Obama on Burning the Quran

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President Obama has opined on the “wisdom” of a Florida pastor burning the Koran this coming 9/11:

President Obama is encouraging a Florida minister to “listen to those better angels” and call off his plan to engage in Quran-burning this weekend.

Obama, on “Good Morning America”, said that he hopes the Rev. Terry Jones of Florida listens to people who have asked him to call off the plan. The president characterized it as a “stunt.”

“If he’s listening, I hope he understands that what he’s proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as Americans. That this country has been built on the notion of freedom and religious tolerance.”

Wait! Isn’t this the same President who championed the legality and right of Muslims to build a mosque and community center in the shadow of Ground Zero, but refused to comment on “the wisdom of it”?

Here we have a Florida pastor, exercising his right of free speech and suddenly, Obama finds his voice? Or did he just get bumped a “pay grade” when we weren’t looking?

I’ll comment on the “wisdom” of burning the Quran: It’s a bad idea. It is, you will excuse the pun, inflammatory. If the good pastor ever hopes to reach out to any Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he will find even more resistance to what begins as a daunting task.

Aside from the peril it might increase for our troops on foreign soil and at home, it is an unnecessary bit of political theater unbefitting a supposed minister of God.

But, as even a blind pig can find an acorn occasionally, Obama characterized this as “a stunt”, and so it well may be. It seems to be one way to make the point, that although some things are legally permitted, they can often be inflammatory or unwise, perhaps the Apostle Paul with his whole “cause your brother to stumble*” message had the right idea after all?

I suspect that at the last minute, with all the cameras rolling and the attention of a news cycle starved media circus attending, that the pastor will refrain from burning any books and declare the principle that just because something is legal doesn’t mean you should always do it…like that Mosque at Ground Zero.

Then he could exhort them to use most of the arguments public figures have used against him and apply them to the so called “Ground Zero Mosque” in NYC.

And then, sit back and watch the spin.

*I Corinthians 10:23 “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.” -KJV


: Driving to the airport, I heard ABC News report at 1:00PM Pacific time, that Jones said he would consider canceling plans to burn the Quran if the planned mosque near Ground Zero in New York City would relocate. Hmm. Who could have predicted that? See also USA Today

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  • http://www.townsrealty.com/ Maitland Realtor

    This is what a true man and a good president should do. Long live Obama.

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    There should definitely be a ban on burning Muslim ink-stained paper.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Much like political animals at SAB, many of the political folk who congregate at Church to use it as a means to endorses a political party or view, are little more than children.

    It’s our job to scold our children, but it certainly isn’t our responsibility to scold the children of others.

    Obama is a Christian of a nation that many consider to be a Christian nation. He has an obligation to advise on the wisdom of actions that endanger our troops as we are the dominating religion, but it would be over stepping to use the presidency to leverage political persuasion over a minority church. Certainly these churches know how many of the American public feel about the construction of this establishment.

    Let the Muslim leaders advise on the wisdom of building this establishment to their children.

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    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
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    [email protected]