CBS Releases Footage Of Obama Refusing To Call Benghazi A Terror Attack


On October 16th, during the second presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, there was a good deal of controversy caused when Barack Obama – with an assist from moderator Candy Crowley – insisted that he had consistently called the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi an act of terror. Specifically, Obama claimed he used the word during a speech in the Rose Garden, and Crowley endorsed Obama’s position.

But in a CBS interview conducted the same day as Obama’s Rose Garden speech the president specifically refused to call the attack an act of terror.

“In the interview, according to the latest portions, Obama would not say whether he thought the attack was terrorism,” writes Fox News’ Brett Baier. “Yet he would later emphasize at a presidential debate that in the Rose Garden the same day, he had declared the attack an act of terror.”

This is significant for two reasons.

Obama clearly lied during the debate. He tried to revise the history of his response to Benghazi to cast himself in a more positive light.

But worse than that, CBS News had video evidence that Obama was being something less than truthful, and sat on it until the day before the election. You’d think that a news organization might feel some compulsion to release this sort of footage contemporaneous to Obama’s debate lie, but apparently not.

Another low point in journalism for CBS.

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  • Mildred Middlefinch

    There can be little doubt that we need more tax cuts for the rich because of the Benghazi attack. Also we should destroy healthcare for working people to make sure Benghazi does not happen again. We should vote for Rick Berg and allow him to funnel more money to the rich because of the attack in Benghazi. So far tax cuts for the rich have kept the Muslims at bay and the Kenyan president under control. It all makes perfect sense if you just watch Fox and do not engage your mind. So tomorrow get out and vote for the guy who will make sure you get to carry a concealed weapon. Bush was such a success we need to try his policies one more time with Mitt. We are dolts and we love being fooled twice by the same people.

    • mikemc1970

      So tomorrow get out and vote for the guy who will make sure you get to carry a concealed weapon.

      Don’t just stop there, go for full open carry.

      • Random Passerby

        Pfft. Full Constitutional Carry should be the destination. Full reciprocity between all states, ability to carry openly or (with permit) Concealed.
        But I won’t object to Full open carry.

        • Generous Gerry

          You guys are so brave. Exactly who is after you? I feel so safe with you brave gun men around.

          • Random Passerby

            Those who beat their plowshares into swords are ever at risk of those who didn’t.
            That topic aside, last time I checked, there aren’t any state line limits on your free speech, or your right to not self-incriminate, or any other of the elements in the bill of rights…if you want to limit one, by the structure of the government you must be willing to limit the rest.

          • $8194357

            The left is workin on em all as fast as they can..

          • Thresherman

            A lot of people get killed and kidnapped while never thinking anyone was after them. Did Dru Sjodin think that Alfonso Rodriguez was after her? The whole meaning of self defense is to protect yourself from the unexpected. Whether you wish to be prepared for such is up to you, but you should not deny others the right to prepare themselves.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            That’s a good point, maybe George Zimmerman would have thought twice about shooting an unarmed black kid for walking in the neighborhood if he knew the black kid was armed?

            Then again, maybe if Zimmerman wasn’t walking around like a tough guy with a gun the kid would still be alive and Zimmerman wouldn’t be an asshole on trial?

          • Derek


          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession


          • Derek

            I see you’re bored with your own comments as well.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            You have never been able to offer any meaningful commentary, and all of your comments are yawn worthy, regardless of which sock puppet you are using.

          • Derek

            That’s exactly what I was going to say to you, Liberal_Larry, Party of Edd, Joe6Pack, Bloggerman, Tax Cheat, Chlamydia Boy et al

          • Rick

            Then again, had Martin been armed, he would have shot Zimmerman instead of just trying to beat him to death.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Does that reinforce your position on guns? I don’t think so.

          • Rick

            And what exactly is my position on guns?

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          What’s the worst that can happen when idiots like you are allowed to carry guns?

          A 22-year-old Fort Hood, Texas, soldier was shot in the face and died after what prosecutors say was an attempt by a fellow soldier to cure the victim’s hiccups.

