Congressman: TSA “Was Patting Me Down Where No One Is Supposed To Go”

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Texas Republican Franciso Canseco got the TSA’s freedom fondle treatment at the airport, recently, and wasn’t too fond of it.

Maybe if enough members of Congress get their privates rubbed down by rubber-gloved bureaucrats we can fire the TSA and let the airlines, and local airport authorities, handle security.

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  • dirka dirka

    Liken them to Hitler’s Brownshirts. Only this time they wear Blueshirts.

    • Zach

      Can we not go that route? Feel free to bash the TEA all you want but please, leave out this comparison.

      • frank k.

        Why ?  … Perhaps a little too close to home , for comfort ? It only took 5 years for Germany (1933)  to go from (arguably) the most cultured country in Europe , to a place where children were ratting-out-their parents ….frank k.

        • Zach

          Because as someone who’s grandparents are Holocaust survivors, it is HIGHLY offensive.

          • cylde

             Some say “never again” but those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, it is not trivializing the holocaust, it is reminding people where that road leads.

          • Tom Jones

            Remember the lessons of history, lest you be doomed to repeat them.

            We are exactly one government decree away from Kristallnacht.

  • realitybasedbob

    Why did bush invent this TSA again?
    Was it because he failed to keep us safe and he needed to go overboard to pretend to keep us safe? Or was it so his buddies could get rich selling all types of TSA machines?

  • Roy_Bean

    This is going to be the next job of choice for pedophiles and perverts.  We should demand audio and video recording of every minute of the day at airports.  Right now you can be assaulted by a sicko with a badge and it’s your word against theirs and they have the badge.  Pretty soon we will just have to fly naked.

  • Libertinep

    The TSA is just the SS with training wheels.

    • Zach

       Do you even realize how incredibly offensive this is?

      • ND in MD

        Yes, I agree. The TSA is very offensive.

      • Tom Jones

        Not as offensive as a government agency, bloated to several times its original budget, that lets weapons slip by while making sure 4-year-olds are terrified, wheelchair-bound grandmas take off their underwear, and openly grope people’s privates. Yeah, that is pretty GODDAMN offensive.

        TSA = f’ing useless:

  • Jimmypop

    “Maybe if enough members of Congress get their privates rubbed down by rubber-gloved bureaucrats we can fire the TSA and let the airlines, and local airport authorities, handle security.”

    nope, it just means they will create a new law preventing them from having to go through this.

  • SigFan

    The TSA and DHS were two ideas that Bush promulgated that have now metastasized into something way beyond what is needed or wanted.  Time to give some serious consideration to dismantling these behemoths and doing things that actually result in securing the country and not harassing innocent citizens. 

  • Farting Unicorn

    I liked Bush 2 – met him twice in three weeks when he stopped back by my home that was hurricane damaged in ’04’s storms. But here’s where he screwed up – Just to be nice to the damn Democrats (why bother?), he kept on Norm Mineta, as the Secty of Transportation, a chair-moistening holdover from Clinton’s Reign of Terror.

    It was Mineta, before the IslamoFascist aatacks of 9/11/2001 ever happened, who forbid the FAA and airport security screeners to “profile” certain individuals for heightened scrutiny. That’s why all the Middle Eastern males who perpetrated the 9/11 IslamoFascist attacks were able to get onboard the four airplanes with boxcutters. MINETA IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THREE THOUSAND AMERICAN DEATHS. And then Bush kept this rat bastard on even after 9/11.

    We Conservative Replublicans need to stop being Mr Nice Guy to the insane Democrats and start shoving back every time they try to put us in our place.

    Democrats are proof that you can have your head so far up your a$$ that you have to open your mouth to see where you’re going.   

  • lcl4

    I have heard from several sources that the ‘war on terror” is over. Therefore we must all DEMAND that the TSA be disbanded ,,, NOW!!!

    If you are offended by my raised voice … tough! The real offense is carried out every minute of every day by the TSA!