City Of Williston Thinks Strip Clubs Will Hurt Its Image

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The City of Williston, in the midst of massive economic growth that is straining municipal infrastructure, is tackling the really important issues. Namely, the idea that the city’s two strip club hurt its image and drive away development.

WILLISTON, N.D. — Williston officials have appointed a committee to review the city’s adult entertainment ordinance.

Mayor Ward Koeser tells the Williston Herald that he and other members of the city commission are getting complaints about the two strip clubs in town.

Koeser says one goal of the new committee is to determine if adult entertainment industry businesses should be located in the city.

The mayor says some residents are worried about Williston’s image. Koeser says there also are concerns about the strip clubs’ close proximity to the Chamber of Commerce building.

He says that could leave a bad impression with developers considering setting up shop in Williston.

First, the notion that strip clubs in Williston are going to drive developers away from the housing boom is ridiculous. Meddling by the state and federal government in the city’s housing markets is likely to drive away, or inhibit, more development than the strip clubs. The more the state and/or federal government talks about possibly subsidizing development in the Williston area the more developers will hold off on that development until they see what the government is offering.

I doubt that any developer considering building in the Williston area cares much about the city’s two strip clubs.

But going further, what about property rights? Strip clubs are a perfectly legal enterprise (indeed, one of my hometown’s two strip clubs is owned by a city councilman). Are we really to believe that the city can order these businesses to move off their property simply because some in the city find the businesses to be something less than tasteful?

So much for living in a free society, I guess.

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  • The Whistler

    Rob, how about a road trip to check out how badly these gentleman’s clubs are hurting business?

    Bring cash.

    • Rob

      We joke, but I’d keep a sharp eye out for the cit commissioning some impact study that requires an official to “study” the strip clubs.

      • The Whistler

        Who’s joking? ;-)

    • Jkeaveny

      Im in

      • The Whistler

        You’re not going to climb up on the stage and get us all arrested are you?

    • badlands4

      Don’t bother. From what I understand through all the bru ha ha, class isn’t something in real big supply. In fact, if I recall, the last bit of info I heard was about the guy that shot the toilet in the bathroom of one of the clubs…..oh yeah, good time for all! They are strip bars, not “gentleman’s clubs” as supporters try and portray it. Let’s just be honest about it.

      The bars are not any where near any kind of housing development(off the top of my head). Even if they were to do what they should do and zone downtown apts, I don’t think you would be able to even see these clubs. I had no idea they existed until all of this started and I am in the downtown area weekly. I *think* they are way down at the end of the downtown area by the train depot and even then I don’t think it is obvious what they are unless you walk right in front of them.

      To be fair, I have no idea what happens at night but there aren’t really any houses near these bars that I can think of.

      *I* do NOT like them. i think it is demeaning to women when your value is based on your b**b size. HOWEVER, as long as they are following all the laws they are like any other business in town. If it turns out there is more going on than legally allowed( drugs passing through the club, underaged girls or patrons, or other illegal activities that wouldn’t be going on at the J.C. Penny’s down the street), then you deal with it, otherwise I don’t see how you can single them out just because they are distasteful to most in town . It was the city, after all, who approved their existence to begin with.

  • Jett

    Economic development – The oilworkers will spend more locally rather than send it off to Kentucky for mama and the kids.

  • headward

    There is a church that is behind this. They got all the Kum and Gos there to stop selling porno mags. They prayed for them outside the new strip club that just opened recently. The other strip club has been open for over 20 years.

    Just down the street from this club is a bar that is named KKorner(used to be KKKorner). That is still open and operating.

    Maybe the church has seen a drop in the donation plate after the new strip club opened up.

    • Rob

      Interesting. Which church is it?

    • badlands4

      What church is behind it? If they are next to the train depot, I can’t think what church is behind it.

  • Brenarlo

    This will just drive it underground to private parties.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    What “image” are they worried about hurting? Welcome to Williston, where Man Camps rule!

  • Bizzley45

    We need to do the same thing with the rest of the GOP “business as usual” guys here in ND. The GOP here is the lesser of two evils, but that’s where my loyalty ends. I found it quite telling how the GOP here tried to align itself with the Tea Party. I would like to point out that I was thrilled when “The Flag” went on the air and we had some conservative thought being put out over the air waves again. As time went on however, I also noticed that Mr. Hennen was a willing participant in trying to point the Tea Party followers toward GOP rally’s after attending a Tea Party in Fargo. I had attended the GOP convention up in Grand Forks a couple of weeks earlier. These were NOT Tea Party candidates. I saw for myself that the establishment North Dakota politicians snickered at the idea of a Palin run and scoffed at the Tea Party. I had come to respect Mr. Hennen, but I couldn’t help but think he was trying to help the GOP handle us “Tea Party” goers. I understand wanting to run with the winners, I also understand free enterprise, he had every right to do paid spots for the GOP, but I think his character suffered for it. I mean Mr. Hennen no disrespect, but I do question some of his motives in the past six months. (I don’t know why he went off the air, or why he thought bumping Hannity would go unnoticed, I quit listening by then) We need to clean out the garbage on the state level with a big broom. They all need to go, a tax and spend Republican is no better than a tax and spend Demacrat. The recent story about taxation of the oil industry should tell us something. We have a spending problem, not a tax problem. One Billion surplus?! Do we want our elected leaders to run the oil companies out of our state? Our former governor doubled the annual budget, he was fortunate to be presiding over a booming economy, what If the tax dollars stop coming in? He was not my choice to send to DC, but again, he was the lesser of two evils.

  • borborygmi

    Williston has an image?

    • badlands4

      Yes…money, money, money.

      I don’t live in Williston proper, so while I enjoy the economy, job security my husband enjoys(as much as one can ever have), and so many of our friends who live in Williston proper, I really live for the lake and hiking the bluffs ;) which is where I actually live. Deer? Yes. Coyotes? Yes. Cows and Horses? Yes. Occasional Mountain Lion? Yes. Pasties? No ;)

      I stick with the cookware and book store and skip the nudie bar…lol

  • ec99

    City councils have learned that if they can otlaw smoking in restaurants, they can outlaw anything.

  • jimmypop

    well, it could be worse…….if youre in fargo, they zone new ones out of existence and secure a monopoly for the ONLY one thats remaining……

    anyway…….id ask your mayor which developer wont build there because of it. specific names will do….sounds to me like insecure, ‘churched up’, fat women trying to take away some fun for the oil rig guys.

    it disgusts me that some grown-ups dont like what other grown-ups do to the extent they think they should ban it. maybe i dont like your church and all ITS ideas……should we close that?

  • Lene’

    Pure Romance Parties By Lene’ sells adults toys and is in Williston. 812-345-7106