Boston Bombers And Family Received $100,000 In Welfare Benefits


I’m a little underwhelmed about this story. We’re talking about $100,000 spread over a decade, so that amounts to $10,000 per year for multiple people.

That’s not much. We’ll spend far more on paying Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense lawyer to help him avoid the death penalty. But still, the optics of terrorists living in America at the expense of the taxpayers is politically toxic.

The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012, the Herald has learned.

“The breadth of the benefits the family was receiving was stunning,” said a person with knowledge of documents handed over to a legislative committee today…

“I can assure members of the public that this committee will actively review every single piece of information we can find because clearly the public has a substantial right to know what benefits, if any, this family or individuals accused of some horrific crimes were receiving,” said state Rep. David Linsky (D-Natick), the committee’s chairman.

I’m less worried about the role of welfare in this particular case than I am with the role of welfare in creating a permanent class of government dependents. Such a thing is fertile ground for domestic unrest, if not necessarily outright extremism.

I look at the European nations that are in fiscal crisis – that have literally spent everything and are forced to turn to austerity to make ends meet – and we see protests in the streets, many times violent, from people outraged at the idea of being more independent and less dependent on the government.

The fact that the Boston bombers were on welfare is little more than coincidence. I don’t think slashing welfare programs would really accomplish anything in terms of anti-terror policy.

But there is something to be said about the dangers of creating a welfare class in general.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • The Whistler

    You missed the point. Welfare creates and nourishes many types of bad behavior. In this case rather than create run of the mill criminals it enabled these terrorists to do their thing.

    Add this to the crime and more self destructive behaviors we already knew about.

    • $8194357

      Communism….or Wahhabi supremacism…
      Ideologies both with one hiding behind a false religion.

      The world is our oyster infidel…Pay the jizya or die…..

      McClean, Virginia, provides one of the most prestigious and desired communities for Congressmen, diplomats, government employees, and…“victims of domestic servitude”. Yes, slaves–just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC.
      The rescue of two women from the Philippines, who were reportedly being used as domestic slaves, took place at a villa owned by the Saudi Armed Forces Office. Used to house its defense attaché, the home was the site for a “sting” after a tip to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It ended with one woman reportedly trying to escape by squeezing through a gap in the front gate as it was closing. The compound is made up of three security gates, a guard shack and security staff on foot patrol, and is owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to Fairfax County real estate records.
      Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) said Saudi Arabia has been faulted in the past for abuse of a special visa program that allows foreign diplomats to bring household workers into the United States. “They bring them in; they work them seven days a week; they take their passports away,” Wolf said. “There could be hundreds of people brought to this country and placed in involuntary servitude, essentially as
      slaves, either for domestic help or as a sex slave,” Wolf told website WTOP. “We should tell those people they have to leave the country and I think the State Department ought to make it clear to the Saudi government that this must never happen again, period.”

  • kevindf

    It’s all part of the plan to destroy this country from within.

  • Say It

    So when are the gov’t officials who gave these terrorists entitlements, going to be charged with adiding/ abetting terrorism?

  • Capt.America

    I’m sure the Muslim Marxist president has sent him a “get well” soon card along with congratulations on killing and maiming Americans, with the death of only one Muslim.

  • SigFan

    So the taxpayers footed part of the bill for these terrorists to live here long enough to learn to hate America and hatch a plot to kill or maim a bunch of people who paid a portion of that bill. But we really don’t have an immigration and welfare problem – right?

  • toppr8

    America as we know it cannot continue to survive. This issue is one that is at the heart our demise. What is going to be done. Legislation and the executive branch of the govt. aren’t keeping it from progressing, so who will! God Bless Amercia….whats left of it!

  • Stuart

    Was discussing ETB’s with a friend. The investigation pulled up some interesting evidence. It claimed more fraud then what the Obama Administration was reporting. Way more. Like 1% the O Administration repoted to around 20% found in a secret investigation. Hope these differences don’t mean or are an indicator of how far we are debt. 17 Trillion is enough don’t you agree? Fraud depended on votes.

    • borborygmi

      documentation to support? Secret Investigation performed by Whom?

      • $8194357

        Can’t you liberals just go on “your feelings” when it comes to a point ya don’t believe like ya do with democrat false moral causes?

  • Spartacus

    State sponsored terrorists.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    wanna bet they also voted for obama

    • borborygmi

      buying those votes.

    • Saggin Gin

      I be vote fo obama he a sexy man

      • Anon

        Stfu crack head

  • borborygmi

    A law that states whether refugee or not to immigrate you have to have a way of supporting yourself and your family? Cut down immigration. Refugees would have to find another place to live or die trying but we wouldn’t have to worry about ” role of welfare in creating a permanent class of government dependents. Such a thing is fertile ground for domestic unrest, if not necessarily outright extremism.”

  • Hal801

    If they weren’t on welfare and had to get a job maybe the dead terrorist wouldn’t have had time for a 6 month radicalization period in Chechnya.

  • LastBestHope

    This is a cover story. Yes, they got some welfare but that doesn’t explain the travel and lifestyle. These boys were being paid by a foreign entity. They were part of a terror cell. The Russians knew about them and passed the info to US in 2011. The older bomber going to Russia in 2012 was for training and further indoctrination. The FBI and DHS dropped the ball.

