A Tale of Two Pipelines

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I hear the Bamboozler-in-Chief is heading to Cushing, Oklahoma today, to give a speech to a yard full of sections of oil pipes, to try to give himself political cover for his failed energy policies. Apparently the public is not invited to this self serving photo op, er, important energy address, and it was figured that the pipes would heckle him less that a live audience who had just filled up their cars with $5.00 a gallon gasoline to come hear him speak. Smart man, that president!

So, I got out my maps to see just where Cushing was in the big scheme of things.

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See the solid line in Phase one? That’s the Keystone pipeline. The one that has already been built. The one that George W. Bush’s State Department issued a Presidential Permit on March 17, 2008, “authorizing the construction, maintenance and operation of facilities at the United States and Canada border”. The pipeline that crosses six states and three Canadian provinces. The pipeline that was completed in June of 2010. Eighteen hundred and fifty three miles long. That Keystone pipeline!

In all the talk about the Keystone XL pipeline, the one that will double or triple the amount of oil carried from Canada to the US, plus delivering domestic oil to Gulf refineries, do you remember anyone mentioning the first pipeline, the one that was already built? Hear any big stories about the environmental catastrophes that the first phase of the Keystone project has caused in the last two years? Me neither.

TransCanada has a great interactive map here. It shows Phase 2 of the pipeline from Steele City to Cushing, which was constructed and put into service last year, in February of 2011. Nearly three hundred miles of pipe there, minding its own business for about a year now. Anybody want to step up and tell us about the great environmental disasters caused by this brand new stretch of pipe over the last year? Beuller? Beuller??

After fighting the expansion of the Keystone XL pipeline, Obama now says he wants to “fast track” permits for the third phase, from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf. I sincerely hope his photo op speech includes the number of jobs he’ll want to take credit for on this stretch of pipeline, because the Keystone XL pipeline he is obstructing stretches three times as far, so, would provide three times again as many construction jobs (or three times again the duration of those jobs), not to mention the number of jobs that would be created by the doubling or tripling of oil delivered per day, and giving an outlet to 18 billion barrels of American oil reserves in the Bakken fields of North Dakota and Montana.

A pipeline through the Bakken oil fields would go a long way towards meeting Obama’s professed goal of energy independence. It would be a serious step towards ensuring for America the supply of oil, the energy of the present, the energy that fuels this economy. Serious in a way that Dreams of My Father’s Algae will not nor could not accomplish in this century.

One pipeline, vetted and permitted in the last year of the Bush administration, constructed and put into service with no problem. Another pipeline, proposed by the same company, meeting the same standards, covering three fewer states and one less province, but proposed during a presidential administration that is openly hostile to petroleum exploration and production, one that is held captive by environmentalists and is fearful of upsetting its base, in what promises to be an uphill struggle for re-election. This pipeline falls victim to politics, plain and simple.

It will be good to have the Cushing/Gulf pipeline fast tracked, but that end of the project really didn’t need presidential intervention. Getting the XL pipeline permitted across the US/Canadian border requires the approval of Obama’s State Department and the political will to do what is right for the country. If President Obama were truly serious about all the empty platitudes he will undoubtedly utter in Cushing, Oklahoma, Obama would be making this speech on the other end of the pipeline, to cheering crowds rather than mute, empty pipes.

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  • Econwarrior

    Congrats for exposing the facts here, Proof!  While obama keeps lying, shucking and jiving, the terrorists continue to fill their coffers with our money.  Thanks, Carter and obama!

  • mikemc1970

    I have to wonder if Obama truly fathoms just how hypocritical he appears to the average, non-brain dead American.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Typical Obama. Taking credit for someone else’s accomplishment. I’m surprised that dolt didn’t also take the opportunity to also bash Bush while he was speaking.

  • SigFan

    Well that certainly puts things into a different light doesn’t it?  I guess the media was just unaware that the phase 1 pipeline was already there and operating – I mean, they would report that fact if they knew it right? /sarc

    At least for once if someone says that Bush did it in regard to getting the first phase completed they wouldn’t be wrong.

  • Karl Gotthardt

    Actually Obama is not fast tracking this pipeline.  There is NO I say again NO presidential permit required.  TransCanada announced on February 2nd that they would build this line because of that reason.  Obama is stuck on his green energy even though it is too expensive, too shaky in technology and some of the environmental problems with windmills, solar panel and battery disposal problems have not been addressed.

    Here is a blog I did in February when TransCanada announced the project:


    Living in Alberta, Canada, I think this is  a no brainer.  Obama’s Energy Tour is another example what the “Say Anyting to Get Votes President” will do to get re-elected.  The world can’t afford four more years of this “Do Nothing” campaigner. 

  • Ardis1943

    In his election speech, the idiot preached about oil indipendence from foreign oil. So what does the idiot do, he shuts down the Keystone Xl pipeline!! How can anyone believe what he says? God help us all if he gets 4 more years, that is what he wants to turn us into his mindless robuts!!

  • awfulorv

    “The only good to come out of the increase in gas prices is that Obama will get a four year head start on his memoirs” Anon.   It is reported that Obama was going to use “The hike is Ike’s” but was dissuaded by, at least one, clear headed adviser.