Are Gay Republican Groups Getting Traction In The GOP?


At PJ Media, Jordan Michael Smith writes about what seems to be a major shift in the Republican party when it comes to attitudes about gays:

Analysts, pollsters, and Republican insiders believe that the GOP will have to formulate more gay-friendly policies in order to attract a younger generation that is familiar and comfortable with homosexuals. “Young people today have never not known gay people,” says Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud. While older Americans were taught to see gays as deviant and dangerous, few of their grandchildren feel the same way. “The older folks are quite literally dying off,” he said.

No less a figure than former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has agreed. “It is in every family. … It is in every community,” he said. “The momentum is clearly now in the direction in finding some way to … accommodate and deal with reality. And the reality is going to be that in a number of American states — and it will be more after 2014 — gay relationships will be legal, period.”

What made Gingrich’s acknowledgement remarkable was that he has a record of deep hostility to the gay community. In December, Gingrich told a gay man during a campaign that he should simply vote for President Barack Obama. “The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors, but they are a fundamental violation of our civilization,” said Gingrich earlier in 2012.

And yet, Log Cabin and similar groups acknowledge that countering the strong social conservative wing of the Republican Party will not be easy. “Certainly it’s a vocal wing, but historically a big tent party,” says Greg Angelo, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans. “Republicans win when they emphasize the core ideas of the party: low taxes and strong defense, among other things. They lose with traditional social conservatism.” LaSalvia agrees: “Demonizing gays hurts us with everyone; we need to marginalize that small group of bigots that frankly does exist.”

I’ve been writing about the need for this shift in attitudes among Republicans for some time now. In fact, I’ve never quite understood how state licensing on marriage, state restrictions on the liberty of religious organizations to bless which unions they wish, is in keeping with notions about limited government.

It is difficult for many, especially among the younger generations of Americans, to understand how Republicans can be the party of individual liberty while simultaneously opposing equal treatment under the law for individuals who happen to be homosexual.

The vocal socially conservative wing of the party would argue about the destruction of morality and values that would come with state blessings for gay marriage, but why should that fight be waged in the arena of public policy? Shouldn’t that be an argument for citizens to settle in their churches and other social organizations? Of course, the problem is that the social conservatives are losing the fight. Like it or not, homosexuality is out in the open. Gay marriage is happening in an ever-increasing number of states.

It’s time for Republicans to privatize the gay marriage issue.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Artie

    Because perverts are okay as long as they’re the right kind of perverts.

    Just as a matter of interest, the idea of pedophilia as a sexual orientation is gaining traction in the mental health community. There may not be any cause and effect relationship between the two, but social scientists are saying “we were wrong about homosexuality, maybe we’re wrong about pedophilia too.”

    This was predictable.

    • Rob

      I don’t see how homosexuality is a perversion, or in any way related to pedophilia.

      • HG

        Perversion is a concept describing those types of human behavior that deviate from that which is understood to be orthodox or normal. – Wikipedia

        The fact that only 2% of the population is said to be homosexual means it is not any sort of normal. What is becoming more of a norm are attitudes towards homosexuality, not homosexuality itself.

        • Snarkie

          Art thou quoting Hitler? Or Stalin?

      • Artie

        Perhaps not a cause and effect relationship. I was only pointing out that some liberal researchers are using changing attitudes about homosexuality as a basis of comparison to attitudes about pedophilia.

        Here’s the article:

      • awfulorv

        Who were those males, then, who would, under the mantle of darkness, surreptitiously slide into the seat next to me during my, youthful, movie going days? And was that hand touching my knee simply a new, more intimate, form of greeting, which I mistook for something strange and, unwanted? Show after show these creeps caused me to take a seat down front, where the light was more luminous and, apparently, diminished their ardor. How do homosexuals court their swains these days? Do they ring the front door bell, and shyly stand, with posies in hand, till their date’s mother announces their arrival? Or do they still persist in their sordid attempts to pick up young boys in darkened theaters? And, if so, why do Gays still resort to those forms of base behavior, since their lifestyle has come to be, with immense lifting by all forms of media, so well accepted?

      • sbark

        …….no relation to pedophila in any way……..