          • Random Passerby

            You of all folks should know that no matter how hard it is tried, idiocy cannot be regulated. Be thankful for it really. But to adress your strawman…

            well a benefit would be things like the Hassan shooting, or the campus shootings would have been far more limited in the damage done.
            But then if idiots like you were allowed to carry guns, the gene pool would be a lot cleaner and IQ’s would rise nationally.

            I’m seeing this as a win-win.

            But if you are so keen on banning items that can cause harm, whats your position on banning automobiles? The fatality rate (both in ratio and in absolute numbers) from automotive deaths is several multiples higher than guns. Shouldn’t you go after the worst offender in terms of deaths caused by? Add in nonfatal injuries and the number goes far far higher. Add in that insurance is costed by said auto deaths and injures, along with several other secondary (and tertiary) markets.
            I’d also note that autos require full licensing (and proof of training) before operation (unlike guns)

          • guest

            Speaking of idiots with guns…who are you planning to kill with your semi automatic weapons?

          • Proof

            According to Hannitized, he doesn’t own, nor does he desire to own semiautomatic weapons. However, also according to him, he does have some friends who are stupid enough to leave theirs with him on occasion.

          • guest

            Did they also leave their tax lien and STD meds with him too? LOL!

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            ^ Penis envy, it’s so obvious.

          • guest

            What’s plainly obvious is that you have cock on your mind. No one is surprised.

          • Paul

            So, you still dream of Robert Gibb’s dick in your mouth.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Irrespective of the fact that you cobble together bits of information to form a false conclusion, what would that have to do with permit to carry?

            Nothing! You may now return to your irrelevance.

          • Proof

            Hanni Boo Boo, I wasn’t commenting on permits to carry at all. You must be confused because my comment was in English. I only referred to comments you have made in the past, that you had no desire to own a semiautomatic, “even if they were legal”, after you had bragged about ones being in your gun safe. I keep telling you Hanni, if you’d only tell the truth once in a while, you wouldn’t have to remember all those lies you’ve told and to whom.

            “You may now return to your irrelevance.” Ah, Hanni Boo Boo! Your man crush on me has got you parroting my exact words! Please get over your obsession with me and take your homoerotic fantasies and parrot someone else. Or actually grow a brain and say something distinctive on your own. You have access to the same 26 letters I do,regardless of the fact that you have trouble understanding any word that is not monosyllabic (and some that are!)

            And now, as I have told you many, many, many times, you may now return to your irrelevance, Hanni Boo Boo Poseur Child.

      • $8194357

        Or the guy who will make sure Sandra Fluke gets to
        carry taxpayer condoms..

    • Random Passerby

      I know this is hard for you to read, so I am typing this slowly.
      Benghazi (does not equal) tax cuts. Though you seem to want a leader that won’t allocate anything to protect any but ‘his people’. Are you Black, Wealthy and Union connected? if not then you are out in the cold.
      Benghazi (does not equal) health care. Again, you want a leader that will not care for his own (in fact left them to die without support)? You seem to lack the understanding of the place and purpose of an Ambassador and Embassy.
      Benghazi (does not equal) keeping extremists under control. The evidence here is simply crystal clear and is not refutable. Minimum of 4 deaths to extremists. If there is no will to control them, then they will control.Binary solution set.
      As for watching Fox…there are the only news agency that has been willing to cover stories like this…so yeah, if I want news I’ll watch and research. If I want propoganda I’ll watch MSNBC.
      I don’t want the Bush doctrines..I want the Reagan doctrines where if Americans were messed with, others got their heads handed to them in a hurry with enough excessive force to keep anyone else thinking about doing something similar under the beds and wetting their shorts.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        So Obama was only out helping blacks over the last 4 years, according to you? And you want Americans to believe the Tea Party isn’t racist?

        • LenYol

          “Obama was only out helping blacks over the last 4 years”

          Obviously he hasn’t helped them at all.

