Car Ad Suppressed By British Government Because It Depicted People Driving Too Fast


Toyota released an ad in the British market depicting a driver revolting against a nanny-statist society where pleasure and self-expression are prohibited. And, without a hint of irony, the British government has ordered the ad taken off the market because it portrays unsafe driving that might encourage viewers to drive unsafely as well.

Here’s the ad:

From Jalopnik:

We called Toyota’s Brazil-like advertisement about the escape from an overprotective society that discouraged self expression and driving joy one of the best car ads in years. Without a hint of self-awareness or irony the British government has banned the ad because “the ad portrayed speed and the way the car could be handled in a manner that might encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly.”

Forget about a dystopian future. As the Jalopnik article suggests, are living in a dystopian present.

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  • Mike Kopp

    And in North Dakota, motorcycle ads, even motorcycle tourism ads are restricted because they show riders without helmets.

    • Rob

      How dumb is that?

      • banjo kid

        Dumb as a box of Quins.

  • Onslaught1066

    So Lime Krushednutz was impeached for not wearing a motorcycle helmet and was retarded by not wearing a motorcycle helmet, the mist begins to clear.

  • Mike Quinn

    This clearly means socialism is dangerous and does not work. When Obama becomes king he will take away our guns and institute Sharia law.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    Let’s not forget that the British do not have the freedoms we enjoy here. It makes it so important for us to protect our own freedoms so we don’t get to that state.

    Just a side note to show this is not new to the British: I use a video on nuclear war when I teach radiation in Chemistry. It is from the 1965 and called the War Game. It was banned from broadcast because it showed the truth: Great Britain was not prepared to survive a nuclear attack. It was only in 1985 that it was finally shown.