Chris Matthews: Japanese Earthquake Is A “Good Opportunity For Obama Remind People He Was Born In Hawaii”

I’m not even sure what to say, other than to suggest that Matthews’ obsession with Obama as so addled his brain that in his consciousness all stories somehow, some way, have to do with The One.

People dead, dying and suffering and all Chris Matthews can think about is Obama getting a chance to stick it to the birthers.

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  • flamemeister

    Uh-oh. That tingle of the leg has reached the brain. Perhaps it is … the Tingler!

    “These unfortunate, sensitive people will at times feel a strange, tingling sensation; other people will feel it less strongly. But don’t be alarmed— you can protect yourself. At any time you are conscious of a tingling sensation, you may obtain immediate relief by screaming. Don’t be embarrassed about opening your mouth and letting rip with all you’ve got, because the person in the seat right next to you will probably be screaming too. And remember— a scream at the right time may save your life.”

    —William Castle, opening scene, Prologue to “The Tingler”

  • Camsaure

    WTF! What does being born in HI have to do with an earthquake in Japan? The tingle in his leg must be left over from his shock treatments in the nut house.

  • Hannitized

    Birthers are idiots. Matthews should look for every opportunity to identify a nut and the nut party, when possible.

    I am not sure how many Americans are clear exactly what percentage of the nut party are birthers. Hell, I would say 50% of the birther kooks are your average SAB reader.

    • flamemeister

      “Birthers are idiots.”
      It’s unfair hitting us with one of your brilliant analytical insights so early in the morning. In fact, your entire comment is drivel drooled by an idiot, full of felch, and signifying nothing—except maybe hypoglycemia.

      • $8194357

        Even us idiots know that not all is as it seems. The illusions and lies of the one who took the form of a snake in the garden now has mass media to further propogate his deceptions…I gladly count myself amongst the idiots who see truth from the lie. Illusion from reality. This world is ‘temporal’. A tempory world ruled by the father of all lies. His realm of delusion and illusion. I am glad I am no longer one of its citizens as I await the Eternal Home promised by Christ. No illusionary 72 virgins to fullfill the polymorphous perverse sexual addictions. Just the Peace and Love of the Almighty thru my Savior. I will gladly take the title idiot, retard, birther or any other as the tiltle I myself lay claim to is Born Again Christian Believer, and this not of any good I have done, but, saved by Grace. Still a few tickets available for the asking. Take care flame and God Bless.

        • Morrile2


          What the hell is 7.62 trying to say, and about what?

          • Neiman

            If you do not already understand, then the message is not intended for you. It was/is a spiritual observation.

      • Proof

        He probably meant to say “truthers”. Hanni is, after all, easily confused. Sometimes he forgets what he is trying to say in the middle of one of his own comments.

    • 2hotel9

      And yet you are the one who keeps bringing it up. Only Democrats give a sh*t about Barri’s birth certificate. If you want people to stop talking about it YOU have to stop talking about it. You are correct, though, you birthers are idiots. Now, prove you have lost again by posting another comment. I order you to.

    • 2hotel9

      “Hell, I would say 50% of the birther kooks are your average SAB reader.” See, you are correct, all of you racist Democrat a$$holes are birther kooks. Good catch, stupid c*nt.

    • Shrill Lib Idiot

      I wouldn’t go calling anyone an idiot when you have posted things like this:

      “The responsible women told me right before we were going to have protected sex and indicated they were not having a “break out”. HSV-1 or HSV-2 are usually visual. I didn’t stick around long as one was in a transition period, as was I, she just wanted to hit it because we worked together and because of the tension. The second I just lost interest after learning the facts. So I reduced my risk exposure down to one experience only, per woman.
      I have never contracted an STD. But I sometimes take pills for Clamydia just to be safe, because its hard to diagnose and is most common in women.

      Hannitized on May 10, 2009 at 10:13 am”

  • Neiman

    1. “Birthers” is a particularly harsh pejorative created by Leftist loons and sadly even promoted by some on the right, it being solely designed to denigrate people that mostly are decent, hard working, tax paying Americans that are just honestly concerned about the Constitution and the failure of our States and Federal government to make sure everyone is actually, truly qualified to hold the office for which they were elected. While most people think the issue has been settled, these people questioning the right of Obama to hold office have a right to ask a relevant question without being belittled.

