Chris Christie Is Anti-Guns

NEWARK, NJ - MAY 02: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attends the 3rd Annual New Jersey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on May 2, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)

Bob Owens finds a chink in Governor Chris Christie’s armor: He’s not exactly pro-gun:

How bad is Christie’s record?

Begin with an anti-gun campaign ad he ran in 1995 during his state Assembly run. Christie’s campaign dishonestly referred to the semiautomatic firearms barred under the Clinton administration’s “crime bill” as “automatic assault weapons,” intentionally misrepresenting hunting, plinking, defense, and target rifles as military machine guns. He accused candidates holding the most common conservative Republican position of holding views that were “dangerous,” “crazy,” and “radical.” He stated that the view, shared by Anthony Bucco and Michael Patrick Carroll, that the law should be overturned was a “radical plan to legalize assault weapons.” Not only was Christie’s position identical to that of the nanny-state scolds of the left, it was also based upon carefully crafted lies designed to elicit fear.

No thanks to Christie, the federal ban expired in 2004, and the semi-automatic firearms covered under the law (and still illegal in New Jersey) are among the most popular sporting weapons sold in America.

As of 2009, Christie still supports the ban on semi-automatic rifles in New Jersey, and when he decided to run for governor, he chose to campaign to the left of Democrat John Corzine on gun-related issues.

My reaction? Nobody is perfect. Christie’s stance on guns is disappointing, to say the least, but hardly surprising given someone with his law enforcement background. Cops and prosecutors don’t like guns, generally speaking. Christie is probably about as conservative a leader as we could expect New Jersey to elect, and we should appreciate him for his combative fiscal conservatism even if he’s less than optimal on other issues.

This undoubtedly why Christie won’t ever be a Presidential candidate, however. There’s been no small amount of talk on the right about pushing Christie into a Presidential run, but not even Democrat presidential candidates can afford to be as forceful as Christie has been on gun issues. Christie would never get the GOP nomination with his track record on guns.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Neiman

    Still think he is a good candidate for POTUS conservatives? He does not believe in the Bill of Rights.

    • Goon

      I don’t I can’t and a lot of conservatives that I know will not vote for a candidate that is anti GUN… This is not up for negotiation… I see it as a non starter… The Second Amendment is very important to the conservative movement anything less is unacceptable. I won’t vote for him if he is the nominee… He would have to change his stance drastically, he also endorsed Mike Cassel and that is also unacceptable… We have enough RINO’s in the GOP Caucus and we don’t need anymore.

  • Camsaure

    Yep, And I now regret my kind posting about him in another thread. If he can’t/won’t support that basic tenet of the constitution I refuse to trust him on the rest. Hopefully he will help move NJ farther to the right paving the way in the future for someone even better. I guess I am correct in always having had problems with any East coast politicians.

    • Neiman

      Yes, East Coast Republican politicians are a different breed, they all have some liberal leanings and virtually none of them seem to hold the Constitution as meaning exactly what it says and that our rights should be protected at all costs. It is discouraging.

      • Goon

        “Virtually none of them seem to hold the Constitution as meaning exactly what it says and that our rights should be protected at all costs…”

        That is unacceptable and they can go Caucus with the democrats, the Constitution means what it says.

        • Neiman

          Thank you, that was really funny! Caucus with the Constitution hating Democrats.

  • C. Y.

    “”Cops and prosecutors don’t like guns, generally speaking.””


    • Rob

      Let me refuse that a bit. Cops and prosecutors don’t like the idea of your average citizen having access to guns. They themselves in many cases love guns and seek to exempt themselves from many of the gun control policies they push for.

      But with that caveat, it’s true. Some of the nation’s most ardent proponents for unconstitutional gun control are law enforcement officials and organizations.

      • The Whistler

        Back a number of years ago I followed the gun issue quite a bit closer. At that time there was plenty of evidence that the rank and file cops favored citizens not being unarmed victims. The political type leadership are the ones that were pushing the anti-gun agenda.

        Now there’s a caveat to that. My information is nearly 20 years old and the new generation of cops may be different.

        • Rob

          I’ve not seen those studies, but some of the loudest proponents of gun control are people like police chiefs and law enfrocement organizations, but as you point out they’re not necessarily rank-and-file cops.

          But I also think law enforcement has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. It’s just my personal observations, but our cops have become a lot more militarized and a lot more authoritarian. Where in times past I think a lot of cops had an attitude of being problem solvers, with arrest being one of the options they had to solve a given problem.

          These days it seems as though the cops are looking for a reason to haul you in. Look at our ridiculous concealed carry laws. If my shotgun slides under my jacket while I’m driving suddenly I’m in possession of a concealed weapon?


          • The Whistler

            Get your concealed carry permit.

          • I h8 GOPers

            He can’t.

          • Goon

            Why can’t he asshat?

          • I H8 GOPers

            Why don’t you ask him, he’s your leader?

          • Goon

            That might be true in blue states…

          • Goon

            Hey Rob you’re going to need a pretty big jacket to conceal a shot gun… LOL!!!! But I know what you mean…

      • AR-15

        A lot of police chiefs are anti-gun for political reasons but the rank and file in many cases are pro-2ndA, here’s one example I do believe that most LEO’s have some gun snobbery to them, kinda like a lot of gun shop employees.
        I’m glad you FINALLY posted this about Christie. I don’t know what took you so long because I’ve posted many times w/links what an anti-gun pr!ck he is.