        • Random Passerby

          if you want to call a 15% unemployment rate for “his people” helping…
          Last I checked, anytime there was a racial component to anything, he was mixed in with it. Black folks had something bad happen to them? He is right there denouncing without facts. Utter lack of law enforcement inside his DoJ (of anything relating to possible discrimination of non black voters). There is more of course, and of course you will deny it exists.
          Your closing comment leads to a line I wish I could claim; It seems a lot of liberals are hearing dog whistle racism…odd that only dogs can hear dog whistles, and that only libs can hear racism in every comment.

    • WillieB

      “We are dolts and we love being fooled twice by the same people.”

      Which is why you and the other lemmings will vote for obama, again.

  • mikemc1970

    Benghazi was an Obama hat trick of incompetence. He screwed it up before the attack, he screwed it up during the attack, and he screwed it up after the attack. It took fifty years for the Democrats to devolve from JFK staring down the Soviet Union over the Cuban missile crisis to the Keystone Cops running our military.

    • $8194357

      KGB, is running the show IMO..

  • Harold

    With the numb nuts that support Obama they ask us not to believe our eyes and ears when it comes to what this guy says and doesn’t say. Mind numbed robots all of those who support this bad bad man.

  • Jay

    I hope Romney kicks Obama’s ass tomorrow because of this.

  • RCND

    The ghost of Dan Rather lives at CBS

    • $8194357

      Commie uncle Walter as well…

  • Proof

    “I don’t want to jump the gun on this” -B. Obama

    “It was a video” – B. Obama

  • Davo

    “Specifically, Obama claimed he used the word during a speech in the Rose Garden, and Crowley endorsed Obama’s position.”

    He *did* call it an act of terror during his speech at the Rose Garden. What he said during the 2nd debate was 100% correct.

    Mitt Romney is the one who lied. Quoting Romney from the second debate:

    “I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.”

    Well, that’s wrong. He called it an act of terror at the Rose Garden.

  • Davo

    “Obama clearly lied during the debate.”

    Not about Benghazi. I’ll post his entire remarks from the second debate on this subject:

    OBAMA: Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary job. But she works for me. I’m the president and I’m always responsible, and that’s why nobody’s more interested in finding out exactly what happened than I do.

    The day after the attack, governor, I stood in the Rose Garden and I told the American people in the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened. That this was an act of terror and I also said that we’re going to hunt down those who committed this crime.

    And then a few days later, I was there greeting the caskets coming into Andrews Air Force Base and grieving with the families.

    And the suggestion that anybody in my team, whether the Secretary of State, our U.N. Ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. That’s not what we do. That’s not what I do as president, that’s not what I do as Commander in Chief.

    • Onslaught1066

      4 died, Dumb-O lied, and you cried.


      • Snarkie

        Salami Lakers, On ‘Mahdi’ Slaught!

        • Onslaught1066

          So, how does that obama ass crack jam taste, Buttfuckle?

  • $8194357

    Security officials on the ground in Libya challenge Obama’s cover-up narrative

    The massive cover-up is a national scandal. Treason. The left lost its collective mind over a petty break-in at the DNC, political hijinks — Watergate. That cover-up was wrong, but no one was killed. The Benghazi betrayal monumentally dwarfs anything and everything that has come before — Obama, Clinton, Rice, et al should stand trial.

    Obama is dancing as fast as he can to run down the clock until election day — but win or lose, he must stand trial for the deaths and subsequent cover-up of the murders of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs, U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith.

    See also: Benghazi and the Missing Obama 9/11 Timeline, Claudia Rosett

    “Exclusive: Security officials on the ground in Libya challenge CIA account” FOX News

    Despite a carefully narrated version of events rolled out late this week by the CIA claiming agents jumped into action as soon as they were notified of calls for help in Benghazi, security officials on the ground say calls for help went out considerably earlier — and signs of an attack were mounting even before that.

    The accounts, from foreign and American security officials in and around Benghazi at the time of the attack, indicate there was in fact a significant lag between when the threat started to show itself and help started to arrive.

