Biden To Heidi Heitkamp: “Spread Your Legs, You’re Gonna Be Frisked”


Who knew that Heidi Heitkamp’s swearing-in ceremony in the Senate today would have a “war on women” moment.

You’ve got to hand it to Joe Biden. He certainly has a way of making these things…memorable.

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  • RCND

    You stay classy Sheriff Joe!

    • borborygmi


      • ellinas1

        Hello harpy.

  • yy4u2

    Double standards as usual. If a conservative would have said that, done. As well, some loony left wing attorney would have jumped on that as some sort of sexual harassment suit. The party of pathetic continues.

    • camsaure

      Right, where is Gloria All red.

    • borborygmi

      You are right the usual Conservative response is to make fun a womans looks.
      That didn’t happe…….oh wait I didn’t read below, or above, Clarence figures she is a man, two ambers (also staying classy) calls her a dog, bull dog in fact, Fremdsschamen ” I am guessing that isn’t a compliment.

      • Rob

        Not that I’m going to defend people making fun of Heidi’s looks, it’s mean spirited and unnecessary, but please borby go sell your sanctimonious attitude somewhere else.

        The left has just as many assholes as the right. Heidi’s own brother likes making fat jokes at my expense.

        • borborygmi

          Not sanctimonious, just like to point out the double standards of the sanctimonious Conservatives. Balance, My yin to your Yang.
          JOel calling someone fat is the pot calling the kettle black.

  • What?

    What did she mean by, “I’m taking you up on your offer”? She’s going to spread her legs and be frisked by Biden?

    • Rob

      I’m choosing not to think about that part.

      • two_amber_lamps

        The only creature who’d wanna frisk that bulldog is our resident zooerast, Comrade Ellinasty…

        • ellinas1

          Happy New Year, harpy.

          • two_amber_lamps

            My mistake, Heitkamp despite being butt ugly is still female… therefore you wouldn’t touch her with a 10 ft. pole…

            “but everybody knows who post’s under the moniker ellinas1″

            Q: That would be a pederast with homosexual tendency?

            Ellinas: “My point exactly.


    • borborygmi

      nope she is going to do the frisking

  • tom

    This has to be a left wing conspiracy to torture us with Heidi linked to “frisky leg spreads” for the next 6 yrs! :)

  • The Whistler

    Remember how uptight Heidi’s crew got when some private guy bought a few radio ads that went Baracko-Heidi Ho……

    • Rob

      Yeah, well, that was different. That was a Republican, and they needed to make political hay.

      • The Whistler

        Oh, sorry I brought it up.

  • Chris Brownell

    He, Joe Biden, reminds me of Bob Packwood, and Gary Hart.

    • sbark

      nah……….more like what Clinton, the porn star, would think, but at least he was smart enough to say where it wasnt recorded.
      …….or maybe a Kennedy…….but Teddy always got “rid” of the evidence.

    • Bat One

      Neither Packwood nor Hart was as dumb, or as much a buffoon, as Biden.

    • DWHoover

      Reminds me of an old joke. Ted Kennedy, Bob Packwood, and Dan Quayle are in a spelling bee. Who wins. Dan Quayle. He is the only one who knew “harass” was only one word.

  • Roy_Bean

    I’m sure the outrage will follow shortly.

  • Clarence A. Herz

    Was that Heidi’s wife in the suit?

    • Game

      Yea, how could anybody think people like you are unfair to women? The GOP war on women is a big fraud, right?

  • RCND
  • dakotacyr

    What a bunch of hooey! He was talking to Dr. Lange, not Heidi, and it was in response to the camera telling him to drop his hands. Biden made a joke to Lange, not Sen. Heitkamp.

    But never let the truth get in your way, Port!

    • Rob

      I think the video depicts it accurately.

      If a republican has said it you libs would be calling it a hate crime.

      • Dakotacyr

        Oh,lease, you get so overwrought? You just can’t get over the fact that she beat Berg and he is gone, gone, gone and she is there is a loooooonnnng six years. Yippee!

        • Rob

          I actually take a great deal of solace in the fact that she barely held on to a Senate seat that Conrad won with more than 60% of the vote six years ago.

          Yeah, she’s there for a long time, and that’s not great but the trend in ND is away from you libs.

          • borborygmi

            Spin Top Master Rob Spin.

          • Rob

            I’m sorry, what part of my comment want factual?

          • borborygmi

            totally factual, more so then your Headline. She won, she won in a red state, she won despite your best efforts, she won despite Roves best efforts. You keep trying to find solace Rob. This is going to eat at you all year long……. As far the Headline goes he wasn’t speaking to Heidi even. He was speaking to the guy. She made fun of Heidi being from ND, and the frisking. Hey you Blog and you apparently have to skew things or make things controversial add innuendo to stimulate conversation. I will keep calling you on it.

          • Dakotacyr

            Really, taking solace in getting beat is all that you have. actually one election, does not a trend make in Congress. A trend would have been if Berg had actually won making two congressional elections in a row.

            The fact remains that with Heitkamp being outspent, she beat the multi-millionaire and no amount of busing oil workers to the polls by Halliburton helped Berg. But take all the solace you need, you lost a major seat!

      • borborygmi

        Um you listened to this? They ask him to put his arms to the sides, Biden makes a comment about being frisked and then talked to Heidi making fun of her being from North Dakota. Shocker:Rob Port Creates Another False Headline. New Year same old Rob.

        • Rob

          What part of the headline was false?

          I mean, the video is right there, and you’re just going to make up an alternate version?

          • Dakotacyr

            Perhaps you should actually watch the entire video and actually look at whom Biden is talking to. I know you just can’t get over that you lost the big one, but the tape does speak for itself and once again, you just make stuff up.

      • borborygmi

        Funny Laura Ingram also said the the frisking statement was directed towards Heidi’s husband. Rob’s hatred for Heidi blinds him

        • Hal736

          Heidi Heitkamps husband? Cryer says is was about a Dr. Lange. Was Mr. Heitkamp even at the swearing in ceremony?

        • borborygmi

          I am sorry I just repeated what she said. I have no idea who the gentleman was.

        • slackwarerobert

          So biden hates gays then?

  • matthew_bosch


  • Artie

    Heidi spreading her legs? Fighting…gag…reflex…

  • ellinas1

    A fair and impartial person would be able to discern the truth.
    In this case Mr. Port and his acolytes are neither fair nor impartial.
    Mr. Joe was not speaking to Heidi when he suggested frisking.

  • slackwarerobert

    Well at least he didn’t suggest chaining her to the bed as well.
    Biden’s motorcade has killed twice as many people as ted kennedy so far.

  • code4blue

    EEEEEWWWWW GGGRRROOOOSSSS!!! Just hearing bidens name makes you want to puke!

  • slackwarerobert

    Maybe biden already frisked hilery, and that is why they had to knock her on the head?