Americans Rate Public Schools The Worst In Gallup Poll


Private schools, parochial schools, church-affiliated schools, charter schools and home-schooling all got better marks from poll respondents than public schools.

Should we be surprised?

( – A new Gallup poll released today indicates that Americans rate public schools the worst place to educate children.

In the national survey conducted Aug. 9-12, private independent schools, parochial and church-related schools, charter schools and home-schooling all rated higher than public schools.

Gallup interviewers asked respondents: “I’m going to read a list of ways in which children are educated in the U.S. today. As I read each one, please indicate–based on what you know or have read and heard–how good an education each provides children–excellent, good, only fair, or poor. How about: public schools, parochial or church-related schools, independent private schools, charter schools, or home-schooling?”

Only 5 percent said they believe public schools give children an excellent eduction.

Another 32 percent said they believe public schools give children a good education. But this combined 37 percent who said public schools give children an excellent or good education was the lowest among the different types of schools Gallup included in its survey.

The thing is, despite these poll results, most Americans send their children to public schools.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had some sort of public policy that allowed Americans to take their share of public education dollars and take them to a school of their choice? Of course, our friends on the left think that sort of choice is dangerous, because you people might not make the right decisions. And, oh yeah, it would be pretty devastating for teachers unions which have a strangle hold on public education.

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  • Albert Lickenspittle

    As my old district 33 Republican friend told me ” Education just confuses people”. Republicans have done everything in their power to underfund schools in North Dakota. A state with a 2 billion dollar surplus has the worst paid teachers in the country. Educated people will not watch Fox, and bow down to Rush. The Republican know this and would love to destroy education by pushing creationism and other junk science. After all who disavows Global warming?

    • Gern Blanston

      Yes, Albert. We have a 2 Billion dollar surplus – so why WOULDn’t we just up statewide teacher pay to the point where they are the highest paid in the nation?

      • Albert Lickenspittle

        Why not? No, lets just keep on with the attitude that teachers are women with nothing to do and needing a job to keep them busy. What an insult to teacher and women. Of course we all know how the Taliban Republicans think of women.

        • Zog

          Raising their pay wouldn’t be a problem if local school boards could, as quid pro quo, have the option of firing the drones who turn out illiterate and inumerate public school graduates. (Oh no, that wouldn’t work because about half of them would be fired and that would create impossible students/teacher ratios for the competent remainde).

          • Old&InTheWay

            Or, with the oft touted principals of market forces and supply and demand suddenly ratcheted up a step or two, we may suddenly draw from a whole new level from the talent pool…

    • jl

      “Who disavows global warming”? Intelligent people, which is why you’re not part of the group.

  • borborygmi

    “Americans to take their share of public education dollars” Which amounts to what?

  • Harold

    liberals by and large run all our institutions of learning from grade school to colleges. So if you have a beef with how schools are run take it to those people their in charge of how schools are run. Unfortunately not many conservatives go into the education field and from what I’ve seen liberals who dominate education like the fact they are in total charge of educating our kids no matter how bad a job they might be doing. Diversity in this field would be nice but I don’t ever see that happening.

  • PhilEngamer

    It’s pretty clear that there is an issue with how money is being spent in terms of money to unions and the results that we get from all that money. As we continue to pour more money into public education, we lose more and more confidence in it ( Perhaps just throwing more money at unions isn’t the answer.

  • Jamer Morrow

    Do you really care about your kids education if you send them to public schools? I would say no and that you simply want a babysitter.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    The interesting thing about this survey is that while many Americans believe our public schools are pretty bad, most think their own local public school is pretty good. This is similar to what happens with congress: as a group it is bad, but the local congressman is good.

    The institution will not change until people start looking at their own local school.

  • DakotaKid

    Public schooling is necessary for indoctrination of socialism that the left wants in the whole world. It has worked so well in Greece and Spain that they cannot wait to have the USA join in the Party.

  • factsarefacts

    More bashing of the public education. I expected nothing less.
    Instead of complaining, start working with your child at home.

    Instead of allowing them to play video games, text, facebook, and the like, sit down at dinner and discuss your child’s day. (that’s what our family does.)

    The teachers, on the whole, want to help and educate. They need help from the people who see the kids the most, the parents.

    Bashing the public school isn’t the answer because people here in Pa love thier local schools. Give us that poll here. I know I wasn’t asked.

    • Harold

      Everything you said is true. These things need to happen at home and in school. One thing you left out though is vouchers and letting the parents choose what school their children attends, my children attended Cathollc Schools where they didn’t put up with any of the crap public schools put up with and all got superior educations because of those strict schools I sent them to.