Al Gore’s Yacht Not Exactly Environmentally Friendly

Al Gore has a gigantic yacht. The name? Bio-Solar One.

The problem? It’s apparently so “bio” and “solar” that it has to be plugged in to not one but two outlets down at the marina.

Oh, and what’s that on the back deck? That wouldn’t be a noisy, polluting personal water craft now would it?

I don’t think they make solar-powered SeaDoo’s, do they?
Regardless, Al Gore and the rest of the global warming disciples tell us that we must sacrifice for the sake of climate change. That we must make do without some of the fun but energy-burning activities we love. Yet even as they say this the Grand High Poo-Bah of global warming regularly takes trips on his big, fat yacht and cruises around on his jet ski.
As Glenn Reynolds often says: I’ll start acting like there’s a climate crisis when Al Gore does.

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  • Pop19

    i just don’t understand he didn’t go to college to be a sic. it just buggs me that ppl put so much trust in this man he is a money grabbin liar

  • Doyle Scott

    This is the challenge of caring about the environment but wanting to live in the world.  We all have this challenge…some to greater degree.  I’d like to do my thing for the planet by living in a cave but I know I’d miss my hot shower & some of the other comforts I’ve grown to love.  I think Al could certainly set a better example but maybe he already is by having eco-friendly homes & an somewhat eco-friendly boat. 
    After all, how many of us have an eco-friendly house or an eco-friendly vehicle etc.  Also, I do like Al’s gospel that we do have the ability to do things in a better way.  Just because someone behaves differently than we’d like them to, doesn’t mean the message is wrong.  If no one bothered to be concerned about the environment, I wonder what shape we’d be in right now.  We can’t hold someone to a standard that we’d not honor ourselves, especially if we had several million sitting in our bank account.