America Likely Surpassed Saudi Arabia To Become The #1 Oil Producer In The World


In terms of the production of all liquid types of oil, it appears as though the United States may have surpassed Saudi Arabia to become the top oil producing nation in the world.

In Saudi Arabia’s own direct communication to OPEC, the kingdom said November production was lower, at 9.49 million. The November Saudi amount was 550,000 barrels per day less than in August.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia appears to have cut back its oil production to 11.2 million barrels per day in the last week of November (in order to support a higher price for oil because of higher USA and Iraq production increases). The US increased oil (crude oil, natural gas liquids, ethanol and other liquids and refinery processing gains) production to pass Saudi Arabia in the first week of December (to 11.33 million bpd). The USA added 660,000 barrels per day since August.

11.33 million bpd for the USA and 11.2 million bpd for the Saudi Arabia swing producer. The the USA became the number one oil (all liquids) producing nation in the first week of December. Based on simple math and what Saudi Arabia announced and what the USA reported via the Energy Information Administration.

North Dakota has done its part. The state is now producing 12% of all the oil output in America, and the rate of oil production in North Dakota has doubled in just the last 16 months (though September) alone:


Thanks to fracking and other private sector innovations, the energy sector has become one of the few bright spots in America’s dreary economy.

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  • camsaure

    I’ll bet Obuma will try to stop and prevent this. He wants us ALL to bow down to the muslims, not just himself.

    • Heya

      and the crazies come out of the wood work once again….

      • camsaure

        Heya dipshit, so are you trying to saybuma will not send the EPA after fracking and the Bakken. Just look at what he is already trying to do to Keystone. History will most likely prove you wrong but you are an idiot. So why would you care?

  • WOOF

    The Saudis are OK with the US producing more oil.
    The Saudis pump oil at $2.00 a barrel.
    They plan to enjoy the arbitrage as long as possible.

    • Deficit Hawk

      Why do you commercial on every article even when you don’t understand what you are talking about?

      • WOOF

        I sure don’t understand what you’re talking about .

        • Deficit Hawk

          Commercial equals comment. Stupid auto correct. You obviously don’t understand that Saudi oil fields are in decline. In ten years they will be nearly depleated. That is why Brent crude is more expensive than WTI crude.

          • WOOF

            US infrastucture has been overwhelmed by Bakken resulting in a surplus of WTI lowering the price compared to Brent. Whatever is left under the sands the House of Saud prefers to sell it slower at a higher price.

          • Deficit Hawk

            You still are lost. Keep reading the Huff Post!