Canadian Reporter Takes Her Top Off While Interviewing Mayor About Indecency Laws

“Canadian journalist Lori Welbourne was interviewing Walter Gray, Mayor of Kelowna, about whether it was legal to go topless in public,” reports Breitbart. “Welbourne took a pro-topless position with the mayor and then asked him to hold her microphone and undid her halter top to bare her breasts.”

I guess Welborne’s point was that females going topless in public should be legal, but it’s ironic that in the video she posted of the video she pixelated her naughty bits.

I guess she lacks the courage of her convictions.

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  • yy4u2

    Modesty and respect for your fellow man or woman. If you aren’t selling, put them away. A person with a cart full of fixings and hot grill better be willing to fill some orders if walking in the business district over lunch. She reminds me of the tourist in this Katt Williams skit about the lions in the zoo. Very adult humor.

  • kevindf

    Is this a big issue in Canada?

    • Roy_Bean

      I don’t think so, but if you were to check the laws in North Dakota you would find that there is no State law requiring anyone to wear a shirt and I don’t think the ND Supreme Court has ever ruled on whether city ordinances would overrule State laws on that. Cities are allowed to set conditions on buildings that are listed on alcoholic beverage licenses but beyond that I don’t think it has been tested.

  • PK

    “but it’s ironic that in the video she posted of the video she pixelated her naughty bits. I guess she lacks the courage of her convictions.”

    It probably has more to do with’s rules than with her lack of courage to show her chest. She whipped them out in front of the mayor and stayed perfectly calm and unabashed, so maybe she just didn’t want her video to get taken down and blurred her breasts.

    • Rob

      A fair point.

  • Simon

    “I guess she lacks the courage of her convictions.”

    Or maybe she has unappealing boobies.

  • Drain52

    It’s just something she had to get off her chest.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    The feather pen cracks me up. It’s like a burlesque prop. You gotta love us Canadians, we’re all alittle off-center. I think it comes from the four months of winter and two months of tough sledding.
    A couple of toques would keep those puppies warm.

  • awfulorv

    It is, somewhat, heartening this subject has only generated nine comments, it deserved, perhaps, two.
    Those are breasts, they’re provided by the mother to feed her babies. What, pray tell, is titillating about that?

    • ec99

      Men’s brains are hardwired to go into sexual stimulation mode by certain bare parts of the female anatomy.

      • The Whistler

        I’m pretty sure it’s sexual harassment to notice the topless girls yaboos.

  • The Whistler

    Was the mayor topless?

  • awfulorv

    I submit that if women were allowed to walk around with breasts uncovered, only young women, in the full flower of youth, would do so. The majority of women, lets call them droopers, would be badgering their representatives to require blouses, and Bras, be worn in public. Just as society, surprisingly enough, demands they do now…

  • awfulorv

    If I were in public relations for the tourist industry, in one of the warmer states, I’d have my Reps pushing for passage of a bill allowing the ladies to bare their breasts.
    And I would expect a definite increase in tourism, in the winter months, because of the laws passage…