truthful..

            A Paul bot bitter and mad at the world..
            Go fnn figure..

            I have no party afiliation, but vote conservitive most of the time..

            Patritotic, huh?

            Constitutionalists like Paul got my respect..
            To bad they can never get more than 8-10 % of
            the vote..

            Back under the chains and fetters of the Law, or the country dies..

            Plain and simple to me..

            As far as money given?

            Can’t give what ya don’t have…
            God bless, now , Hear?

      • mikemc1970

        Intimidation is all they have. When exposed to light of open debate, the ways of the left are shown to be the jewels in the crown of fascist dictatorships they are.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    This anti-union thug staged his arrest for sympathy.  Typical Conservative tricks.

    • Pablo

       Sounds more like a self centered, self absorbed, narcissist. Sounds just like you, whiner.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Rob’s a hypocrite to play to these staged events.  That’s what paid propagandists do.

  • Sparkie Arbuckle

    Free speech died when you f*ckers started calling every non-Jingo a terrorist.

    Now you are screeching about it.  Again, go eat sh*t.