        Dead wrong, a major push is already on full bore…..the Left never sleeps

        From 24/7 today…..the UK Guardian has a story today that essentially quotes a bunch of college academics who’ve studied it and said there’s really nothing wrong with pedophilia. It’s just another sexual orientation. In fact, it may be safer for children when it’s engaged in knowingly and accepted. Children love it, the adults love it, and if there’s love involved, what can be wrong? I’m not making this up. We’ll link to the story at You can read it yourself. I was made aware of it by a contributor at National Review, Wesley J. Smith……… societies can’t survive when stuff like this becomes normal. But you’ve got some official psychiatric groups that are endorsing it as normal. And the only thing wrong with pedophilia is the bigoted attitude towards it, is the point of the story in the UK Guardian, which is left wing, but it’s not a fringe publication, it’s a mainstream publication in Great Britain.
        UK Guardian: Paedophilia: Bringing Dark Desires To Light

        National Review: Normalizing Pedophilia – Wesley J. Smith


    • Neiman

      You are right and Rob is wrong. There is a direct link between pedophilia and homosexuality; both rightly in times past were forms of mental illness and too disgusting to talk about in polite company. But, gays have created this atmosphere wherein their gross sexual deviancy, a violation against natural law and disobedience to God, is being widely accepted NOW as normal, while we know in our hearts it is still debauchery. In a similar way we have punished pedophilia as a gross immoral failure, mental disease and a crime; but that too is causing less and less revulsion, we see it by the growing number of cases of adults using children as sexual prey and it too, as our moral standards are lowered, will become acceptable.

      Rob wants the GOP to be a part of this great moral decay of America, he wants like Democrats to spit in the eyes of those millions of brave men and women that fought and many died for a moral and good America. Well we are no longer good and no longer deserve to be great and the GOP is now prepared to walk hand -in-hand with Democrats in destroying America.

  • HG

    It’s time for people to face the issue honestly. There is no unequal treatment under the law by marriage remaining the union of a man and a woman. That argument has no merit whatsoever. This fact isn’t even challenged, much less debated. Instead, “equality” is just repeated ad nauseam much like other key terms like homophobe, hater, racist, bigot, etc., etc. Repeat a lie long enough…..
    Embracing homosexuals within conservatism doesn’t require conservatives to abandon principled positions. That isn’t conservative, it’s surrender. It is however very liberal and libertarian. Conservatives not only believe in limited gov’t, but in the foundation of healthy societies and the fundamental and essential role of natural order.
    It’s time for an honest debate on this issue.

  • youngGOP

    As a college aged republican student, there is no issue that gives me greater disdain for the party than its stand on gay rights. The posts below are incredibly tasteless and I cannot immagine these people saying these things to an openly gay family member.

    • HG

      Please feel free to point out the distasteful in my post below. And please explain just what specifically you disdain about the party’s stand on gay rights.

    • Artie

      Homosexuality and same gender marriage have nothing to do with “rights” or “equality.” Those are simply buzzwords to inspire sympathy to their cause. After all, who in their right mind will oppose such noble principles?

      Those on the left are masters of this language manipulation. Gay used to mean happy until the homosexuals hijacked the word and used it to describe their deviant behavior. Another example is the Affordable Health Care Act, which in reality has nothing to do with affordability. The examples are endless.

      There is no “right” for anyone to get married, straight or gay. We can take the government out of the marriage equation but that leads to a host of other thorny legal issues.

      It’s still a relatively free country. Support homosexuality all you want, but don’t expect a majority of conservatives to agree with you.

  • Neiman

    I shall never forget the German after WW-II saying that, the German people went along with the Nazi’s in order to survive, whereupon the Judge asked, “Survive as what?” Survive as people that slaughtered over 6 million Jews and a few million other folk, as most German people gave up their liberty and lived in fear to survive. SURVIVE AS WHAT?

    To Rob and an increasing number of Republicans it is just that stark, they want to survive and win their little economic battles, but they are doing it at the cost of liberty, at the cost of the moral soul of America, at the cost of millions of babies slaughtered, at the cost of sexual perversions gaining acceptance and their children growing up in a moral sewer. Survive as what, immoral, murderous conservative Democrats?

    I must also comment on how Rob and a growing number of Democrats are anxious to throw old people under the bus, they cannot wait for the people that defeated Germany and Japan and the Soviet Union to die off, because they are damn tired of hearing about moral values, about decency and honor – it is a foreign concept to them.

    It is good the Constitution is dying, it was said by one of our founding fathers that it could only rule a religious/moral people and Rob and a fast growing number of Republicans are like Democrats, no longer a moral people, they have become degenerates and so they find no discomfort walking with sexual deviants.

    God said this hour would come on the whole earth and then destruction.

  • SigFan

    For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?

    Losing the worldly battle is going to be painful – losing your soul is going to be eternally painful. I know which one I’ll choose.

    • Neiman


  • HG

    Maybe some here would like to explain how it is that in states where marriage has been redefined to accommodate so very few, religious liberty has declined for so very many? When businesses have to shut down to avoid lawsuits or spend their profits defending their refusal to participate in same-sex unions, you’ve forced constitutional liberty to take a back seat to a new found civil right. Now just how fair and equitable is that?

  • Snarkie

    Dying off. Dying off. Dying off. DYING. OFF.