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Revealed Priorities: Football Game Trumps NDSU Graduation Ceremony

Revealed Priorities: Football Game Trumps NDSU Graduation Ceremony

I thought this letter to the Fargo Forum from the mother of a NDSU student – one Susan Nilson of Minot – makes an excellent point about the NDSU graduation ceremony controversy. An excerpt: I am a mother of a student who will be graduating on Friday. I would like to express how disgusted, saddened,


Sony Canceling Movie Release Is What Terrorism Looks Like

In the post-9/11 era the term “terrorism” has become fraught with political baggage. I’ll not rehash history here, but suffice it to say that a lot of bad policy and dumb actions have been justified by combatting supposed “terrorism.” But the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment by people who at least appear to be acting


Legislation Gives Lawmakers, Executive Branch Officials Aggressive Pay Raises

Some of the first bills considered in any given legislative session are those which appropriate the pay for our elected officials. These bills always attract a lot of attention because it’s fashionable to resent the money paid to politicians, but they’ve never bothered me that much. For one, these salaries represent a vanishingly small portion


North Dakota Law Would Get Rid Of DUI Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints, which have officers stopping all motorists in a given area in order to verify their compliance with DUI laws, have been upheld as legal by the Supreme Court in Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz. SCOTUS found that the infringement upon the 4th amendment protections from unreasonable search and seizure were negligible, and trumped

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North Dakota’s Pre-Filed Bills: Mandatory Sentencing Exemptions And Driverless Cars!

The 2015 session of North Dakota’s Legislature is looming. It begins next month on January 6th, and already bills and resolutions are being pre-filed for consideration. I read through what’s been posted online so far – 110 bills and 7 resolutions in the House, 102 bills and 6 resolutions in the Senate – and picked


When Is It Reasonable For The Government To Break The Law?

Yesterday the Supreme Court handed down a ruling on a search and seizure case which didn’t get a lot of attention in the media but should have. Heien vs. North Carolina related to a traffic stop which led to a drug arrest. The stop was initiated when an officer noticed a broken brake light, and drugs

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Fargo Forum Doesn’t Disclose Conflict Of Interest In Editorial Praising New Lobbying Venture

Politicos in western North Dakota are buzzing about the creation of the Valley Prosperity Partnership, seeing it as an organized effort to compete with western interests for state tax dollars. Indeed, the Fargo Forum praises the VPP today in an editorial today noting that the group will be hiring a lobbyist soon. “VPP has identified six