Berg Calls On Heitkamp To Take Down Inaccurate Ad


Rep. Rick Berg today at a press conference called on his opponent, liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp, to take down a radio ad which inaccurately suggests that he’s involved with managing Goldmark Property Management.

As I wrote yesterday, Berg is a part of a company called Goldmark Commercial Real Estate. Goldmark Property Management is a completely separate entity. Some have argued to me that one is the spin-off of another. That’s not the point. The point is that Berg has nothing to do with the management of the company Heitkamp is attacking.

The left has tried to make Goldmark an issue before. The Fargo/Moorhead iteration of the Occupy Wall Street movement attempted a protest at Goldmark Property Management (they also inaccurately tied Berg to the company) earlier this year, but it fizzled when nobody showed up.

This may turn into a real headache for Heitkamp. Such a negative and ugly attack on Berg is, first of all, an indication that all may not be going as well for Heitkamp as her campaign has outwardly indicated. Also, the fact that the ad is blatantly inaccurate is also problematic and, what’s more, while Heitkamp has done everything she can to distance herself from her party which is often seen as hostile to business this ad takes a different tact by singing out a privately-owned business and trashing their record for political gain.

And, again, it wasn’t even the right company.

This was a mistake for Heitkamp.

Update: The Berg campaign just released this timeline in a press release:

Rick Berg does not own GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc. nor has he ever had a management, shareholding, invested interest or even employment with GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc.

Rick Berg was an original incorporator of Midwest Management Company, which started operations in 1982 and was incorporated in 1983.

In 1987, Rick Berg ended his relationship with Midwest Management Company to begin independent work in commercial real estate.

In 1994, Midwest Management Company changed its name to GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc., seven years after Rick Berg ended his relationship with the company.

In 1996, Rick Berg was an original incorporator and founder of GOLDMARK Commercial Corporation.

In 2005, GOLDMARK Commercial Corporation changed its name to GOLDMARK SCHLOSSMAN Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. (GSC). GSC does not rent residential apartments, it does not work with residential residents, nor does it have any ownership interests, fiduciary responsibilities, or legal affiliation with GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc.

In 2011, Rick Berg ended his ownership and management involvement with GOLDMARK SCHLOSSMAN Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. to focus on his legislative duties.

There is not currently, nor has there ever been, a holding company relationship or “parent/child” relationship between GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc. and GOLDMARK SCHLOSSMAN Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. These are completely separate entities with separate tax ID numbers and there exists no subsidiary relationship.

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  • Jay

    This could be the turning point in the campaign. It makes Heidi look petty and dishonest.

    • NDConservative2011

      She “IS” petty and dishonest, and after catching sibling Joel a couple times on the radio, it appears it runs in the family.

  • headward

    This isn’t even coming from a PAC but from her own campaign. Slander suites from berg and the business can and should be filed.

  • robertfrost

    While it’s good that Rob has correctly flushed out the distinction here, this likely won’t be as damaging to the Heitkamp campaign as one would think. Many people associate Rick Berg with Goldmark, period.

    • Rob

      But it is an inaccurate association.

      • robertfrost

        I understand that. But it’s hard to defeat inaccurate associations. Berg should probably run an ad confronting Heidi on the claim. That would be the best move.

    • Roy_Bean

      That has been a democrat method of operation for years. Facts mean nothing. Just tell a lie and repeat it until people believe.

      And now I guess I can’t do play by play for NDSU either.

  • Truther

    A seperate entity that uses the same post office box????

    • Rob

      Which means exactly nothing.

      Berg has nothing to do with Goldmark Property Management.

  • $8194357

    The Harry Ried attacks are getting personal huh?
    Class warfare and all..
    That ole gal saying Bergs worth 24 million and the
    “voice” in another add talking about
    Berg being ” one of the richest congressmen”..
    good ole marxist leftist divide and conqure rhetoric.

    • Willy Lepinkroder

      Love the class warfare jazz, that is what you call it when the rich are asked to pay their share? Ten points toward a sprinneroo T shirt from Rob

      • $8194357

        suck puppet

  • grandma

    This is like the lies that Harry Ried is telling, Heidi is sounding sad in her ads. I wonder how much money she and her Dr. husband has, if she is so worried about the elderly lady on her ad about Berg and Medicare,how much free medical care her husband gave her.

  • Fedup

    Just goes to show that Heitkamp will say or do anything to get elected , even if its supporting the EPA in there bid to bankrupt the coal industry.

  • philgray

    Rob…not the gadfly…I want to apologize for my rants about the philgay person impersonating me….I have decided I need to avoid this site due to the statements I have made and philgay has made in impersonating me.
    I do consider it sexual harassment at best what this so-called blog site allows a person to used a fictious name to post.
    It would be must more honorable website if people were forced to use real information including names if possible, in order to promote proper dialogue
    I lost my temper and Rob I am sorry….I will see you in the coming years, and we may have disagreements of sorts, but only verbal confrontations in person seem to be the way to go in this day and age.
    Someday soon, I see a blog site where true person’s comment are that person.
    I am somewhat embarassed, but if people who know me have called me today saying I was making physical threats, which is not the case…
    I will talk to a person in person, everyone here knows where I live, and I will admit to being “pushed” into reactions by name calling and the sort…
    I hope this is acceptable to those who still go here, but I would advise strongly to avoid sites like this, meant to just basically tick people off enough to comment, then another comment, then another…
    I feel that nothing positive is being accomplished here and for my own personal health and wealth, I need a break from those types….
    I think i will go fishing or a walk, or get ready for Bambi and pheasant hunting and the like……
    Think that would be a better use of one’s time
    Take care Rob and others, hope you can find some other people types to denigrate into depressionary fits of rage regarding personal attacks and name calling…
    I will be a bigger man and walk away from this….it is childish and I need to grow up and use my wits better.

    • Rob

      You absolutely were making personal threats and generally behaving like a child.

      • borborygmi

        And now those threats are permanent.

  • PhilGay

    WOW! Heidi & her angry red-headed brother are big fat liars. Will Rick sue Joel & KFGO as he has spread those vicious lies on air?

  • The Whistler

    So Heidi Heitkamp is a complete idiot then.

  • Dustin Gawrylow

    Berg is playing right into her hands by letting them make Goldmark his Bain Capital. Maybe this will get those stupid Berg/NRSC ads talking about how great Heidi is off the air.

    • Jay

      Bain Capital didn’t hurt Romney, and there seems to be no problem with Golfmark’s business. How exactly is Berg “playing right into her hands”? It looks to me as if she’s fishing for an issue and not handling it very well.

  • borborygmi

    She should yank it. I wish all inaccurate ads would be pulled ,sigh, not going to happen. Tv might be worth watching with 95% of the ads gone. Eventually these ads lose effectiveness and become an irritant.

  • Albert Lickenspittle

    Berg the lying sack of Republican dung has a lot of audacity. Berg has adds that lie by the mile

  • headsupeople

    For a guy who isn’t working there why did he have an office there all through the 90’s?? And yes he was a crappy land lord. Shady shady shady