  • Mountainmouth

    We have a deal breaker for my vote. I am sure he will do fine in NJ. Just keep him away from the Bill of Rights

  • Guest

    honestly, of the republican candidates, christie is still a front runner.

    the fact that he’s not a fan of guns is a small part of the pie.

    i live in nj, and he’s doing much to clean it up, spending wise. and giving the recently departed democrat state governments a kick in the pants.

    if it were only this issue, i’d side against him, but he seems to be doing well.

    • Goon

      Incorrect, that 2nd ammendment is a big part of the pie… You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Guest

        i agree that the stance on this issue isn’t one i agree with, but his other positions are working, at least in this state.

        if you’re basing your vote for a candidate on a single issue, you’ll never find anyone to represent your beliefs. every candidate is a compromise. i’d keep a closer eye on who my house representatives were, and less attention to the beauty pageant that they hold every 4 years.

        • Neiman

          One issue? Like the Bill of Rights? Hardly a minor issue.

  • I H8 GOPers

    Chris Christie is a buffoon. I’m so sick of this guy’s cr ap…

    • Goon

      No Chris Christie is a RINO and he need not run…

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    As more Republicans move to the left to claim positions the far left has abandoned, the less extreme they become.

    I welcome the Republicans adopting our ideas. They should have listened to us the first time. They will learn, over time.

  • HPL


    You must not know many cops. Most are very supportive of gun owners, in fact they take an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, all of it! The political components of law enforcement will tend to reflect the ideas of those who hired them so more liberal areas will be more apt to disregard the freedoms protected by the constitution.

    • Rob

      I’m actually the son of a cop who grew up around a lot of cops, and I can tell you that today’s cops have much different attitudes than the cops of my father’s days.

      That’s just what I’ve observed. I’d be happy to be wrong.

  • sbark

    As good as he is on economic matters, this issue alone takes him off the ballot.

    Without 2nd amendment rights we have, this country is already over-run Bolchevik style, we would be all a bunch of out of luck Kulaks

    Am Thinker….Eventually, all forms of governmental law cannot function without the use or threat of violence, which means that government and violence are necessarily intertwined. Therefore, it can be said that the more laws we create, the more violence we legitimize.

    Taking this argument one step further, the ideologies which most openly promote an increase in government intervention–American liberalism, for instance–are the most threatening and violent ideologies.

    ………The 2nd Amendment alone separates us from 1930 USSR, Germany, Red China, Pol Pot, Castro and the rest of the murderous left……….

    Its always the 1st thing the Radical Radical Left removes as it rises to power….the radical left, some 18% of USA Population frothes at the mouth at the thought of no 2nd amendment rights.

  • fredlave

    Christie needs some Second Amendment reeducation. Looks like a job for the NRA.

  • SigFan

    For the most part I like Christie but this issue alone is as many here have opined enough to dismiss him from serious consideration for higher office. The right to bear arms is ours, and NO ONE is ever going to take that away without using violence to do so. That would be the final nail in the country’s coffin in my opinion. Sorry Christie, stay in NJ, fight the good fight to restore fiscal sanity and rein in the public sector unions, but keep your hands off my firearms.

    • I H8 GOPers

      The pink .380 seems fitting for your avatar.

      • SigFan

        Well, if you knew anything about the P238 you would know that it’s actually a titanium finish on the slide that gives it an iridescent look, sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes even pink, and sometimes all together. And it is one helluva nice pocket rocket – for those times when carrying a 1911 isn’t practical. And the really startling thing is a .380 hollow point is just as deadly as a .45 at close range.

        • I H8 GOPers

          I’m glad you are proud of your rainbow. I do carry a stainless LCP at times. It has a red laser, but nothing pink. I suggest a dutch load for the winter if a .380 is all ya got. But then again as a Republican, you are probably more concerned with appearances than actually getting anything done.

    • o yeah

      SigFan is HOT!

  • chiefrz

    I can not understand anyone who opposes the right to defend oneself and his family.

    • Goon

      Liberals have a problem with it Chief and it makes no sense to me either.

      • I H8 GOPers

        Chris “Republican Savior” Christie is a liberal now? Doof

        • Mountainmouth

          you wish –

          Hell, JFK would be considered a conservative by today’s standard
          He was: Anti communist, pro military and cut taxes. (and he liked girls)
          The very antithesis of what the Democrat party has become. Comrade

  • Ten Megaton

    Well the fat bastard will have fun getting my guns.

  • The Whistler

    Do we know that Christie is even a fiscal conservative. All we really know is that he saw how badly Corzine and the Democrats had botched things and is doing the opposite.

    Suppose things turn around in New Jersey and tax collections rise. Will he want to give the money back to the taxpayers or right back at the special interests?

  • AR-15

    This fall I got blasted on here and AM1100(1270Am in Bismarck) for backing the NRA’s support of Ohio Gov.Ted Strickland(D) over now Gov. elect John Kasich(R). Now Kasich is doing exactly what the NRA said he would do, he appointed an anti-gunner to his regime
    I’m willing to bet Erick Erickson @ sh!t on the NRA) or GOA won’t make a big stink about the NRA being correct about this sh!t!
    I’m sad to say I told you so.