Businesses Will Drop Health Care Coverage Under Obamacare


According to the Wall Street Journal, there’s a lot of uncertainty about whether or not businesses will keep their health insurance coverage for employees once Obamacare makes that coverage more expensive to provide.

Around one in 10 employers in the U.S. plans to drop health coverage for workers in the next few years as the bulk of the federal health-care law begins, and more indicated they may do so over time, according to a study to be released Tuesday by consulting company Deloitte.

The majority of Americans under age 65 who have health insurance get it through an employer. A big question about the law is whether companies will continue to offer coverage after a slate of changes starting in 2014 will give Americans more options for buying coverage without the help of an employer. …

Deloitte’s findings differ from estimates by rival firm McKinsey & Co. last year that found 30% of employers say they would “definitely or probably” stop offering health insurance after 2014, as well as calculations by the Congressional Budget Office that estimated around 7% of workers could lose coverage under the law by 2019.

In all, 9% of companies in the Deloitte study said they expected to stop offering insurance in the next one to three years. Around 81% were planning to continue providing benefits, and 10% weren’t sure.

Not surprisingly, it’s small businesses that will bear the brunt of the new requirements, though there is some fear of speaking out about the future of health insurance among companies:

Employers, especially large companies, have been reluctant to talk openly about their coverage plans for 2014. A few small firms have testified before Congress that they are thinking about dropping coverage.

Those differences were visible in the latest findings. Fewer than 2% of companies with more than 1,000 workers said they were considering dropping coverage. Companies with 50 to 100 workers were most likely to say they would drop coverage, with 13% of them saying they expected to do so in the next one to three years.

Only 16% of respondents said that they would be likely to stop offering health benefits if their competitors did.

Rather than any conclusive numbers on how many businesses will or will not keep their coverage, I think what this tells us is that there is a lot of uncertainty out there. Obamacare, which was supposed to make health insurance cheaper and easier to get, is actually making it more expensive and harder to obtain. Even for businesses.

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  • Bat One

    Obamacare, which was supposed to make health insurance cheaper and easier to get, is actually making it more expensive and harder to obtain

    This also goes a long way to explaining why Obama has failed at encouraging more private sector job creation. After all, when a business owner/manager can’t determine what an additional employee will cost his company, there is no additional hiring.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    This is all by design. Obama is on record as being in favor of socialized medicine.

    • realitybasedbob

      Ya mean like Medicare or the socialized medicine members of congress have or the socialized medicine our military have?

      • Wayne

        So all this stuff about rising costs means nothing to you as long as the government is now in control. That is what you think is so neat about this crap, the government will be in control and ‘taking care of us’. That is really stupid.

  • SigFan

    The only people who didn’t know this would happen are those so woefully ignorant that they actually believe Obama’s lies.

    “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Barack
    Obama on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 in a town hall meeting

    Bend over America – it’ll only hurt a little.

    • GunnySarge

      Yesyou can keep your plan. But if you switch your deductible you loose your Grand Father status. You then move to Non Grand Father status and have to take all the new mandates. Neat trick…… Bottom line. You are now paying more.

  • 11B40


    With apologies to Charles Dickens, it looks like the Ghost of ERISA Past to me. Big Gov decided to get into the pension game and businesses decided to get out. Woulda thunk it.