    According to the CIA, the first calls for assistance came at 9:40 p.m. local time from a senior State Department official at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, to the CIA annex about a mile away.

    But according to multiple people on the ground that night, the Blue Mountain Security manager, who was in charge of the local force hired to guard the consulate perimeter, made calls on both two-way radios and cell phones to colleagues in Benghazi warning of problems at least an hour earlier. Those calls allegedly went to local security contractors who say that the CIA annex was also notified much earlier than 9:40 p.m. U.S. military intelligence also told Fox News that armed militia was gathering up to three hours before the attack began.

    One source said the Blue Mountain Security chief seemed “distraught” and said “the situation here is very serious, we have a problem.” He also said that even without these phone and radio calls, it was clear to everyone in the security community on the ground in Benghazi much earlier than 9:40 p.m. that fighters were gathering in preparation for an attack.

    Many of these security contractors and intelligence sources on the ground in Benghazi met twice a week for informal meetings at the consulate with Blue Mountain and consulate staff, and at times other international officials. They were all very familiar with security at the consulate — and said the staff seemed “complacent” and “didn’t seem to follow the normal American way of securing a facility.”

    Both American and British sources say multiple roadblocks set up by fighters believed to be with Ansar al-Sharia were in place in Benghazi several hours before the 9:40 p.m. timeline and that communications also alluded to “heavily armed troops showing up with artillery.” Fox News was told by both American and British contacts who were in Benghazi that night that the CIA timeline rolled out this past week is only “loosely based on the truth” and “doesn’t quite add up.”

    Fox News was also told that the local guard force meant to protect the consulate perimeter “panicked” and didn’t know what to do as the attackers took up positions. Sources say other guards simply “walked away”.

    One former Special Op now employed by a private company in Benghazi said that even the safe room wasn’t properly set up. He said “the safe room is one of the first measures you take” and that he is “not sure how you can set a safe room without fire suppression and ventilation in case of fire.” He also said, “Ambassador Stevens would likely be alive today if this simple and normal procedure was put into place.”

    As details emerge of serious security issues before the attack on Sept. 11, Fox News is also beginning to hear more frustration from sources both on the ground in Benghazi and in the U.S. Multiple British and American sources insist there were other capabilities in the region and are mystified why none were used. Fox News was told there were not only armed drones that monitor Libyan chemical weapon sites in the area, but also F-18’s, AC-130 aircraft and even helicopters that could have been dispatched in a timely fashion.

    British intelligence sources said that unarmed drones routinely flew over Benghazi every night in flight patterns and that armed drones which fly over chemical sites, some a short flight from Benghazi, “were always said to be on call.” American sources confirmed this and questioned “why was a drone armed only with a camera dispatched?”

    Another source added, “Why would they put a ragtag team together in Tripoli as first responders? This is not even what they do for a living. We had a first responder air base in Italy almost the same distance away.” Despite the team arriving from Tripoli that night, sources said sufficient American back-up never came.

    British sources on the ground in Benghazi said they are extremely frustrated by the attack and are still wondering why they weren’t called for help. “We have more people on the ground here than the Americans and I just don’t know why we didn’t get the call?” one said.

    Both American and British sources said, at the very least, the security situation on the ground and the lack of proper response were the result of “complete incompetence.” The covert team that came in from Tripoli was held up at the Benghazi airport for more than three hours by Libyan officials. Sources said the team notified officials in Washington that they were being delayed within 30 minutes of their arrival.

    They also point out that these questions “don’t even address the military capabilities of our United Nations ally Turkey, who (has) forces available a similarly short flight away.” Fox News has learned that Turkey had a number of embassy staff in town the night of the attack and that the Turkish consul general met with Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi the night he and the three other Americans were killed.

    One source asked, “Were the Turks not warned? What forces were available from our ally Turkey? Especially since they had officials there in Benghazi also and had to be concerned … and where was the U.N. in all of this?”