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Rod St. Aubyn: Is Civil Political Discourse Extinct?

Rod St. Aubyn: Is Civil Political Discourse Extinct?

I have become rather disenchanted with the “mean spiritedness” that is exhibited in the political world today, especially at the federal level. It is no wonder that the public holds such a low opinion of Congress these days. When I offer my criticism, it is not centered at any one party, but instead the entire


David Flynn: Housing “Affordability” Not Necessarily a Sign of a Housing Problem

Housing remains a frequent topic of discussion for people in North Dakota. Most of the discussion falls under the heading of “affordability”, a suitably vague term essentially guaranteeing little to no progress on the issue, if it is a problem at all. What is the affordability issue? My suspicion is that people are thinking of


James Kerian: The Party Matters

North Dakota conservatives often complain that we don’t get much for the Republicans holding every office in Bismarck that is elected on the state wide ballot and a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature. Spending at the state level has grown astronomically. The crony capitalism of targeted sales and property tax exemptions has


Rod St. Aubyn: Insurance Mandates Take Away Choice

In my last two blogs on the failures of the “Affordable” Care Act to actually control health care cost increases as the proponents promised (insert first article link here) and my suggested state solutions (insert second article link here), I discussed the role that health insurance mandates play in increasing health care costs. Let’s first


How Tone Deaf is the Interim Chancellor Anyways?

Tone Deaf. Out of Touch. Pick your favorite, or propose your own. Either way, it will be an accurate description of Interim North Dakota University System (NDUS) Chancellor Dr. Larry Skogen’s proposal to give a $13,000 pay raise to North Dakota State University (NDSU) President Dr. Dean Bresciani; only one week after audio recordings were released (and


Nick Creamer: North Dakota Students Should Support Measure 3

Matt Perdue, a critic of the proposed changes to North Dakota’s higher education system, submitted a letter to the Dickinson Press earlier this month regarding Measure 3. As a former UND Student Body President, this measure is of great interest to me, and I strongly believe that it would improve the future of higher education

Obamacare Whats in a Name

Rod St. Aubyn: States Should Have Taken The Lead On Health Insurance Reform

In last week’s post, I brought up the failures of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or as many refer to it as “ObamaCare”) in controlling health care costs in addition to many other failures. As I indicated, I prefer that health care reform be a state solution versus the power grab by the Federal government.


Governor Dalrymple Got It Right on Fargo Diversion

Governor Jack Dalrymple got it right when he said “we will match state dollars with federal and local cost shares.” The governor was speaking of what the state was willing to do to support the proposed Fargo Diversion project. Dalrymple was pulled into the most recent fray between the Diversion Authority (DA) and the State


On Vacation Open Thread

Starting today, I’m on vacation until August 26th. My family and I will be traveling west to visit family in Seattle. Setting aside work is difficult for me – this will be my first real vacation in years that’s not also a work conference or something – but we don’t live to work, right? We