CNN Poll: People Trust Republicans Over Obama, Democrats

According to a new CNN poll, 40% of Americans have confidence in Republicans in Congress to handle the nation’s issues. That contrasts with just 35% for Obama and just 15% for congressional Democrats.

Going further, while 61% of poll respondents say they hope Obama’s policies will succeed, a plurality of 47% say they think his policies will ultimately fail:

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  • Neiman

    The American people are a fickle bunch, they sway with the wind and so these polls while encouraging today, can disappear like a puff of smoke tomorrow. This year the GOP better have their act together if they want this trend to continue, it will be a terrifying tightrope walk in high winds of polls dealing with a Democrat Senate and Obama in the White House. The differences between success and failure will depend less on substance than on who best communicates their message and the GOP, with some exceptions, have a communications deficit.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    It’s CNN, so it must be true

  • Mountainmouth

    This information is only a surprise to the MSM. Intuitively obvious to the rest of us.

    Must be really bad if CNN is deserting the Democrap dingy like rats from a sinking ship

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Not for long. As soon as the Republicans come forth with and empty play book, people will realize they have nothing more than partisan dithering.

    Republicans hope for failure and change will come at the expense of the American people if they are allowed to dither.

    65% of Americans want Obama’s policies to succeed. That’s a lot of people who think Rush Limbaugh is a fool.

    • Goon

      That is not true one bit, you have democRATS that want to see another candidate challenge Obumble in the primary…

  • borborygmi

    Short term memory is such a good thing in politics.

  • suitepotato

    We’ll see what this looks like two years hence when:

    1. The Republican election by itself utterly fails to fix the economy and cause jobs and rainbows to be sh1t by flying unicorns.
    2. The Republicans continue with their same-old same-old Neocon wouldn’t-know-right-from-wrong-if-the-Almighty-personally-told-them ways of doing things such as:
    a. Republicans continue to wheedle for the wealthiest people they can.
    b. Republicans continue to treat the working class and the poor as lazy shiftless bastards.
    c. Republicans continue to treat the out of work and on welfare as leeches.
    3. The Republicans have spent those two years hounding everyone with a marginally Spanish-sounding name and less than albino white skin about their ancestry and:
    a. Demonizing illegal immigrants for taking jobs that no American will work such as third shift minimum wage and no benefits office cleaner, lettuce pickers, and so on.
    b. Demonizing illegal immigrants for taking higher paying jobs that American companies won’t give to anyone but the top 5% of the the most overqualified people for 25%-50% under what they should be paying compared to ten years ago.
    4. The Republicans continue their say one thing and do another stance on Islam and terrorism where they publicly decry bigotry and racism, and then give hugs to people who paint all Muslims as would-be murderers, child-killers, etc. (like Neiman).
    5. Fail to produce a single remotely likable personage at all, and crash and burn, giving the White House to Obama and handing the Congress back to the Howard Dean Loopy Left Brigade of the Democratic Party.

    I’m thinking these polls will pretty much reverse and liberalism will be given another shot at destroying the country, because, why not, the Republicans seem to want to destroy it all too.

  • SigFan

    Unfortunately the deck is so stacked against the Republicans being able to restore sanity to DC that I believe they will ultimately fail … again, despite their best efforts and intentions. And when that happens, lacking any other viable alternative the people will in desperation turn back to the Democrats in the hope that they will save the country. Of course, they will take that as their signal to continue the insane march into socialism and decline and the cycle will repeat. Though I am already older than I ever thought I might be, I expect I will live long enough to see the total collapse of this once great country. Sadly.

  • borborygmi

    Unfortunately the deck is so stacked against the Republicans being able to restore sanity to DC that I believe they will ultimately fail …… Let the excuses begin. Seems like the same thing was said a year into Obama’s Presidency.