    One can compliment Obama and his apostles/disciples, as one could any masterful deceiver for keeping this issue sufficiently unsettled as it is and for using it as a distraction from more important issues; but admiring such evil and approving of it are quite different things.

    2. Too many people on the margins in the media are given undue attention, Matthews is one of them, a true left wing loon that has a tiny fraction of viewers and hold his position at Messynbc solely because his extreme Left Wing bosses agree with his anti-American extremism. I cannot imagine anyone with the slightest intellect could give a tinkers damn what this sissy-boy thinks or says, he is irrelevant to the national discussion and we would all be better off if he was ignored.

    3. Considering the loss of lives and the massive destruction in Japan, it seems that we should be slow to make cheap political points no matter the source.

  • badlands4

    STOP IT! What is wrong with some of you? Can you not have even a shred of empathy for what is happening to these people? Is there no decency to just leave off all this political cr*p? At least until all the dead are found and buried and they stop a meltdown of a nuclear power plant? How about we all just shut up and find something productive we can do to help these people? At least until they find the missing bullet train holding hundreds of people?

    How about some good ole’ fashion human decency? Apparently it has fallen out of style, but maybe it is time to bring it back into fashion.

    Chris Matthews should be ashamed of himself. Absolutely ashamed. Chris, I don’t imagine “sticking it” to the birthers is at the top of the President’s list. If I picture what the president is doing right now, plotting out the fact that he can remind people he was born in Hawaii isn’t what I picture. I picture praying. I picture calling the PM of Japan and offering whatever they need. I picture him speaking to the Secretary of Defense making sure that all U.S. military and their families are accounted for and can be evaced if needed. I picture him speaking with the State Dept making sure all U.S. citizens are accounted for and that means of getting them back to the states is underway.

    The President is a citizen. If you don’t believe that then I don’t know what to say to you other than…give it a rest out of decency for the victims in Japan.

    I am sorry for a rant but I am pretty disgusted right now. I watched that video of the tsunami sweeping on land. It is bad enough knowing how many people would be in those houses, but there was one part of that video where you could see a person on a road. Looked like he/she was pacing back and forth, but I imagine he/she was looking for a way out. That water just came right up and swallowed he/she up. There was another video showing cars driving on the highway and just being overrun with water.

    That’s the real tragedy guys. Maybe we could focus on that for a while?

  • Mountainmouth

    Never waste a good crisis to remind everyone how this is good for Obama.

    What kind of demented brain would construe this increadible tragedy as something good for anyone.

    Considering the “the One” said he would lower the sea levels – maybe he should be held responsible for this disaster :-)
    Where are the Eco-nutters and the accompanying idiotic and unfounded outrage.

  • RKae

    Screw you and your recreational retardation. Die, stoner, die.

  • Spartacus

    Given Obama’s propensity to insult our friends and allies, whether intentional or not, I can hear his reminder now. “I was born in Hawaii, not too far from Pearl Harbor. Remember Pearl Harbor?”

  • sbark

    Obama Playing Golf again this Afternoon………….no worries about Japan or Lybia for him……

    Quick solution to Lybia……..They want a new Muslim Leader……why not give them ours :)

    2 problems solved at once………

    anyway……why was Obama so adament about getting rid of Mubarek in Egypt, a friend of the West
    but isnt doing the Lybian freedom fighters any help to oust Quaddaffi—an avowed american killer of note

    • Neiman

      I am certainly no FOB and I agree with most you have written above; but, I cannot believe you are complaining about him playing golf. Come on! If a President didn’t recreate whenever there were serious problems in the world, he might as well join a Nunnery for goodness sake. He has the most powerful communications system in the world at hand, whether he is in the office at the White House or on the 6th Tee. It can be reasonably argued IMO, I know from personal experience that, while doing something like playing golf it clears the mind and helps the person focus on serious matters more clearly than when faced with the discordant cacophony of noises he would hear sitting at his desk. On the course the noise gets minimized and it can really help produce better answers.

      I cannot speak for Lord Obama, but since he is truly on duty 24/7/365, give the guy a freaking break if he finds golf a way to break through the fog or at minimum rest his mind for a few hours.

