Cabela’s Slashes Worker Hours Due To Obamacare


As headaches for the new Obamacare system get worse – the Obama administration has announced that the federal exchange will be going offline again tonight – the impact of the President’s signature legislation (the one he shut down the government for rather than delay) on the economy is still anything but positive.

Sporting goods giant Cabela’s has announced that they’ll be slashing hours for employees at 42 stores across the nation to get around the laws’s employer insurance mandate:

Cabela’s, whose 42 U.S. retail stores sell hunting, fishing and camping gear, cut part-time workers to a maximum of 28 hours per week. A notice to employees informed them that the change was due to health care reform: “the definition of part-time employment is changing to less than an average of 30 hours per week.”

Investor’s Business Daily is keeping a running list of companies who have announced cutbacks in hours due to Obamacare. But we don’t need anecdotes, illustrative as they may be, to tell us what sort of impact the controversial, unpopular law is having.

“Workers in low-wage industries clocked the shortest average workweek on record in July, new Labor Department data show,” IBD reported back in September. “The 29 million non-managerial workers in private-sector industries which pay up to about $14.50 per hour, on average, put in a 27.4-hour week, a level previously matched only at the depths of the recession in 2009.”

Obamacare has inflated the cost of employing workers, and businesses are reacting rationally to that added expense.

But hey, at least these workers who are losing hours and benefits from their employers will have access to more expensive, less flexible health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • The Whistler

    An even bigger unseen cost is those growing businesses that will never have a full time worker because of the mandate.

  • fredlave

    Greedy capitalist pigs – NOT

  • Yuna Braska

    More fallacious spotlighting and cherry-picking from the fat liar… keeping his low-info moron fans in the dark and supplied with BS>

    “Obamacare has inflated the cost of employing workers, and businesses are reacting rationally to that added expense.”

    It’s ironic to see you low-info morons cherry pick businesses owned by spiteful right wing rubes, and their self-realized prophecies, so that you can make the case that Obamacare is supposedly bad for the economy.

    Healthcare in the U.S. has been massively “inflating the cost of employing workers”,… specifically full time workers, for several decades now.


    The same people now chasing the 30 hour mark were the same people who were chasing the 40 hour mark before. You moronically blither about the part-timers not getting as much hours anymore, when there exists a massive dearth of full time jobs already, because our healthcare is stupid expensive. International corps are increasingly going to Canada to set up their continental shops (e.g. Toyota).

    Without reform, our healthcare system is eating-up an unsustainable portion of our GDP, and one of the primary reasons our international business competitiveness ranking keeps dropping below those dagnabit socialized countries that have supposedly proven socialism don’t work.

    The reason you low info stupid morons have to cherry-pick and spotlight fallacy like this, is because the actual complete comparisons, cost-benefit analysis of Obamacare conducted by normal/sane people, show that it is already making healthcare cheaper overall, reducing the deficit, and improving quality of outcomes.

    • Bike bubba

      OK, Yuna, so let’s have it. The bean counters at Cabela’s, guys who have had an integral part in changing the store from an obscure store in the high plains (I’ve been to Sydney, we are not talking a Metropolis here) of Nebraska to a nationwide chain worth billions, have stated clearly that the change in policy is to deal with the costs of the ACA. Maybe you should write them a letter and tell them how it’s all wrong, since you’re obviously a lot smarter than they are.
      Make sure you use a lot of insults. That always wins the debate, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Yuna Braska

        For a second there, I thought you were going to rub those two working braincells together and refute my facts.

        • Jl

          For a second there, I thought you were going to put down facts to refute.

        • Bike bubba

          Like Ji says, if you’ve actually had the habit of presenting facts–and certainly you present no sources–that’s completely lost in your blizzard of insults. The only thing that you note correctly is that healthcare is stupid expensive, and guess what #1 on the Pareto is? Insurance costs, and the Health Insurance Deform Act (Obamacare) is set to send those through the roof because we’re required to buy a fairly “Buick” insurance product now.
          Maybe you should take a break from here and start reading something besides the Daily Kos and Worker’s Weekly World. It would help you.

    • Mike V

      Maybe I’m naturally oversensitive, or maybe someone just slipped me decaf coffee this morning, but Yuna Braska’s hastily mounted campaigns provide a vivid example of how Yuna’s lousy reports disgust me. Before I get moving here, let me point out that I have always been an independent thinker. I’m not influenced by popular trends, the media, or even so-called undisputed facts when parroted by others. Maybe that streak of independence is what first enabled me to see that I don’t believe that Yuna values our perspectives. So when she says that that’s what I believe, I see how little she understands my position. Her vaporings are just a rhetorical ploy to get away from the obvious fact that she is secretly planning to destroy our country from within. I realize that that may sound rather conspiratorial and far-fetched to most people, which is why you need to understand that I want my life to count. I want to be part of something significant and lasting. I want to tell Yuna what we all think of her—and boy, do I have some choice words I’d like to use.

