Bette Grande To Announce US House Campaign Tomorrow

Well, to be specific, Grande has sent out a press release indicating an “important announcement” to take place in her home town of Williston tomorrow, and it’s pretty clear she’s running for the House.

Which is news we broke here on SAB last week.

WILLISTON, ND – State Rep. Bette Grande, a Fargo-area legislator, will be making an “important announcement” tomorrow in her home town of Williston, ND.

The announcement will take place at 10:00am at the Badlands Steel Company.

Grande’s choice of venue for the announcement is interesting. I don’t know anything about the Badlands Steel Company, but Williston is the heart of North Dakota’s oil boom. It’s also in western North Dakota, which trends much more conservative than eastern North Dakokta.

Grande is a very conservative Republican, and is clearly looking to appeal to western conservatives from the western part of the state which is, frankly, driving North Dakota’s economic success.

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  • Lmlucier

    I will support her. She is  true conservative. Very good communicator.

  • Steveengen

    Terrible choice for North Dakota.  Chooses big cities everytime, tried to gut small North Dakota towns while a legislator.  I’ll be voting for Gulleson, and I almost always vote republican.

    • Rob

      No, you don’t almost always vote Republican, and you’re also the same guy who sees nothing wrong with the abuses in the higher education system.

      • Steveengen

        Yeah, and you know how I vote.  You ever been in a booth with me.  I have never voted for a democrat for statewide office.  Not once.  I will this time, because of tea-baggers like you distorting the party from what it should be.

        • intheknow

          RINO Lover!!! 

        • Rob

          You’ve never been a part of the party.  You’re not a Republican.  You’re a consistent Democrat, and always have been.

          I know who you are, and while I guess you could have been voting Republican even as you espoused liberalism, I kind of doubt it.  So please, let’s not play games.

          • Steveengen

             Espousing liberalism.  Nice.  I guess any opinion that isn’t yours is liberalism.  And again, everything boils back to higher ed, even though it has yet to be brought up here, at least by anyone else.  Grind Grind Grind, Porty.

          • Rob

            No, I’m just saying that you’re trying to pass yourself off as a conservative/Republican who is dissatisfied with the party, and that’s simply not factual.  You weren’t a part of the party, and I’d be very surprised if you were actually voting for Republicans.

            But whatever.

    • NDConservative2011

      As a Republican why Gulleson?  Brian Kalk is the best candidate.

      • Rob

        I’d still like Kalk to answer questions about why he was talking to the Dems about running for governor.

    • Jlpierce

      That would be the same as Dorgan. I don’t think that makes alot of sense. Kalk is far the best

  • melissapaulik

    I’m behind Bette 100%. Everytime there’s a vote I care about, I look to see what she did and so far, she’s never done me wrong. I’ve also met her personally and she is a sharp woman who understands the principles this country was founded on.

    • Rob

      I’m excited about Grande’s entrance.  I’m not sure who I’d ultimately vote for, I other candidates may yet get in the race, but I’m enthusiastic about her candidacy so far.

  • Rick Olson

    Well, the race for North Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is wide open.  It’s the first time in decades that there has not been an incumbent Congressman running for re-election to the seat.  Hopefully, both parties will do a good job at vetting potential candidates and that the best possible people will receive the respective endorsements from the Democratic-NPL and Republican parties.  Then following the beauty contest of the June 2012 primary election, the focus will shift to the Nov. 6, 2012 general election.  I have no dog in this fight, so I will be as open minded as possible about who will eventually run. 

  • Rick Olson

    I would say Bette Grande’s got just as much of a shot at it than anyone. My only fear is that she will be tarred with the same brush that some people are trying to tar Al Carlson with over the UND nickname and logo flap. After all, she is his districtmate in the Legislature. The biggest question would be, how good of a name recognition does Bette have outside of Fargo and Cass County? Name recognition, as we’ve come to know, is crucial in a statewide campaign.

    • Rob

      She’s likely got more, as a long-time state legislator who is still in office, than Pam Gulleson does.

  • Rick Olson

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens come the state convention in Bismarck for the GOP’ers.  It looks like I might be getting asked to be a delegate at the GOP convention next spring in Bismarck.  I think I responded to a link to Rick Berg’s campaign which indicated that I would be willing to be a delegate, or something like that.  I know there is a vetting process that the local GOP activists use to eventually get people named as delegates.  So far, I’ve heard from Blair Thoreson about it.  I told him no promises, and it all depends upon my work schedule (retail work can be so unflexible scheduling wise).  I haven’t been vetted for possible service as a delegate since my college days over 20 years ago!!

    • Blair Thoreson

      Anyone who is interested in becoming a delegate to the 2012 NDGOP convention should take the time to reach out to their district chair.  Many times the only ones who are asked are those who’ve participated in the past, but “new blood” is always a good thing!  If you don’t know who your chairperson is, here’s a link to the list on the Republican party website:

      • Rick Olson

        That’s just it. Since I’m not a card-carrying member of the GOP (I’m on their mailing list if that counts) it’s quite possible that I won’t be asked. I live in District 27 and it looks like 27’s going to be split in the redistricting process.  I know the NDGOP has something of a vetting process for potential convention delegates, starting with the precinct caucuses and the district conventions.  Thanks for the info. Blair.