      • banjo kid

        I would feel better about that if the man had a mind to clear .

        • Neiman

          Good point!

    • Spartacus

      anyway……why was Obama so adament about getting rid of Mubarek in Egypt, a friend of the West
      but isnt doing the Lybian freedom fighters any help to oust Quaddaffi—an avowed american killer of note

      drifting off topic for a moment.
      Why is the Arab League begging the U.N. to impose a no fly zone over Libya? Are they not capable of doing this themselves. It’s an Arab / Muslim problem. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of getting shit upon for trying to help others, let the ingrates take care of themselves for a change.

      • 2hotel9

        “Why is the Arab League begging the U.N. to impose a no fly zone over Libya? Are they not capable of doing this themselves”

        No, they are not capable of doing it. That would require that they use their own aircraft, munitions and pilots, which they are hording to use against their own citizens.

        • Camsaure

          and don’t forget their hoarding to use against western civilization

          • 2hotel9

            Actually, no. They will never use direct military force against America. They are Muslims, by definition they are cowards, that is their “religion”. Always a knife in the back, burn down an orphanage in the dark of night, rape women and sodomize small children. That is the Muslim way. Always has been and always will be.

  • Randy G

    There are not words that describe tingles anymore, he is morphing into a wet spot on Barry’s leg.

    • Spartacus

      Morphing? I thought he did that back in ’08. These days Matthews more closely resembles the stain left on the sheets after Obama screwed the independents into voting for him.

  • sanity
  • banjo kid

    I think he was not born here so call me a nut what ever . I even have a copy of his Kenya birth certificate , I will say this it is a lot more authentic then the one he gave out , has his foot print and all . and the docs name and the registrar that signed the thing . it is of course a British paper . I don’t know if it is real or fabricated I have no way of telling but Obama could end this speculation now but he won’t , one of two things is possible number one he is not a citizen or he is using this as a diversion, we won’t know for some time to come . shame .

    • $8194357

      I saw it to Banjo. The Kenyan birth certificate. As you, I don’t know if it is real, but if it is a fake the people responsible for it did a better job as it is a real Kenyan document signed by the British magistrate that indeed was in Kenya at the time it was issued. Barrys COLB (certificat of live birth) he gave out to was easily attainable from Hawiaii in those days from anyone born elseware as even his half sister who admits being born in Indonisa has one issued from Hawiaii as well. They used them to defraud the Federal Government out of money issued as the more citizens the more federal money that would come to the islands. Hawaii would not even recognize them for officle state buisness untill after Barry became a politicians on a national level…Add his college records, social security numbers, and passports used and non of it adds up good for the USA..Alot of misdirection for some reason.

  • awfulorv

    The true racist fools are those who were impressed with his title Community Organizer. They were too lazy to ascertain what that meant. i.e. “one who staples political signs to laths so that dupes may carry them in protest marches”. Who, mistakenly, saw his skin tone as a plus, rather than a minus, and trusted our country’s future to this neo Quisling, and his devious plotters. Who failed, and still do, to recognize a thief, even while he has his hand in your pocket. Who think that $105 billion, yearly, taken behind closed doors, in the middle of the night, while the police (Republicans) were locked out of the building, is chump change. Who dismiss millions squandered by him, and his missus, for extravagant vacations, get-a-ways, nights on the town, lobbying for games, political trips, disguised as moments of unity, etc, at our expense. You see, I don’t mind you giving up your families freedom, and fortune. You can spend your money any way you like. A statement no Liberal can, or will, make, BTW. But when your apparent love of Sepia toned skin color causes me, and mine, to lose what we have, while the object of your love, and his kin, frolic with our monies, I become incensed. I’m certain the last thing you suckers will shriek, as you, and yours, head off the cliff, and hurtle towards the rocks below, will be, with feigned tolerance, “Well, at least my spurious comrades on SAB never had cause to label me a racist”. A Pyrrhic victory, if ever was…

  • SigFan

    Chris needs to pay attention the nice men in the white coats trying to give him his meds and less attention to the object of his man-crush. What a totally idiotic thing to say and how typical of the politics in this country anymore. Exploiting or attempting to exploit a horrible tragedy for political gain. Shame on anyone, left or right that resorts to this kind of despicable behavior.