CBS News President Caught At Obama Fundraiser: “Partisanship Is Very Much A Part Of Journalism Now”


I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiment:

Before the event began, a long line of partygoers waited on the sidewalk outside the hotel to check in. CBS chief Les Moonves and his wife, Julie Chen, waited patiently for their wristbands. Obama, Moonves said, “has shown great leadership” on the issue of gay marriage.

Though he heads a news division, Moonves said, “ultimately journalism has changed … partisanship is very much a part of journalism now.”

He hastened to add that despite his presence, “I run a news division. I’ve given no money to any candidate.”

Objectivity is something every journalist should aspire to, but I think it’s something all journalists should stop pretending like they’ve attained. Nobody is objective. We all have our biases, and we see the world through that lens of bias.

Rather than hiding ideologies and perspectives, why not acknowledge them? Why not be transparent about them, and let the consumers of the news take that into account?

I’ve said before that I don’t have a problem with bias. I have a problem with those who hide their biases and feign objectivity.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Sparkie Arbuckle

    Get back to us when he’s hacking 13 year old dead girls’ phones.  ;)

    • Wayne

      Hey Sparkless this is a much bigger deal than ‘hacking 13 year old dead girls’ phones’.  Lefties don’t care how corrupt their side is.  In their mind the left can do anything and it’s ok.

      • ellinas1

        Bubalus Bubalis manure.

        • Wayne

          Good come back.

          • ellinas1

            Now you know what a bubalus bubalis is.  ;-)

    • realitybasedbob

      Or cheating on his new wife with the talent from one of his other shows.

      • Wayne

        Hey Boob, once again for you reality challenged lefties, this is a much bigger deal.  

        You know what?  Your childish trick of doing the stupid, ‘Hey look over there at what he is doing?’ whenever one of yours gets caught, is getting awfully old.Besides aren’t you idiots the ones that always say stuff like what you are pointing out should not be anyone’s business?  Remember BJ Clinton?  You, like all lefties, are a pathetic hypocrite.

        • Wayne

          It’s the left that is the real morality police.  Fascists.

          • ellinas1

            Bubalus Bubalis dung.

          • Wayne

            Another good come back.  You’re on a real roll today.

          • ellinas1

            Isn’t it amazing?

    • Onslaught1066

      Hey, Buttfuckle!
      What does your wife have to do with this?

      • ellinas1

        Same thing as your wife.

        • Sparkie Arbuckle

          Look like onslut666 bought his beeyatch some teef veneers.

          • ellinas1

            Isn’t she sweet?

  • Wayne

    ‘What left wing media bias?’, Dan Rather and the other Democrat blind mice.  The left would be nothing in this country without media bias.  MSM left wing bias is a major problem for ‘democracy’ in this country.

  • Bat One

    Actually, Mr. Moonves had the relationship between mainstream “journalism” and partisan politics backwards, but that distinction is probably too subtle for most liberals anyway.

  • Nirvana_scs

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  • $8194357

    Every fascist form of “governence” needs a propaganda machine..

    The leftists agendas are pushed thru:
     mandatory public education indoctrinations,
    social justice race baiting churches,
    books, ‘
    and news outlets,
    that  have been infiltrated to the core just as the USSR’s “Mission Statement”
    and Agenda laid it out as recivesd from the comintern supream
    soviet steering committee so long ago..

    Nothin really “new” here just coming out of the shadows a little more whats been goin on for decades upon decades..

  • ndoldman
    • chiefrz

      Lends new meaning to his “Forward” theme that has been used by Communists Parties worldwide.

      • realitybasedbob

        Lends new meaning to his “Forward” theme that has been used by Communists Parties worldwide.

        Welcome back, buddy.

  • Jay

    New poll by Mason Dixon has Heitkamp up 47-46 over Berg, Rob. It’sa poll of 625 registered voters. How you get a poll of RVs in a state with no voter registration is beyond me. Anyway, I’d have preferred a likely voter poll. Those tend to be more accurate than RV polls.

  • Sparkie Arbuckle

    my recommendation is… stop watching tv.  i don’t.  if I need to watch the celts, i stream that shit.

  • LastBestHope

    Peggy Noonan has taken her cup of Kool-Aid and tossed it on Obama

    Says Team Obama is a”house of cards”

    Read it @

    • LastBestHope

      I don’t know Mr.Donovan but his reply to Noonan’s “After WI” piece is dead on analysis of why the Obama presidency is a FAIL…..sad fact is The One doesn’t know a thing about LEADERSHIP. Why didn’t MSM point this out in 2008?

      Glenn Donovan Wrote:  “When Bill Clinton is your greatest ally, you are in the very definition of trouble. The late Chris Hitchens lays that out quite ably in his book on Clinton’s perfidy in “No One Left to Lie To”. The better argument here is that Obama really does believe what he’s saying.

      In Ed Klein’s recent book on Obama, “The Amateur” – a quote from Clinton on Obama, what we see is a man hopelessly out of his depth as POTUS. He’s a micro-manager, addicted to detailed policy arcania rather than the job of leadership. What I still don’t understand about the love affair so many on the left has with Obama is how they missed the fact that this guy hasn’t lead much of anything in his entire life.

      He wasn’t the high school football captain or the college debate team president. Yes, he did head the Law Review at Harvard, but it’s now been amply demonstrated that this was a result of race conscious policies at Harvard at the time, for which Obama was a major agitator, seeking to bring about. And while head of the Law Review, he didn’t publish a single article (the only person holding the position to not do so).

      He was an associate professor at University of Chicago, and according to Richard Epstein – who headed the Law School there for a while – he was absent from the faculty and intellectual community of the department. He was never considered for any kind of advancement and held no leadership roles of any sort, and was never, ever considered for a tenure track or full professorship and yet worked there for 12 years.

      As a legislator, he was beholden to political hacks and voted as he was told including an amazingly high number of “present” votes in the Illinois senate.

      His “community activism” appears to have been playing roles in things like the Annenburg challenge or representing Acorn as an attorney – again, not a scintilla of leadership. None. In his community, where did he demonstrate the slightest scrap of leadership? Coaching? PTA? Community associations? No,

      Obama’s entire life can be characterized by a clear alienation from mainstream society. He stated clearly, numerous times, in his own writing about himself (his favorite writing topic) that he was draw to radicals and others who stood outside of society. Okay, fine, but then you have no right to claim leadership of something you so evidently want no part of.

      He comes from such a radically critical and distant philosophical worldview as a result of how he’s lived his life that the very idea that he could successfully “run” the executive function of a government he considers broken, based on a constitution that he sees as deficient, is ludicrous. It’s like me trying running for election to head the Socialist Party.
      This same alienation results in his inability to take responsibility for anything.

      You see, he doesn’t believe our society can ever work in the way it’s constructed, so how could he lead us anywhere worth going?”

  • Snarkie

    All information is intermingled with value judgments. You can’t avoid it.