Are We Really Debating An Unscripted Sip Of Water During A Political Speech?


Last night, while delivering the GOP’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Senator Marco Rubio took an unscripted sip of water. Now the political press is calling it “watergate” (not to be confused with the Nixon-era scandal which is the origin of the ubiquitous “-gate” suffix for political scandals).

The hyperventilating over something as inconsequential as taking a drink of water may be the best evidence yet of just how frivolous our political media has become.

Here’s Senator Rubio laughing it off on Good Morning America this morning. “God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human,” he said.

That a case of dry mouth, and a sip of water, could overshadow what Senator Rubio actually said during his response is a symbol for everything that’s wrong with politics, and political journalism, in America.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • realitybasedbob

    I think at just that moment, he realized he voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

    Can’t really fault the kid for getting nervous.

    • flamemeister

      Nah … he’s just concerned about getting droned.

      • WOOF

        Droned ? They want Humpty on that wall. Not ready for prime time.

        • donwalk

          Water Boarding bad-d-d-d!

          Murder by Droning good-d-d-d–d!

    • Rob

      Well, given that the Violence Against Women Act contains unconstitutional provisions which put in jeopardy the due process rights of non-tribal members accused of crimes in tribal courts, he was right to vote against it.

      Why do you hate fair and impartial trials?

      • Matthew Hawkins

        The Supreme Court seems to think that Tribal Courts are Constitutional with Congressional mandate. Why don’t you read Oliphant v. Suquamish Indian Tribe, 435 U.S. 191 (1978).

  • Steve Michel
  • Roy_Bean

    In typical democrat fashion, when the message scares the hell out of them they attack the messenger. Look for them to find a way to slander Dr. Carson next.

    • matthew_bosch

      If we are play by their uncivil rules, anyone with anything negative to say about Sen. Rubio and Dr. Carson is an obvious racist and needs to be discredited.

  • Thresherman

    Well talking about Obama lying about 2.5 trillion in deficit reduction, doubling of gas mileage, Obamacare reducing medical spending and job creation would be frivolous. We now expect the POTUS to make bald faced lie after bald faced lie to the nation and the media to swoon over how wonderfully he does it.

  • Neiman

    Republicans just do not get it, appearances and images are everything in our sound bite, movie star generation. What Democrats could get by with, Republicans cannot, because they refuse to get up to speed on the importance of image and staging. I like Rubio a lot, but he was not prepared to be on camera and deliver his lines smoothly and professionally, the GOP cannot shoot straight when it comes to communications.The last man the GOP fielded that could present an image and deliver his lines was Reagan, an actor.

    Stop blaming everyone when the GOP looks and sounds foolish, the GOP better grow the hell up and get in the game. Rubio should have been rehearsed, if not in the actual lines because they may have been last minute, but rehearsed in style and presentation.

    • WOOF

      MarcoRubio has been working/rehearsing this speech since at least Feb 6, when he announced he was the ONE.

      • Neiman


        • borborygmi

          Scarier if he hadn’t rehearsed given the fiascos from the last responses.

      • donwalk

        Five straight years of rehearsed speech’s on the State of the Union now. When does the public get to see some real improvements?

      • guest

        How long do you think (I know that’s hard for you) that obama was working/rehearsing his speech before he read it off the teleprompter?

    • camsaure

      That is because conservatives have little interest in everything being based on a lie as do the libs.

      • Neiman

        It is NOT a lie to improve the image and communication skills to better convey the message, but your attitude explains a lot about GOP failures, an absolute, stubborn refusal to see that a new way of communicating is required to get the message across. But, admit it, if the peons are too stupid to appreciate the GOP fiscally conservative message – to hell with them, right?

  • borborygmi

    petty and silly. He had a dry mouth and you could tell that. Let him take a sip of water. He was way better then Jindahl channeling Mr. Rogers. I do believe he will be the first hispanic President.

    • flamemeister

      Did the Founding Fathers have any Hispanic slaves? What’s the white track record on Hispanic discrimination? We gotta cobble up a competitive guilt-trip. Fair & balanced. Sit back with a Dos Equis and laugh.

      Leroy: “The whites are guiltier about us!”
      José: “They are guiltier about US!!”

  • ND Observer

    This is a standard liberal, Democratic tactic – when the messenger has a strong message, concentrate on some frivolous issue to take the attention away from the substance. The Liberal Media loves to deflect off the real problems like trillions in debt, $16 T deficit, high unemployment for 5 years, Benghazi incompetence, and Democratic scandal. Marco Rubio’s message last night was terrific. The Media does not dare report on it.

    • Matthew Hawkins

      This is a standard political trick. Don’t pretend you would not do the same thing to Obama.

      • donwalk

        Conservatives don’t have to use your standard political trick. Obama’s road map to economic improvement is enough. The public always ends up back at the starting point and Obama gives the same speech again.
        If Obama can create jobs in this term WITHOUT increasing the deficit, then why didn’t he do it during his first term?

        • camsaure

          M Hawkins thinks everyone thinks at his extremely juvenile level as he sets out to prove daily. (all the while claiming to be a lawyer, would anyone seriously hire such a fool to represent them?)

  • sbark

    If they “decide” to highlight it via Sat Nite Live……..that is when it becomes the truth to the left……..
    There are still idiots on the Left that beleive Tina Fey’s “I can see Russia” spoof was actually said by Palin…..

  • flamemeister

    Maybe he threw up after listening to the SOTU address. I know I nearly did. You get a bad taste in your mouth after listening to the POS, whether you puke or not.

  • bubba


    Where’s the debate? My PI work shows the dude took a serious drink of water during his response. Dude needed a drink of water. I even followed his instagram, saw him drinking water.

  • awfulorv

    Hold on now! These Mothers of Necessity may have uncovered an area of job growth, perhaps the only one that can be, honestly, credited to liberal policy, heretofore overlooked.
    Seems to me that job seekers will be flooding the outer offices of the Word-Smith profession soon, if they haven’t already.
    Just this past week we’ve seen two words which will definitely need replacing.
    It’s obvious that petty, as in drink of water, will no longer suffice. And disgruntled, as in former LA cop, appears not quite up to the task, either.

    Other than these two and, Without undue exertion, many more words, which inadequately describe the shambles that American society has become, easily come to mind.

    The effort will cause one to wince though, as each sullied, yet, formerly, quite adequate word, comes to mind. Brave New World is it? You can have it…

    • awfulorv

      Here’s two more words for the list, freed, as in being recently unshackled, and slave, as in not bein pade for woik.

      • awfulorv

        Shame on me, I forgot Lee, as in not quite clear about anything…

  • awfulorv

    This sip of water incident is to a debate, as baby talk is to the Gettysburg Address…