“Budget Hawk” Kent Conrad Spending Last Days In The Senate Trying Not To Pass A Budget


Senator Kent Conrad is talking out of both sides of his mouth about the budget these days. While, on one hand, he insists that we need a long-term solution for the nation’s deficit and debt problems, he simultaneously backs Senator Harry Reid’s opposition to even proposing a budget in the Senate this year.

An ignominious end to a career built on the illusion of fiscal hawkishness.

Here’s Conrad insisting that we need a budget:

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Senate Budget Committee chairman Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) emphasized that “we’ve gotta serious about” devising “a long term plan that gets deficits and debt under control.” Specifically, “what we need, I believe, is at least a ten-year plan. That’s why I am going to mark up the first week that we’re back in session.”

Here’s Conrad backing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in opposition to even presenting a budget:

Conrad indicated that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) does not intend to bring a budget resolution — not even Conrad’s — to the floor before the election. “Senator Reid has made the judgment, probably quite correctly, that there is very little chance that we’re going to get the two sides together before the election,” after which “all the tax cuts [will be] about to expire” and “we’ll be staring sequester in the face.”

We need a budget but we don’t need a budget.

Conrad is no principled leader on fiscal issues. He’s a partisan hack. He’s his party’s fiscal mascot, trotted out to the media to give the appearance that they care about balancing the budget.

The nation’s fiscal health will be better upon Conrad’s departure in so far as whoever replaces him couldn’t possibly be less serious about budget matters. Unless it’s Heidi Heitkamp, who seems to think that we can balance the national budget on discretionary spending alone.

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  • Edd

    This man has lost so much credibility it’s not even funny.  All I can think about is the campaign statement he made about the 1985 farm bill that Mark Andrews had helped author.  He stood up proudly and proclaimed “It’s a Fraud!” Funny how things come around in life.  Now how’s the fraud???…….

  • Captornado

    He’s his party’s fiscal maggot, trotted out to the media to give the appearance that they care….” —-FIFY

  • OldConserv2011

    His creation of this Budget Hawk image is really quite masterful.  He has spent his entire career spending the taxpayers’ money on entitlement after entitlement.  Yet somehow he has duped the majority of North Dakotans into thinking he is Ebenezeer Scrooge. 

    All that time and effort creating a false personna.  Think of the good he could have accomplished if he had spent only a fraction of that time and effort on actually balancing the federal budget. 

    I love my state, but there are times when I am ashamed of what we have become.

  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    Gaylord was yammering about the “Budget Control Act” which essentially puts the nation’s budget on autopilot because Gaylord and his fellow travelers are too lazy to produce a budget.

  • Lianne

    Where is his dog?

  • skinner 1157

    what else is new?  he broke his campaign promise years ago about not running if the if budget was not balanced by the end of his first term.

    conrad, dorgan and pomeroy are committed socialists, they lie because socialism is a LIE!
    have a nice day.

    let’s hope our ND RINOS don’t become conrad, dorgam and pomeroy.

  • Ricksmith219

    Is it hypocritical for Conrad to bemoan the offshore tax havens while he and his fellow Dems did nothing to close these tax haven in 2009 when they had a filibuster proof Senate, a significant majority in the House, and the White House?

  • fredlave

    Conrad never represented North Dakota. He’s a political opportunist who has run out of string. It’s good he’ll be gone in nine months; just pray North Dakotans don’t send Heidi to take his place.