    As with Fast & Furious & Benghazi, the truth is being hidden for political reasons. But in time, people who know will talk.

    • LastBestHope

      UPDATE: Russians had him under surveillance but the FBI didn’t ??

      AKHACHKALA, Russia (AP) — Russian agents placed the elder Boston bombing suspect under surveillance during a six-month visit to southern Russia last year, then scrambled to find him when he suddenly disappeared after police killed a Canadian jihadist, a security official told The Associated Press.

      US law enforcement officials have been trying to determine whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev was indoctrinated or trained by militants during his visit to Dagestan, a Caspian Sea province that has become the center of a simmering Islamic insurgency.

      The security official with the Anti-Extremism Center, a federal agency under Russia’s Interior Ministry, confirmed the Russians shared their concerns. He told the AP that Russian agents were watching Tsarnaev, and that they searched for him when he disappeared two days after the July 2012 death of the Canadian man, who had joined the Islamic insurgency in the region. The official spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media.

      Security officials suspected ties between Tsarnaev and the Canadian — an ethnic Russian named William Plotnikov — according to the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, which is known for its independence and investigative reporting and cited an unnamed official with the Anti-Extremism Center, which tracks militants. The newspaper said the men had social networking ties that brought Tsarnaev to the attention of Russian security services for the first time in late 2010.

      • The Whistler

        The FBI was busy infiltrating the Tea Party looking for bombers.

      • two_last_hopes

        Another Canadian Jihadist? We really need to put a wall up between Canada and the USA, this is a very dangerous gap in security Bush left behind.

    • $16179444

      yeah, but whose got time to go over info like that when the golf course beckons and beyonce is in town?

    • LastBestHope

      « Breaking News »
      Boston Bombers’ three alleged associates detained

      DEBKAfile May 1, 2013, 6:56 PM (GMT+02:00)
      Boston police have taken into custody three more suspects in the Marathon bombing by two brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in which three people were killed and 170 injured. They promised Wednesday to release more details. The authorities say they have expanded their investigation and are interested in finding out more about nearly a dozen “persons of interest.” This contradicts the earlier official investigation’s insistence that the brothers acted alone. DEBKAfile reported straight after the deadly attack that the two bombers must have had acomplices.

  • Saggin Gin

    Me an my 6 kids get all kind a free money an house. Dat dont make me wanna blow sum sheet up. I luvs me sum free stuff….gim me gim me gim ma free stuf

  • two_amber_radical_wingnuts62

    This is clearly a reason for outright extremism, as Rob suggested.

    Can you imagine if anyone in the KKK received welfare? It’s a good thing we know that never happens.

    I’ll also bet not a single murderer has been on public assistance. That would be another justifiable cause for a right wing extremist response.

    • $16179444

      $100K in welfare benefits and driving a Mercedes and no one stepped in to do anything? yeah, that sure reeks of a ‘right ring extremist’ response

      • two_amber_radical_wingnuts62

        You’re right, the government should have stepped in and taken an inventory of their belongings or confiscated their stuff, because you guys love liberty and the constitution and small government.

        • JoeMN

          So limited government means big time entitlements, but with NO means to investigate abuse ?

          • two_welfare_checks

            What abuse? Where’s the abuse? There was 10k a year for multiple people. They drove a beat up Benz.

            Born is an idiot.

          • JoeMN

            Too stupid to check.

            Spending their free time plotting a terrorist attack while on public assistance ?
            This is not abuse ?

          • $16179444

            I’m the idiot yet you support Obama. If that isn’t the height of irony, nothing is. I guess just because tons of foreign intel agencies told us they were terrorist, we had them attending radical mosques, we had family members warning us about them, we had agents telling us they were an issue, and they had all kinds of hate and threats plastered over a bunch of social sites doesn’t mean we can just assume they were terrorists. / sarc

        • $16179444

          lets just stop at ‘You’re right’ and move on…after that anything you tried to say was so off base and lame it doesn’t warrant further comment.

  • $8194357

    Just one big happy jihadist family, huh….

    Infiltrated? You bet your life.
    it reminds me of the Hezb’allah spy married to a State department official.

    Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official May 3, 2013 by creeping Shhhh. via Daniel Hopsicker’s Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official

    The uncle of the two suspected Boston bombers in last week’s attack, Ruslan Tsarni, was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller

    The discovery that Uncle Ruslan Tsarni had spy connections that go far deeper than had been previously known is ironic, especially since the mainstrean media’s focus yesterday was on a feverish search to find who might have recruited the Tsarnaev brothers.

    Ruslan Tsarni married the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller, who spent 20 years as operations officer in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. In 1982 Fuller was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at the CIA, and in 1986, under Ronald Reagan, he became the Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, with overall responsibility for national level strategic forecasting.

    • joe

      hi guys, yes all of your comments are valid and relervent.
      the concern i have is the photo used for the story was released by the fbi.
      if i may draw your attention away from the issue for a few minuties.
      a series of photos 4 to be exact of the same content have been released by the fbi.
      the photos contain the accussed brothers and spectators with different positions.
      the photos are stills we are told that where taken from vidio footage about the time of the first explosion.
      please take 5 min to search youtube for the vidio and you may discover that our eyes may fool us
      on occasion. to those injured may your recovery be swift and those killed rest in peace.
      thanks joe