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Senate Narrowly Defeats Tax Deduction For Private School Expenses

Senate Narrowly Defeats Tax Deduction For Private School Expenses

HB1254 would have allowed parents who send their kids to private school to deduct up to $5,000 worth of expenses (defined as “books and tuition”) in each calendar year. It passed the state House by a wide margin, 69-24, back in February but it was defeated in the Senate today. I was told by a


Michael Filloon: Failing To Reform The Oil Tax May Have Cost North Dakota A Billion Dollars

The recent failure to adopt a flat oil production tax in North Dakota may have cost the state a minimum of a billion dollars. Initially shot down and sold as a tax cut to oil producers, the same oil price based system exists using triggers to decrease taxes. Oil producers benefit from a lower tax


On Television: The North Dakota National Guard Is Not Racist

I had a good time on television last night with Chris Berg, as usual. We discussed my post from yesterday about the North Dakota National Guard responding to accusations that one of their recruiters was behaving in a racist manner at basketball tournament. For those of you tuning in, a University of North Dakota instructor


Lawmakers Make Massive Records Requests Because The Universities Can’t Be Trusted

In order to make their case for SB2222, which would end anonymous requests for open records by lawmakers, the North Dakota University System has taken to leaking information about some really, really large requests of that variety. The idea is to paint the requests as unreasonable, and the lawmakers as vindictive. The university system pulled this stunt


Backlash Continues For Conservation Groups After Measure 5 Defeat

One of the most bruising debates during last year’s election season was the debate over Measure 5. It was put on the ballot by a coalition of deep-pocketed conservation activist groups, led by Ducks Unlimited, and would have created an enormous constitutional slush fund from state oil tax revenue streams from which the aforementioned conservation


Lawmakers Need To Stop Trusting Everything Cops Tell Them

Today the state Senate debated HB1297 which would have repealed state law requiring the involvement of a judge in settling ownership claims on disputed property held by law enforcement. Cops wanted the change because they think it takes too long for a judge to review the property, but the Senate killed with opponents arguing that

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64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Thu & Fri Highlights- NDUS Email and Federal Funding Requirements (plus more)

Week 12 wraps up with a review of some of our marker bills being heard by the “two day” committees. Each house’s committees are either three day or two day (except for appropriations committees, which meet Monday through Friday), with three day committees meeting Monday through Wednesday. The two day committees wrap up the rest