      Yuna would have us believe that her antics are the carriers of civilization and that without them history is silent, literature is dumb, science is crippled, and thought and speculation are at a standstill. The reality, in contrast, is that when I observe Yuna’s hangers-on’s behavior, I can’t help but recall the proverbial expression, “monkey see, monkey do”. That’s because, like her, they all want to give rise to the worst types of fastidious wretches there are. Also, while a monkey might think that every featherless biped, regardless of intelligence, personal achievement, moral character, sense of responsibility, or sanity, should be given the power to create an atmosphere that may temporarily energize or exhilarate but which, at the same time, will pose the gravest of human threats, the fact remains that she is like a stray pigeon. Pigeons are too self-absorbed to care about anyone else. They poo on people they don’t like; they poo on people they don’t even know. The only real difference between Yuna and a pigeon is that Yuna intends to hammer away at the characters of all those who will not help her push all of us to the brink of insanity. That’s why life isn’t fair. We’ve all known this since the beginning of time, so why is Yuna so compelled to complain about situations over which she has no control? That’s not a rhetorical question. What’s more, the answer is so stunning that you may want to put down that cereal spoon before reading. You see, when I hear Yuna’s epigones parrot the party line—that Yuna can change her counterproductive ways—I see them not as people but as machines. The appropriate noises are coming out of their larynges, but their brains are not involved as they would be if they were thinking about how if Yuna can one day turn once-flourishing neighborhoods into zones of violence, decay, and moral disregard then the long descent into night is sure to follow.

      I’m no psychiatrist. Still, from the little I know about psychiatry I can undeniably say that Yuna seems to exhibit many of the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. I don’t say that to judge but merely to put Yuna’s avaricious conclusions into perspective. I’d like very much to respond to her claim that we should derive moral guidance from her glitzy, multi-culti, hip-hop, consumption-oriented maneuvers. Unfortunately, taking into account Yuna’s background, education, and intelligence, I am quite sure that Yuna would not be able to understand my response. Hence, let me say simply this: Every time Yuna tells her sympathizers that the best way to serve one’s country is to blend together materialism and nativism in a train wreck of monumental proportions, their eyes roll into the backs of their heads as they become mindless receptacles of unsubstantiated information, which they accept without question. I close this letter along the same lines it opened on: Yuna Braska’s inveracities are complete and total offal.

      • mickey_moussaoui

        She/he has mental illness. Obamacare wont fix that

    • mickey_moussaoui

      “when there exists a massive dearth of full time jobs already”

      really? where?

      “because our healthcare is stupid expensive.”

      well duh, obmacare is MORE expensive. Luna, you can’t even spin a lie convincingly.
      You should seek professional help with your personality flaw. I would suggest that you take advantage of your employers EAP program but I suspect you couldn’t be employed with such a malfunctioning persona. Ordinarily it would not be decent to suggest to someone that they “do them self in” but in your case it might be the best solution for yourself and everyone who has to be around you every day. At least you could end the pain of being you and put those demons to rest. Try an overdose of sleeping pills and alchohol.

    • schreib

      Yuna, you don’t seem to really care how much harm and destruction this bill is causing average Americans and businesses. Laws have conswquences. This law will even come back to bite you in the rear. More Americans have less money that is disposable and less money for emergencies and home ownership. You are in a state of denial

  • JoeMN

    Those premium costs were estimated based on an assumption that there would be ZERO change in employment based coverage in 2014.
    Now, not only do we have employees forced onto the exchange, but thanks to Obamacare they also enter the system with lower wages.
    So the question remains; Where are the young, healthy, and wealthy subjects that are supposed to be subsidizing the poor, and older with preexisting conditions ?

    • Yuna Braska


      Your incoherent post neither makes any sense on its own, nor with respect to the fat liar’s drivel.

      • Jl

        In other words, you can’t refute it. Surprise.

  • MrSkeptic

    Cabela’s. I have never shopped there, and I don’t plan to start anytime soon. It is unfortunate that Cabela’s has chosen to reduce its employees hours just to skirt the new healthcare mandate. It shows the company has no loyalty to its workers, which is very irrational. (It is rational to reward your employees for their hard work.) On the other hand, I am somewhat glad that they won’t be providing health insurance. The sooner employers get out of the business of healthcare the better.

    It is hard to tell what kind of insurance these individuals will find on the exchange. Rob is all doom and gloom, but he doesn’t have any evidence that things will be worse. Hopefully, it will be something better. Time will tell. Employees should think about finding a better job; one that includes an employer that cares about them. In the meantime, just blow a few sales and screw off a little more. Hit em where it hurts.

    • JoeMN

      It shows the company has no loyalty to its workers, which is very irrational.


