After Getting Half A Billion In Stimulus Spending Two Years Ago, Green Jobs Company Goes Bankrupt

Solyndra is, or was now I guess, a solar power manufacturer that President Obama took a great deal of interest in. President Obama visited the company, and they got $535 million in stimulus dollars, and now less than two years later they’re belly-up.

Solyndra may as well be the poster boy for Obama economics. Lots and lots of deficit spending for a whole lot of nothing.

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  • syantiss

    Ah nothing quite like a good bout of central planning to jump start an economy, eh?

    Great work Mr. President, my kids will love paying off this bill.

    • Lbiancos

      ah so true syantiss

  • ellinas1

    Can’t compete with China.

    • robert108

      Wrong.  It’s a simple case of a company making a product for which there is little or no demand.

  • DopeyDem

    It’s obvious looking back that they received far less money than they needed to continue running. Had they doubled it to 1 billion they would have lasted twice as long before going under. This sounds vaguely familiar.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    “Green” is just a scheme to spread the wealth from the productive to the slackers.

  • Jimmmypop

    someone needs to find out how much the owner/ managers of this failed box got paid…..and who they gave election donations to.

    • syantiss

      Good thinking!!!

  • borborygmi

    Some one made a killing

  • Mark
  • Bankrupt

    Green Jobs Company should file for bankruptcy to save their last resort in their company.