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Did A Federal Court Just Gut Obamacare?

Did A Federal Court Just Gut Obamacare?

Back when the Supreme Court upheld the legality of Obamacare’s individual mandate, folks on the left were fond of taunting conservative critics by saying Obamacare is “the law.” Anyone else remember this smug tweet from the official White House account? Well, in an ironic twist of fate, a federal appeals court just issued Obamacare a


Parental Rights Ballot Measure Will Be 5th On November Ballot

It’s looking like the November ballot will be a crowded one. Before today there were four statewide measures – each a constitutional amendment passed by the Legislature and needing approval of voters - already on the ballot: Measure 1: SCR4009  if passed, would recognize life as existing at every stage of human development Measure 2: HCR3006 


Whoops: Ryan Taylor Didn’t Know Saltwater Pipeline That Leaked Already Had Flow Meter And Pressure Cut Offs

Ryan Taylor seems to have made a pretty big gaffe in his quest to become North Dakota’s next Commissioner of Agriculture (and get a seat on the State Industrial Commission overseeing oil and gas development). Last week Taylor wrote a newspaper column blasting the current, all-Republican Industrial Commission (which includes his opponent, incumbent Doug Goehring)


Doug Goehring: Sound Bites Versus Smart Regulation

Often what sounds good, is often anything but easy. Such is the case of Ryan Taylor’s recent column. His folksy, ah-shucks language may sound appealing and his solutions easy, but the realities of regulating our state’s two largest industries are seldom so simple. Take for example, Taylor’s recent attempt to make political hay with the

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UND Students Get Settlement Emails Over Controversial Student Loan Debit Cards

In 2008 the University of North Dakota, lead in the matter by Associate Vice President of Finance and Operations Peggy Lucke, contracted with a company called HigherOne to disburse financial aid dollars to students in excess of what they owed the university. HigherOne, which UND still uses to this day, gives students the option of


Williston Herald Calls For Rent Control In The Oil Patch

On Friday a town hall held on rising rents in Williston, ND, (central to North Dakota’s oil fields) came “to a boil” according to a report from Eric Killelea at the  Williston Herald. The issue has unfortunately been politicized. A Democrat state Senate candidate – Barbara Vondell –  has made high rents her campaign platform, and


LegitSlater: Bungled Arson Case a Good Reminder to Know Then Assert Rights

Back on June 23rd I wrote a post highlighting the importance of first knowing, then asserting, your Constitutional rights. At the end of that post I stated I would do my part to raise awareness on this topic over the course of several columns (not consecutively), and recent events in North Dakota have provided the occasion