      Perhaps to a lib with no concept of basic economics.


      The sooner employers get out of the business of healthcare the better.
      Which is precisely why Obamacare was implemented.

      A lot of pain today for single payer tomorrow.


      In the meantime, just blow a few sales and screw off a little more. Hit em where it hurts.

      Talk about punishing those businesses who dare to survive under punishing rule.

      But who needs em’ when we have “hopeanchange”, right Skeptic ?

      • MrSkeptic


        I work for large company in the FM area and the owner continues to provide healthcare to all employees, despite the fact it would be cheaper to dump all the employees into the health exchange and pay the fine. Do want to know why my employer continues to provide healthcare? Because he believes in his employees. and he believes they have earned it. When you treat your employees well, they work hard and they are less likely to leave. In the ND, unemployment is low and finding skilled labor is hard to do. The longer you can keep your employees the better. It is the rational thing to do.

        Rational is relative to value. Being rational is implementing a strategy that yields a desired outcome. If you value making stockholders rich at the expense of everything else, then it is rational to give your employers next to nothing. However, if you value making stockholders richer and employees lives better then you will find the right balance and give what is due. Costco is a great example.

        Punishing businesses who aren’t loyal to their employees is called an eye for eye no?

        • JoeMN

          That your company can continue to provide healthcare is just wonderful.
          Yet your attitude is to hell with those companies, and everyone working for them operating on profit margins that cannot live up to the Obamacare pipe dream.
          In fact, this law hits hardest those same people that the minimum wage law does.
          If the low skilled are lucky enough to find a job now, they must settle for 28 hour work weeks.

          What have you got against low skilled workers, Skeptic ?
          How are they ever going to gain valuable work experience and get ahead when you libs keep pricing them right out of the job market ?

          • yy4u2

            I imagine people like Septic whistle the theme from the Smurfs to keep themselves in fantasy land at all times.

          • JoeMN

            It’s one thing to wish harm upon one’s political opponents
            Yet Septic takes this one step further by wishing the same onto those who’s only crime is falling victim to bad liberal policy.

  • realitybasedbob

    Obamacare has inflated the cost of employing workers, and businesses are reacting rationally to that added expense.

    Oct. 25, 2012, 12:49 p.m. EDT
    Cabela’s profit jumps 28%, but misses estimates

    …Cabela’s results have improved this year, thanks partly to strong gun demand. The retailer and its peers have said that if President Barack Obama wins a second term, they could see a surge in sales–the same they saw after he was elected in 2008–from buyers fearful the president would back policies to make buying a gun more difficult.

    Revenue rose 9.2% to $741.2 million, driven by a rise in merchandise sales and financial-services revenue, but missed Wall Street’s forecast of $752.7 million in revenue.

    Same-store sales rose 3.9%. Retail store revenue increased 16% to $456 million, while financial-services revenue increased 20% to $85.9 million.

    Gross margin widened to 44.7% from 42.9%.

    • JoeMN

      If only a company could base current decisions on LAST YEARS earnings.

      • realitybasedbob

        You do realize, dontcha Joseph, that number is 3 tenths of 1 percent and not 31%.
        Please tell us you understand that.
        Did you get to the page where is shows this gun store is a recommended ‘buy’?

        Maybe their sales are down because President Obama has failed to live up to the goofball right wing meme that he’s coming to take away your guns.

        • JoeMN

          Where did I say 31 percent, boob ?
          And forecasts certainly miss the 28 percent you suggest.

        • mickey_moussaoui

          I have a Cabelas in my city. Their gun department isn’t anything to get excited about. They don’t offer as much of a discount as I can get at a dozen other retail stores in my area. They do have a pretty good selection of rifle scopes though.

    • Yuna Braska

      Obama’s worked out well for the gun dealers.

      I wish I’d had a little money to invest in the amo manufacturers in advance of Obama getting elected, and re-elected.

      • realitybasedbob

        If gop crashes this boat, you’re gonna wish you had a little money.

        • Jl

          Obama is crashing the boat, and I wished I had more money.

    • mickey_moussaoui

      There isn’t much of a mark up in gun sales. Volume is the only factor to even get involved. You can thank Obama for being the best gun salesman in America. BTW, is that your wife in the photo?

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Cabelas is just following the trend in America thanks to the stupid policies of our little commie obama. Hang in there, nothing will improve until obama is gone. That’s a given

  • SDJammer

    Obama has succeeded in destroying the country and the Republicans for the most part have let it happen. Unless we can rid the system of progressive liberals, it is not worth the effort saving at this point.

  • islandkris

    Blame Cabelas, not Obama Care. Cabelas is a highly profitable company that pays low wages. Cabelas should be giving its workers healthcare. It is time to hold large companies responsible for their workers and responsible for the well-being of those who work for them.