America’s Most Stressed Out Generation


According to the American Psychological Association, America’s younger generations are the most stressed:

“Millennials,” those aged 18-33, are the most stressed-out generation in the country, according to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey. The results were discussed at a press conference on Thursday.

1 in 2 College Graduates are Jobless or Underemployed

In a survey of 2,000 Americans, Millennials report a stress level of 5.4 out of 10, much higher than the Boomers’ 4.7 and the Matures’ 3.7, and 39 percent of Millennials said their stress levels had risen in the past year. This comes as a surprise, as many might expect that Boomers, who were hit-hard by the recession, to have the highest stress levels.

In fact higher stress levels were reported amongst every generation, most likely because of the economy, “but the expectations of Millennials are especially high. There’s a huge emphasis placed on school, and once they get out into the workplace Millennials discover that their academic achievements don’t translate,” Dr. Lynn Bufka, one of the psychologists who developed the Stress in America report, told Yahoo! Shine.

Given that college these days means buying into a lifetime of debt for degrees that are declining in value, it’s not hard to imagine why Millennials are stressed. But it’s more than just student loan debt and the economy.

As the Boomers move into retirement, it is the Millenials who will be called upon to shoulder the cost of an expansive federal government and huge entitlement obligations. It’s popular, in some circles, to call our current approach to national tax and spending policies “fiscal child abuse.” That’s an apt term, and the “children” being “abuseD” are the Millenials.

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  • sbark

    We dont have a indebted population of USA citizens, we do however have a Govt that has accumulated debt beyond beleif as they attempt to perpetuate various schemes and promises that our Forefathers warned us about.
    Now, what will be interesting to watch is if the millenium gneration allows the indebted Govt to transfer responsibility to them………..via taxation, hyper inflation, 401 confiscation, less defense.
    And then, will the major percent of the population on direct forms of welfare “allow” or even realize their lifestyle cannot be perpetuated……….or is it ingrained to the point of no return which is what the Dem’cats hope.

    • WOOF

      We do have an indebted population of US citizens.

      • sbark

        Not to the extreme of the Govt however.
        The problems with private debt has been the Leftist policy (fannie mae) and Obama regimes mountains of regulations acting as an anchor to the private sector.
        All govts try to survive by control and confiscation of capital, look for the 401k idea to be floated again.

  • lucas

    hey they are getting exactly what they voted for, how in the world can that be so stressful? As a conservative member of the millenial generation it warms my heart to hear that those who spent over half their life in the public indoctrination system are now having a hard time coping with their socialist utopia. heres some advice pop a few pills, take a few hits on your bong, swear a little at G.W. and enjoy the mess you have created.

  • KJUU

    I don’t think they even have it in their head that they’re going to shoulder the burden of everyone else. These kids are the generation that never lost, they all got ribbons and trophies, they didn’t keep score at games, everyone was great and fantastic just because they were! And now that’s not enough to put food on the table and a roof over their head. They did the schooling! Where’s the payoff they were absolutely promised??

    Actually, no, that’s not quite true. A lot of them have food on the table and a roof over their head, but it’s not theirs. it’s their parents’ houses, or Uncle Sam, which means that one Millennial who is gainfully employed at the right level is the perfect target. Everyone else is movin’ in… it’s only fair!

  • flamemeister

    We are being whipsawed daily from one “crisis” to the next. The country is divided and highly polarized. The ignorant and uneducated—and they are many—are not equipped to understand and integrate what is going on. This leads to a lot of free-floating anxiety

    It is an old, but very interesting theory, that an atmosphere of high stress is picked up by the psychic antennae of certain susceptible people—who already have problems of their own—and potentiates these problems to the point where they are moved to lash out for any reason or for no reason at all. Personally, I suspect that this is a good part of the dynamic behind the increase in mass killings. That they often end in the suicide of the perpetrator is a further clue about what is going on.

    What is important to this theory in relation to the mass killings is that we have not had a well-defined external enemy such as Germany or the Soviet Union for some time. This lack turns hostility and blame inward, so we hack at each other. We have no common enemy to unite us. When you have an Administration that instigates and cheers on this process, the breakdown of individuals and small groups may be expected first.

    • mickey_moussaoui

      we have a common enemy…liberal democrats

      • camsaure

        We also have the muslim brotherhood…. but, oh wait, they are allies of obama.